How Blue Was My Astra

Maybe I’ll update this post later on and maybe not, but in the meantime please enjoy today’s strip without dislocating your neck. BeckoningChasm will be heckling the Starbuck Jones cast and crew from behind the velvet ropes starting Monday. Thanks to BC and to Team SoSF and most especially to you, the readers!

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18 responses to “How Blue Was My Astra

  1. Epicus Doomus

    “Blue Astra”??? What the hell is Blue Astra? Can’t this guy wrap up one fictional movie based on a fictional comic book title before he starts another one? I mean jeez, he has the least-imaginative over-active imagination I’ve ever seen. Hopefully no one leaks any pics of her in that form-fitting suit or anything or who knows, she might try to jump from the Golden Gate or something.

  2. billytheskink

    “Blue” Astra, so you don’t confuse her with all the other Astras out there.

  3. Batiuk really missed the mark today. Imagine instead that Bubbles McInterview was asking Mason, “Rumor has it you’re attached to the upcoming Amazing Mister Sponge movie!”

    Instead, we get more childhood wish-fulfillment garbage–though I’m pretty surprised the eight-year-old Tom Batiuk came up with a (yuck) female character whose super-power wasn’t throwing away comic books.

  4. Rusty Shackleford


  5. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    I’m enjoying Blue Astra’s beatific expression as she calmly exterminates an entire race of sentient lizard-people. I wonder what they did to deserve it – criticized her hairdo?

    • That makes as much sense as anything else. Batiuk doesn’t like characters to have any sort of motivation because they didn’t have that during the Silver Age Of Sheer Crap. Evil Stan Lee came in and ruined EVERYTHING for people by asking “Why would a man whose power is to run really fast want to punch a trade union made up of people with destroyer rays? What makes him want to?”

  6. Shit. He pulled another big-ass hunk of vagueness outta his ass. Having to endure his grating ranting about how terrible Marvel is, he’d froth at the mouth if asked unimportant and wrong questions like “Where does she come from?”, “Where do her powers come from?”, “Why is she smugly committing genocide?” and “What’s supposed to happen after she kills all the bad guys?”

  7. Scott Lovrine

    I think Batty got the idea for this one by looking in his driveway.

  8. Okay, I’m a comics fan. I go to conventions and meet a lot of artists, and it really is fun and exciting to commission original artwork from your favorite artists. But I don’t try to pass off these commissions as being part of my own creative output.

    If Batiuk wants to share these drawings he’s purchased, there’s a place for that:

    At least the people posting their collections there (including myself) know that they’re sharing with like-minded collectors, not droning on and on to uninterested bystanders…

  9. Don

    “BeckoningChasm will be heckling the Starbuck Jones cast and crew from behind the velvet ropes starting Monday” – that assumes Monday doesn’t skip the movie itself and cut straight to the weddings

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “I can’t say if I’m going to be in that movie. I need to ask one of my three moms. I’m really a 14 year old boy.”

    Speaking of Maryanne Summers Winters’s fleet of moms, my request for a compilation of all of the moms was granted here yesterday, thanks to your links to old episodes. Sure enough, the first time we saw her, she was kinda young and cute, with major lippage. Then when Masonneee Jarreeee met her, she had become a fat old Holly Clone.

    Now, she’s 60 years old and waving to her (grand)daughter on the TV she’s sitting six inches from. Please, SOMEONE on staff at Batominc decide what Momma Winters is supposed to look like.

  11. Must say, the comic strip does showcase that weird, inexplicable phenomenon where reporters covering a franchise-movie opening will ask actors from the franchise-movie about plans for other movies in the franchise-movie cinematic universe.

  12. Epicus Doomus

    I always thought it’d have been kind of cool if he used the Sunday comic book covers to tell the SJ story. Run them in some sort of chronological order, thereby laying out the “plot” so to speak. But of course he didn’t do it that way, instead choosing to just randomly throw every half-baked idea out there with no rhyme or reason to any of it. Sure, it’s his comic strip and he can do whatever he likes but IMO it was a big missed opportunity.

    • Charles

      Yeah, but it’s pretty obvious that Batiuk doesn’t have an inkling of an actual story for Starbuck Jones. He’s just a Flash Gordon/Buck Rogers rip-off with his spaceship, his robot sidekick, his monkey comic relief and his best girl. He probably has nothing more than that.

      And we probably wouldn’t like it, since adventure stories aren’t his thing. So each Sunday strip would instead be Starbuck whining to Twiki about how his boss is unreasonably demanding or something. Or maybe there’d be one about how Starbuck saves the Orlofians from destruction and enslavement by delivering a Galtian filibuster to their oppressors without actually showing an Orlofian once.

  13. Hitorque

    Is it even common for stars to play more than one superhero??

  14. Professor Fate

    I loved Craig Russell’s work back when he was doing the art for Killraven Warrior of the Worlds (a Marvel title) from 73-76 – well worth checking out.
    Here I think he may have mailed it in a bit.