Door-To-Door Dullard

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The problems of working a year in advance are many, but this instance sets up a lovely contrast with reality.  I’m sure you can all see the headline on “Variety” there, trumpeting the Starbuck Jones movie’s success.   Well, IMDB has a headline that’s probably nearer the mark:

I still find it odd that there’s no room in Funky Winkerbean for anyone’s success but Les Moore…that we’re told of the movie’s success by an off-hand headline that you kind of figure Tom Batiuk didn’t want to put in at all.   I wonder if the new artist said, “Damn it, I spent a couple of hours drawing all that Starbuck Jones crap, so it better be a hit film!”

Oh, and speaking of a pile of festering garbage, there he is, smirking away!  He doesn’t get a line today, but we all know that won’t last.

I have to admit, I like the level of detail on the doorframe.  It’s meaningless and adds clutter to the image, but damn if someone didn’t decide that you just can’t have a doorframe without all the holes for the locks and such.  Pity none of those locks actually work, as it didn’t keep Dullard from wandering right in, but look at it this way:  they also wouldn’t keep an insane murderer out, either.

Hint, hint.


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16 responses to “Door-To-Door Dullard

  1. SpacemanSpiff85

    “#1 being the Flash dolly, if things work out right. Mindy’s just my ride.”

  2. Rusty

    Things Batiuk would never write: “yes, Durwood, she’s a freak in bed.”

  3. Epicus Doomus

    “Book covers for Les”….gak. Here we go with that Batiuk book (actually just a collection of previously-published comic strips) promotion nonsense again. I feel sick.

  4. Rusty

    OBTW it’s the 10th anniversary of Lisa’s Story, time to let it go.

  5. count of tower grove

    BWAWHAWHAWHAW! It’s funny because Starsux Jones was boffo at BO, but because of all the little trips in the Lear Jet to read comics in Westview, and watch the old serials, and tracking down Cliff Anger, and the expense it must have been to fit the Valentine with a digital projection system, it will make no money!

  6. billytheskink

    Nothing says Labor Day like a comic strip featuring three characters who go to great lengths to avoid doing their jobs.

    There’s a newstand in Ohio that sells hot-off-the-press issues of Variety?

  7. Chyron HR

    “Hey, Pete… I’m going to show Les that gag newspaper we had printed.”

  8. Rusty Shackleford

    Comic books, more comic books, and now Les.

    Lately I feel like the Comic Book Guy myself…racing to the internet to express my displeasure, saying “Worst episode ever!”

  9. sgtsaunders

    Darwin/Mason is finally answering the age-old question. How can you be in two places at once, when you’re not anywhere at all?

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Just caught up on Batty’s blog today. Wow, there are some doozy entries. I like the one where he talks about how violated he felt that an editor changed one of his strips. Surprisingly, he admits that he could use a good editor.

    For the past several years it seems there is no editing at all. I guess they are just running out the clock as the newspaper business dies off.

    • gleeb

      I look on in wonder. There is not a force in this world or any other that could make me read Batiuk’s blog.

    • hitorque

      I’ve never so much as clicked on TB’s blog… I don’t know how I could read a single post without reflexively stabbing my monitor…

  11. Jim in Wisc.

    AS someone pointed out in the CK comments, Labor weekend is where the studios release all the dregs they knew wouldn’t do well during the summer blockbuster period, about Memorial Day to Fourth of July. So, if the SJ movie was released Labor Day weekend, it means it was judged by the studio execs to be a piece of crap.

  12. hitorque

    Damn, Mindy is thirsty as hell, and isn’t wasting time, is she? Who’s gonna piss on Pete’s parade and tell him Mindy is only fucking him for a First-Class seat on that Hollywood Gravy Train? At least we now know her name rhyming with “Cindy” isn’t coincidental…

  13. Hitorque

    It’s funny because Starbucks Jonez would have to be the #1 movie for two solid years before it actually turned a profit…

  14. The interesting thing is not just that we’re back to watching that greasy dimwit Les smirk like he actually had a clue about anything. The interesting thing is that we’re back to Les not having the awareness to realize that he looks like a pompous dick. This is why it’s easy to call him an author avatar.