This again?

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So now Les is back signing books, since nothing more than his crass comparison of himself to a biblical figure is worth showing of his talk.

I guess the idea is that someone’s selling Les’s personally signed books on eBay, because after all, the signature of such an immense failure would be so valuable. One of the oddest things about these Lisa’s Trilogy of Books strips, and Lisa’s Story in general, is how divergent Les’s success is within the strip itself. Is he really an author whose signature would be worth reselling his books on eBay? Or one who’s worth sending all over the country on a book tour? Apparently so from the strips, even though there’s nothing in the way that Les is portrayed otherwise that convincingly shows he’s a successful writer.

Anyway, looking at the motley bunch in line for Les’s signature, I’m puzzled by who exactly is supposed to be the audience of this new trilogy. I can’t imagine any of the people shown being interested in all three of the books as they were presented, and for some of them, I can’t see how they’d be interested in any of them. That counts as a quarter inch, I guess.



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  1. count of tower grove

    Guy in ball cap looks a little perturbed. Looks like he’s also clenching his fist. I hope he clocks Less.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    The next one on (or in line, as the case may be) line looks positively engrossed in the new Les book, doesn’t she? Either that or she’s reading a bus schedule. The two women behind her are fascinating too. The one in the blue appears to be warning the other one…”and whatever you do DON’T tell him your name is Lisa too!”. The guy in the cap just plain looks like he’s there by mistake…”you mean this isn’t the line for the bathroom?”.

    Oh the many woes and various degrading situations a Delicate Genius must endure whilst sharing his wistful tales of love and loss with the “common folk” aka the poor drips who chose to spend a lovely autumn afternoon listening to an annoying bearded jerk cracking wise about the prequel and sequel to his cancer book. If only there was a way to sell your most devoted fans an unnecessary box set trilogy without, you know, having to interact with them in any way.

    ‘The Last Leaf” would (I assume) include the Act III strips involving Les writing “Lisa’s Story” and everything leading up to that, which means that in a way it’s a prequel-within-a-sequel. Far out, man. I wonder if there’s a “The Making Of…” DVD with the trilogy, featuring six hours of Les talking to air he thinks is a cat, along with some footage of Darin dropping by?

    • Comic Book Harriet

      Sounds like a great Paranormal Activity Sequel to me. Let’s install some cameras in the Moore household.

  3. billytheskink

    I imagine this will draw about as many bids as TB’s hand-signed letter from the year 2990 that has been on eBay for at least half a decade.

    In fact, I bet this yahoo leaves his signed copy out on the front seat of his unlocked car while getting lunch at the Dale Evans in Centerville and comes back later to find 3 more signed copies on top of it.

    • Epicus Doomus

      “I’m gonna buy two! One to read, one to save as an investment! The old FW paperback collections have tripled in value over the years, some copies are fetching three dollars now!”

    • … Why is the Buy It Now price US$170?

      I mean, I’m not telling people how to use their disposable income, and if you’re a Tom Batiuk fan sure, collect letters that he signed. I got an Apollo astronaut to autograph a Peanuts book, for crying out loud.

      But how is *this* a note interesting enough to cost as much as a Platinum-level Season Pass to Cedar Point?

      • billytheskink

        In late 2015 the seller was asking, I’m not kidding, over $500 for that same letter. It has been on eBay in various listings for years.

  4. erdmann

    Ha! That’s funny. Or rather, it was when they used a similar joke on “Futurama” 15 years ago.

    Still, I do wonder about the value of Les’ signature. Last week, I visited a small bookstore that had signed copies of books by the likes of Maya Angelou, Mikhail Gorbachev and Truman Capote. All were kept under lock and key. Somehow, I doubt that would be necessary for one of Les’ books.

    • Comic Book Harriet

      Les’ books, along with extra Danielle Steele paperbacks and vanity-printed copies of My Little Pony slashfic, are kept on the sidewalk out front in a dented cardboard box , with ‘Free’ crossed out and written underneath: ‘Recycle.’

  5. Spacemanspiff85

    I guarantee the woman in the blue jacket is saying “Can you believe this loser expects us to believe he had TWO women competing for him?.”.

    • Charles

      I wonder if Batiuk’s going to have Les go on a substantial book tour like last time, and if he does, if he’s going to have Susan show up again to kiss Les’s butthole. It wouldn’t shock me if he’s caught wind that a lot of readers think Les was a complete ass to her when she left, so he has the opportunity, which he will blow, to show Les as a good guy and show that Susan certainly held no ill will toward him for his part in destroying her teaching career. It’d also be nice if he did this since Susan’s final strips suggested that she was going to kill herself after she left Westview High, which was something he couldn’t have intended. I base this whole “obliquely addressing a bad moment in past strips” assumption on his introduction of “Lisa After She Died”, which seemed to be introduced to ameliorate how poorly Les had been treating Cayla.

      Susan coming back and being nice to Les wouldn’t be believable, of course, because you know that Les included the whole subplot with Susan and Cayla in “Lisa After She Died”, didn’t change anyone’s names, violated the hell out of Susan’s privacy, and made it look as if he and Cayla talked about what a crazy fool Susan was. I base this conclusion on how he portrayed Darin’s adoption in “Lisa’s Story”, where Frankie was able to learn about Darin’s fate from that book and piece together enough information to find Darin. Les hasn’t proved that he can write anything beyond what actually happened, using real names and real places.

      What would be cool, which makes it a cinch that it won’t happen, is if Les somehow runs into Susan somewhere and discovers that Susan doesn’t care about him anymore because she’s moved on and isn’t even the slightest bit interested in his stupid book trilogy that simply rehashes all the dumb shit he’s been obsessed with since Susan met him 25 years ago.

  6. Of course, the intended punchline seems to be “Martyred Les is martyred because the man doesn’t care about Les’sLisa’s pain and misery and how he was left alone.” The problem is that by failing to understand how the auction site works, he’s made Les up to be an even bigger deal than he intended.

  7. bigd1992

    There’s a term called “papering a crowd” which is giving free tickets to televised pro wrestling shows to make it look like a sellout to the TV audience. Perhaps this is the book signing equivalent.

  8. If that one woman is trying to give Les the Bird, she’s doing it wrong. I wonder if she’s supposed to be using sign language?

  9. Professor Fate

    I’ve seen people on line to get flu shots that were livelier than this.

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    WARNING: Do not attempt to do what Blue Coat Lady is doing with her hand. Why is it that New Artist Boy BurchHack is as bad with hands as BatHack?

    I think what Batso is trying to show is the wide universal appeal of his books. You have a pierced up millennial (artfully played by The Young Lad), a couple Hausfrauen, an Asian gurl, a rednecky dope who wears a ballcap indoors, a hipster in a black turtleneck, and a fat old Holly clone. Everybody adores Saint Lisa!

    Meanwhile, Wally Wankerbean is at the head of the line, and thinks he can flip this book for a profit on eBay. If that were the case, why wouldn’t he buy an armload of them? Oh, that’s right – Goatee Boy says “one to a customer.”

    Meanwhile, Batty/Les is signing books with a Dry Erase Marker. Brilliant.