The Banality of Banality

Today’s strip

Today’s strip really isn’t anything we haven’t seen before. A woman (who is dressed in lavender shaded clothing- ever notice just how often Batiuk has a middle aged woman dressed in that color?) asks Les if she can record him signing her book for some damn reason. Les being Les screws it up, and when his screw up is pointed out, gets all pissy with the person who pointed it out.

It’s dumb. It’s banal. Why is she recording Les signing her book? Is she going to watch this video again? Post it to Facebook to have her friends watch it? “Oh look, it’s that guy who writes about his dead wife! I’m going to watch him sign his name again and AGAIN.”

And Les, naturally, gets all pissy-faced with her, as if she’s done something irritating to him. Hey man, it’s your screw up. Own it.

Anyway, I was thinking that this book signing can’t possibly last beyond this week, but I’ve underestimated Batiuk before. This guy can stretch a guy signing books out to four weeks easily. That’s a god damn story to him.


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12 responses to “The Banality of Banality

  1. If you substitute “Les Moore” with “Charles Schulz,” “Gene Roddenberry,” or “Antonio Prohias” then the desire for video makes sense. (I actually have autographs from the latter two.)

    When you put in “Les Moore” and “video” the only thing you can really hope for is “monumental screw-up.” Because if you were aiming for “historical signing video” your first mistake was including “Les Moore” in your calculation.

    Granted, this could be his commentary on the Ebay, *cough* I mean FleaBay offering of a certain signature letter, purported to be from centuries from now.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Poor, poor Les, his wistful maudlin tales of love, loss and terminal disease really draws an audience of crass slobs and rude hicks, which seems pretty odd but whatever. I would assume his cancer books would probably draw a lot of weepy Holly lookalikes, each with a wistful tale of love and loss of her own which she’s dying to share. It’d probably be funnier than this, but then again what wouldn’t be? I’ve always maintained that BatNom actually dislikes his readers and these stupid Les fantasies prove it. Everyone…and not just his fans but literally everyone else in the entire publishing cycle except him…is either mildly bemusing or a stupid jerk, which says a lot although I’m not quite sure what.

    But I guess it is kind of funny that Les just ruined this idiot’s two hundred dollar Lisa box set by misspelling “regards”. Perhaps it’ll make it even more valuable down the line, like that famous postage stamp with the upside down airplane. It’d be pretty funny to see an arc where his students razz him about this, which means it’ll never happen, as it’s an amusing premise.

    • Charles

      That is one of the things that strikes me as weird in all these book tour strips.

      I have a brother who published a number of sf-f books, and he goes to regional conventions to sell them. I can assure you that when anyone comes up to talk to him about his books, much less buys one of them, he is absolutely ecstatic. The person who took the time to come over to speak to him, or who, moreover, actually plunked down some of their money to buy one or more of his books, is his favorite person in the world at that moment. It validates the work that he did, not to mention that he’s actually making money off of it.

      But here’s Les with his ridiculous $80 vanity project that’s little more than a monument to the fact that he’s hopelessly beholden to his wife who died 20 years ago, and he acts as if talking to people who are buying this book, and signing their copies, is an imposition on him. They should prostrate themselves before him because he deigned to allow them close enough to bother him.

      • Epicus Doomus

        FW has always had that undercurrent of disdain for all of humanity, it’s just weird how it’s even present when Les/Tom is interacting with his biggest fans. He’s promoting his actual book tour by doing an arc about how annoying his fans are. Apparently if you have some sort of local connection with him he’ll express a little mild bemusement, otherwise he can’t wait to get away from the rabble. Again, this is right in line with another FW theory I have, that being that Tombat doesn’t really WANT readers at all and would prefer to have FW exist in near-total anonymity where people vaguely know it exists, but that’s it.

        • Charles

          I think it’s that he has so much of his positive self-image tied up in the idea that he’s a great artist and the plebes just don’t like art, because they’re, you know, plebes.

          That way he can convince himself that he’s on the level of, or even more important an artist than, Charles Schulz, because unlike Schulz, he’s never sold out. Schulz is more popular and beloved because the damn plebes don’t know anything. If he decided that they were worthy of respect, he might have to confront that his deep art that he constantly back-pats himself over is instead pedestrian and vacuous; that it doesn’t become “high art” simply because he has someone die of cancer.

  3. billytheskink

    I’m guessing Les spelled “regards” with only 4 letters, none of which are actually found in the word “regards”.

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    “You accidentally wrote ‘Turd’ instead of ‘Louise’.”

    “I don’t make mistakes, Turd. Move along. Next!”

  5. Anyway, I was thinking that this book signing can’t possibly last beyond this week, but I’ve underestimated Batiuk before. This guy can stretch a guy signing books out to four weeks easily. That’s a god damn story to him.

    That’s just Batiuk, “writing what he knows.” I’ve only been to New York ComicCon once, but I’m kicking myself for not getting there for Batiuk’s appearance there yesterday. It’d have been worth the ticket, plus eighty bucks for the box set, to walk up to him and say “Would ya sign it to ‘Son of Stuck Funky?'”

  6. He doesn’t seem to like people much for a great reason: he loves the idea of being a persecuted and misunderstood misfit too damned much. It makes him feel special in a way that acceptance and getting along with people cannot. The problem is that this addiction to feeling like he’s being picked on and mistreated by everyone gets in the way of his understanding how people behave and makes people see not a sympathetic figure but a punchable dickhole like Les or a sub-human piece of shit like Ed Crankshaft.

  7. Jimmy

    This theme is probably my favorite in FW. I draw absolutely glee seeing Les humiliated.

  8. bobanero

    It’s not a misspelling. I actually meant to write “retards”.

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Why is the Young Lad with the camera phone putting it right up to his eye??? It’s not a Kodak Instamatic!

    Newfangled internut gizmos, amirite???