Dewey Defeats Truman

Yours truly is fighting a nasty cold, and by the time I dragged myself to the computer to update the placeholder post for today’s strip, y’all had done my work for me.

spacemanspiff85: “…I know, I can have a frame taken out of that decades old video tape someone shot from the stands of a high school football game and have it printed on a giant fake newspaper for him!”

I’ll just add my 2¢ here to point out a retcon of a retcon: the picture on the fake sports page has Bull reaching to extend the ball over the goal line; it’s debatable, whether or not his knees were down, if this counts as a TD. In panel 1, his head, shoulders, and the football are over the line as he is tackled. Hard to see how this is not a score, even if the defenders subsequently dragged him back out of the endzone.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Just another aimless wobble down ol’ Memory Lane, featuring Bull and that asshole Buck again. I guess when he sat down to hash out the 2018 strips he suddenly remembered that Bull has brain damage but couldn’t think of any better way to move that particular story along without resorting to those tired football stories yet again. Sigh. Did the Scapegoats actually win the game in question or is this some sort of cruel novelty hoax newspaper Buck had framed because poor Bull won’t know the difference?

  2. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Jesus Fucking Christ, does anybody in this comic strip CALL before dropping in unexpectedly on people?? We see this over and over. This isn’t 1947!

    “Hey, Buck…”

    “Hi, Linda!”

    “Wait, hold up, Buck. Do you remember we talked about this last time? You can’t just drop in on people unexpectedly.”

    “Hmmmm… If only there were a way to let you know I’m coming over.”

    “Well, there is, Buck. You could email. You could text. You could call from your cell phone when you’re on the way.”

    “Cell… phone…?”

    “Look, never mind. Problem is Bull is in full weetawd mode now. He has good days and bad days. There are times when it would be best not to have visitors. This is one of those times. Do you understand?”


  3. comicbookharriet

    Ugh! Yet another old, straight, white man lying about the past to make himself feel better. #triggerwarning #fakenews #revisionisthistory #homecominglossdenier #funkyversesowhite #sarcasticoutrage

  4. DOlz

    Ya know who really won the game? The team the records say won it!

    Geez Louise TB I know you retcon the crap out of this strip, but this strip has so many alternate timelines now it would give M.C. Escher a headache.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    If it’s a fake newspaper this is just cruel. Why not just say he walked on the moon too? Once again BatWhack writes himself into a corner he can’t write his way out of, as Bull’s brain injury arc is played for giggles and centers entirely around a wildly contrived guy he just randomly met fairly recently.

  6. billytheskink

    First TB retcons Bull’s last game against Big Walnut Tech from a victory by forfeit to a heartbreaking loss on the final play due to poor officiating. Now Buck, explicitly in-strip, has gone and retconned the game from a loss to win.

    Meta-joke or just dumb? I think the answer is obvious.

    • Don

      > First TB retcons Bull’s last game against Big Walnut Tech from a victory by forfeit to a heartbreaking loss on the final play due to poor officiating

      Except that (a) the win by forfeit wasn’t Bull’s last game (the game from the picture could have been from 1980, which was a variation on “Casey at the Bat” and ended with a goal-line stop), (b) BWT blew out Westview in the forfeited game, rather than it being decided on the last play, and (c) Westview had to forfeit all wins in games Bull played in anyway, as he was academically ineligible.

      And that angle of the picture makes it even that much more incredible that not one official saw the ball over the goal line – unless, of course, it was taken after the ball had been blown dead (and why do I have a feeling TB is saving this for a later strip, when one of the officials just happens to pay Bull a visit as well?).

      • billytheskink

        (A) Yes, the 1991 win by forfeit was Bull’s last game, in that he graduated with the rest of the cast in 1992 and was explicitly depicted as a member of the football team (he accepts a scholarship from EMU in February 1992) even if he did not appear in any strips depicting that specific game. Among Act I football games, the goal line stand being “remembered” now and over the past year or so is certainly much like that 1980 “Westview At The Goal” arc, but we know that 1980 game was not Bull’s last against BWT. These Act III reminisces quite clearly describe the goal line stand happening in Bull’s last game against BWT.

        (B) That is correct, BWT blew Westview out and then forfeited for using ineligible players. Which is why these Act III memories are a clear retcon of the events discussed in (A). This is the second retcon in this Act III set of stories about coming up short at the goal line in the final seconds against BWT too, the first was that Bull initially said the goal line stop happened in Coach Stropp’s final game (which actually happened in 1996 with Bull as assistant coach, and was also a blowout loss to BWT). A month later, Dinkle brought Bull a videocassette of his, not Stropp’s, final game against BWT showing that he was not actually stopped short at the goal line.

        (C) Westview had to forfeit their (ridiculous) victory over BWT due to Bull’s ineligibility in 1982. Nothing of the sort is mentioned about their 1991 win by forfeit. They do later lose the conference championship trophy from that season in 1996 due to the athletic commission deciding to no longer recognize championships won by forfeit.

        Retcons upon retcons upon retcons. They actually wouldn’t bother me much at all if TB didn’t use these false memories to help prop up his current humorless and maudlin meandering. He wants us to take everything about this strip seriously except for its history and timeline? No dice.

  7. redsnifit


  8. spacemanspiff85

    Next month:
    Buck murders Bull and preserves his corpse in the diorama of that “winning” play he’s been building in his basement.
    Really, this guy comes off like that kind of creep to me. Which, I know everyone in this strip comes off like a creep, but when some guy claiming he played football with you 20? 30? 40? (how long is it supposed to have been, again?) years ago just randomly looks you up, and keeps showing up at your house uninvited and brings you gifts, it’s creepy.
    I mean, he’s sitting around his house at Christmastime thinking “I wonder what Bull would like? I know, I can have a frame taken out of that decades old video tape someone shot from the stands of a high school football game and have it printed on a giant fake newspaper for him!”
    Honestly, it’d make a lot more sense if this was just more of the “Big Walnut Tech is horrible” shtick and this was a long, long way to make fun of Bull, but really, Batiuk doesn’t put in anything close to that kind of effort. Buck just exists to give Bull someone to interact with. He’s Bull’s Cayla.

  9. Here’s something else that bothers me: what kind of asshole is this obsessed over a high school football game in the first place? They used Al Bundy’s constantly name-dropping his career as a jock to beat people over the head with the fact he was a no-hoper, you know.

    • redsnifit

      TomBat’s obsession with making Act II as depressing as possible is coming back to bite him, because the only happy events for characters to reminisce on happened during the Act I high school years.

      What else is Buck going to bring up for a nauseating trip down nostalgia lane? “I made a fake newspaper article showing who -really- became head coach at Diversity University!”

  10. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Next, Buck delivers a framed “Hillary No-Last-Name Elected President!!” headline to Funky, and a framed “Lisa Moore Found Alive!!” headline to Les.