Bang for the Buck

From the FW blog:
Rick [Burchett]…lays-out and pencils the Sunday sequence. When that’s finished, it’s my turn to jump back in and ink it into a Funky Sunday. The lettering is then done on the computer after which it goes off to colorist Rob Ro who proceeds, as he always does, to turn it into a totally beautiful Funky Sunday.

Colorist Rob can even turn a clump of gridiron turf into a flaming mini-volcano! Well done, Rob! So today we get the big payoff in the Buck Bedlow saga. We wondered why Buck showed up out of nowhere and went to such lengths to overturn Bull’s non-touchdown in the Big Game. What Buck was really doing was getting a preview of his own impending decline. But if he got his “CTE diagnosis” (grrrrrrrrrr!) “last month,” why did he show up back in September?

Well it’s been a pleasure stoking the snark fires these first two weeks of the new year. Tomorrow, guest author Charles takes over the reins. Wear a helmet, folks! –TFH


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20 responses to “Bang for the Buck

  1. redsnifit

    Ah, that explains why he just showed up out of nowhere. Just stumbled over to Bull’s in a CTE haze. I wonder if we’ll find out that Linda, too, has a debilitating brain injury.

    At least he’s forming some memories with Bull. Vague, foggy ones no doubt.

  2. Rusty

    FW: No one here gets out alive.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    He should feel pretty good, considering that when Batiuk wrote this CTE had only ever been diagnosed post-mortem. Buck is pretty lively for a dead guy.

  4. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “Tom, thanks for writing this important piece on CTE awareness.”

    “In all honesty… It’s kind of self-serving. I hope I’ll win some kind of award and maybe write a book.”

  5. Epicus Doomus

    So he’s saying there’s almost maybe some sort of correlation there, huh? FW…never afraid to go all “cutting edge” regarding today’s timeliest issues. I like how he bravely acknowledged that CTE exists while simultaneously glorifying the game where they both gave each other head injuries, like he deliberately went out of his way to ensure that he didn’t offend anyone, take sides or comment on the subject at all aside from making a few dumb tasteless jokes at the victim’s expense.

    And for longtime FW readers that last panel is laugh out loud funny. The FW meat grinder never stops churning. First he creates and kills Phil Holt to promote a comic book auction, now he enfeebles another contrived new character just for the sake of pretending this lousy arc actually “meant” something. Yes Tom, it’s quite moving how the sad old jock shuffles away to contemplate his inevitable decline, or perhaps it would be if Buck wasn’t so stupid and annoying. And what memories are these guys losing? Seems to me they both share exactly one between them.

  6. billytheskink

    It’s hard to watch what TMB is doing to Funky Winkerbean.

  7. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  8. Apparently colorist Ro wasn’t informed that the cow patty on the shelf had green grass growing out of it yesterday.

  9. Professor Fate

    Oh for pete’s sake. Another cinder block covered with treacle to the forehead ending the arc with to quote Oscar Wilde “more than usually revolting sentimentality,”

  10. bigd1992

    CTE can only be diagnosed POST MORTEM!!!

  11. bigd1992

    I’m thinking the Cleveland Clinic needs to conduct a study proving the carcinogenic and brain damaging properties of Montoni’s pizza.

  12. Jimmy

    How many long-held grudges will Batiuk unleash on his way to 50? Pretty girls, jocks, old English teachers…who else?

  13. LTPFTR

    That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!

  14. Ray

    And there it is…an arc never to be finished or revisited.

    Maybe though, Buck is just cognizant of what’s to come and he can convince Bull to enter into a murder/suicide pact?

    Nah…Christmas is over.

  15. So, like, what if Buck is working this really long scam where he finds slightly sad old football players, convinces them they — and he — have CTE, and go on to bilk them for comfort and care in their last sad days? And his marks are actually fine, just misinterpreting normal signs of age for a long-lasting disease? And then the scam gets revealed, and Buck would go to prison for it. But he testifies in court that, after all, what is old age but a chronic condition and everybody has to smirk, groan, touch their foreheads, and let him go with nothing more than a two-week pizza party at Montoni’s?

  16. countoftowergrove

    Buck went out of the way to catch CTE from Bull.

  17. batgirl

    Wasted opportunity for a Twilight Zone twist, when Linda asks how he can know he has CTE, since it requires a post-mortem, Buck looks back briefly, says “That’s how,” and vanishes into the mist.
    Oh, oh, better, a short tubby figure joins him and Linda goes back in to find Bull dead in his chair.