Today’s strip shows the unbelievably named Maris Rogers giving an unbelievable impromptu news cast about the unbelievably petty problem of Les blowing through his monthly copier privileges. But what’s most unbelievable about it is that any student who goes to Westview High would actually be willing to defend this jackass. Les, on the rare occasions  when he’s actually shown teaching, is an extraordinary asshole to his students. It simply wrecks my suspension of disbelief that the three students on the Bleat would go up against their principal, in such an inflammatory fashion, to defend this insulting prick. Perhaps that’s why the diminutive Bernie Silver is conspicuously missing.

Btw, I find it instructive that in order to find a sequence of Les actually teaching a class rather than insulting his students over parental permission for a Washington D.C. trip or simply grandstanding, I had to go back nearly five years.

Anyway, if the copier limitations that Les so strenuously protests were so draconian, you’d think the improbably named Maris Rogers (was Ruth Babe too obvious?) would find a more sympathetic teacher than the one who’s been throwing a massive hissy all week before no doubt going back to insult his students yet again.



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  1. Sigh. I knew Batiuk would ruin it. A three day set up of “Les is an ass who thinks he should be given privileges, but is shut down by Principal Nate’s common sense” was just never going to happen.

    And now we have Batiuk’s true aim–Principal Nate is using his power to deny Les Moore’s widower benefit. Oh, poor Les, poor poor Les! He has suffered so much!

    This has quickly gone from amusing to repellent. I’ll refrain from any comment on Tom Batiuk himself…though this is taking a lot of restraint.

    To paraphrase the Who, “Meet the same arc/Same as the old arc.”

    Well, I won’t be fooled again.

    • Jimmy

      What’s the saying? Something like “Fool me 348 times, and I won’t get fooled again”?

    • billytheskink

      TB may have forgotten, but we haven’t, that Nate is a Vietnam vet. He witnessed the horrors of war, watched friends die. And yet, he doesn’t use that to emotionally manipulate people into doing what he wants, even when he clearly really wants Les to shut his smug face the hell up.

    • bobanero

      The scream that I emitted upon reading this morning’s strip was very similar to Roger Daltry’s.

  2. louder

    The revolution will not be copied

  3. Jimmy

    Way to get your little program shut down, and rightfully so.

  4. countoftowergrove

    Dull-eyed, slack-jaw Maris Rogers is an exemplar of opioid abuse.

  5. billytheskink

    Maybe those “draconian” photocopy limits are helping to pay for your expensive AV equipment…

  6. DOlz

    Copernicus was wrong, everything revolves around Les.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Once again Batiuk takes a premise with a faint glimmer of promise and goes off in an inexplicable direction absolutely no one else would have ever considered. Thus “Les gets put in his place at work” becomes “WHS AV club takes confusing and unrealistic interest in faculty copy machine for no apparent reason”. The guy goes off on so many wild tangents he must have to wear a neck brace.

    By all means check out the latest entry on the official FW blog…a massive paragraph devoted to explaining how Act II Funky began working at Montoni’s. For real FW nerds only, as it’s some pretty deep “insider stuff”.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Unlike his comic strips, I do get laughs from Batty’s blog posts. He makes it sound like his work is so deep and engaging and presumes he has fans who are asking “How does he do it?”

  8. PharmDawg

    Jesus, Les looks like a homeless crackhead!!

  9. spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk’s choice of character names is just horrible. I don’t know what’s worst: “Les Moore”, “Maris Rodgers”, or the fact that he has TWO different characters named “Rocky Rhodes”.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      I understand next year’s freshman class will include Tess Stickles, Hugh Jassoll, Jackie Noff-Dayley, Mike Hockisbigg, and Hadda Mae Kapupe. Cuz funny names are… durrrr… FUNNY!

  10. redsnifit

    Les Moore is such a blatant author avatar that it hurts.

    My guess is that before he made it into the papers Batiuk distributed strips with the copy machine at the school he taught at and ran into his click limit, and is still pissed about it decades later.

  11. Gerard Plourde

    I wonder if he thinks this is some sort of take-down of the 24 hour news cycle. I guess he forgot that Cindy works for BuddyBlog and a story centered around her would make more sense.

    • bobanero

      Be careful what you wish for. There’s still two more days for this story to get picked up by BuddyBlog.

      • hitorque

        I think Cindy is being phased out (That’s why she got her early “Happily Ever After” ending to her progression by marrying a movie star) because Batiuk is tired of trying to explain how the flawless 25-year-old bikini model Cindy with grown-assed kids graduated the same year as 49-year-old Les, 55-year-old Holly, 60-year-old Bull and 64-year-old Funky…

  12. Maris looks as if she’s phoning it in–like her creator.

    Neither Les nor Batiuk thinks that besides the paper, there’s also the cost of ink and/or toner (it’s been a while since I’ve used a big copier, I’m not sure how they work now). Copying machines–another thing Batiuk seems to know nothing about.

  13. Rusty Shackleford

    Who is watching this newscast live? The students? Shouldn’t they be in class learning things?

  14. comicbookharriet

    Long Face, Long Neck, Squinty Eyes, Blond hair, Square Jaw.

    I think the artist read ‘Maris Rogers’ and decided to put Roger Maris in a bad wig.

  15. hitorque

    1. Well at least she’ll have a job waiting for her at Russia Today or The Intercept after graduation…

    2. As a former reporter this is where I’m supposed to get all outragey with my “GOD DAMN IT TO HELL FUCK SHIT PISS TITS BALLS JOURNALISM DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY!” But sadly in the era of so-called “New Journalism”, Batiuk is unintentionally right on the mark.

    3. You’d think given how environmentally conscious millennials and post-millennials are, the *REAL* story would be why First Language Lord Sir Lester Moore keeps exceeding his monthly copy allowance, especially since no other teacher at Westview seems to be going over the limit…

    3A. Or GOD FORBID the story here be about Les’ unprofessional, indifferent teaching methods and the complete and utter contempt he has for his students (funny how the junior news team isn’t ever around the corner when Les is ranting or hiding in the teacher’s lounge?)

    4. Just like he’s done his entire life, Les the Coward leaves it to someone else to fight his battles while he smirks from the sideline.

    5. As others have mentioned, who the hell is she broadcasting to again? Why would students give a rat’s ass about copier limits?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I would have thought that high school kids would get their assignments via email or some kind of online class page.

  16. The sad thing is that Batiuk is going to take the wrong lesson away from our not finding indulging that smug, incompetent, ignorant asshole who’s been riding his dead wife’s corpse’s coattails entirely too long a happy ending. Instead of stepping back, looking at his creation and yelling “CHRIST!!! What an asshole!!!” like everyone else, Batiuk thinks that every stupid, gutless and irritating thing his favourite does is wonderful and good.

  17. Professor Fate

    Yay! Once again Les wins without doing anything! This is surely a victory for niceness and goodness. Wait what?
    Now I wish that Nate would flat out kill him.