Don’t be yellow

Today’s strip shows the extremely jaundiced Linda speaking to Cayla in the main office about this week’s storyline. Even though yesterday’s strip said that Les was the faculty advisor of The Bleat, Linda today suggests that she’s the faculty advisor, even though unlike Les, we’ve never in fact seen her in that position. Guess Linda’s just one of those  busybody teachers who has her hand in literally everything at the school.

Anyway, you have to love the claim that what’s happened this week is an example of those kids “thinking independently”. It just so happens that their “thinking independently” constitutes bullying the principal on behalf of their loathsome faculty advisor over a subject that none of those kids could actually care about. Yes, Batiuk, I’m sure that all these kids, upon seeing Les’ tantrum, would be persuaded that publicly supporting him would be the proper thing to do, potentially slandering the principal in the process.

And it’s not surprising. If you were to view Batiuk’s work in total, his idea of a child thinking independently and admirably would be one who agrees with everything he, or his author avatar, believes. Otherwise they’re just foolish and intellectually vapid. (Seriously, he had Owen not knowing what glass is) Batiuk may think that Cayla’s comment is a joke, but his entire oeuvre shows that she ought to be completely serious.

Anyway, Linda really ought to get to a doctor to deal with her jaundice. Jesus.


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16 responses to “Don’t be yellow

  1. spacemanspiff85

    I assume the “H” on the sign is for “High”, which I would think would be obvious and not need to be included, unlike the date that the game is scheduled for. That seems useful.

  2. billytheskink

    Nothing says “independent thought” like being told to think independently.

    High school volleyball in January? And Gil Thorp readers complain about the strip overrunning actual high school sports seasons…

  3. Epicus Doomus

    He’s already resorting to wry unfunny banter between unrelated (to the “plot”) characters to wrap things up even though nothing’s actually started yet. Linda, of all people, inspired her students to be real go-getters…now THAT’S pretty funny. And get a load of Cayla, of all people, cracking wise about “independent thought”, as if SHE’S ever had one of those.

  4. For someone as obsessed with High School as Batomic Comic Obsessive is, you’d think he’d have a better idea of how it’s actually run. In the real world, someone trying to get the students to back him in a childish tantrum touched off by his inability to understand how the click system works would be awared a suspension if not the Order Of The Boot.

  5. Why is Linda suddenly doing the job that Creepy Les held just yesterday? I’m calling it: Principal Nate will blame the horrible reporting experience on Linda, and tell her she has to stop dividing her attention between her job and her brain-damaged husband. He won’t fire her but she will quit.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    What story is he trying to tell this week? We have Les throwing a fit because he’s exceeded his copy allotment. His reaction seems disproportionate to the issue. Then somehow the limits on copier usage becomes newsworthy to the student TV outlet, which immediately sides with Les and claims that this somehow is an unacceptable and draconian power play by the principal (who happens to be a person of color). Today we have two women of color discussing the incident as if the students’ action represents some kind of investigative journalism. The whole thing is just a complete mess.

  7. louder

    Next Less freakout: Comic Sans instead of Times New Roman. Film at the lunch break.

  8. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    You can see Batty with a phone book, calling random people with Spanish-sounding names. “Hello, what color are Mexicans?”

    Unfortunately, everyone hung up on him in disgust.

    “Let’s go with yellow. Maybe they’re yellow. But Linda’s not white. Let’s be clear about that.”

    Of course this issue has reached Cayla and Linda. Linda is Goatee Boy’s work wife, so she gets to hear all of his whines and gripes. Cayla has been banging Princ’pal Nate since her third day on the job, so she gets to listen to Nate bitch about Les while Nate listens to Cayla bitch about Les.

    How long before Owen the Idiot, still wearing his smelly wool hat, returns to the school as a teacher and AV adviser? We all know that’s coming.

  9. hitorque

    1. I guess Linda is the same color as the brand of journalism she promotes to her students?

    2. Yeah lady, maybe next time instead of “thinking independently” you should teach your students how to evaluate the newsworthiness of a scoop, how to cover a story from all sides and how not to miss the fucking point…

    3. So are other teachers having the same problems with this restriction, or is it just Les?

    4. Why is Nate taking the heat for this when such a policy is almost certainly from the state or perhaps county schools system?

    5. I work at a public university… About 10-12 years ago we had copy restrictions but they were so high (I think maybe 2000 copies/month, IIRC?) that the only people who ever went over were the department receptionists, who always got asked to make copies for this or that faculty/staff member… But the school realized the receptionists were being unfairly punished so these days the university charges every administrative office on campus a flat fee per copy so it’s something now that every department budgets for in advance…

  10. Count of Tower Grove

    Caucayla reeks of smug. Now THAT’S funky!

  11. Don

    Midview? I thought Westview was west of Centerville. Or is that city big enough to have two high schools?

    • billytheskink

      Midview is an actual high school located southwest of Cleveland, between Grafton and Elyria, so it is probably supposed to be an Easter Egg for the strip’s Northern Ohio readers.

      The name of Westview itself may well have been an Easter Egg of sorts too, as it was the name of a small town east of Elyria that was absorbed by Olmstead Falls in 1971, just before the strip began.

  12. LTPFTR

    Meanwhile in Crankshaft, I believe we’ve gone this entire week without a punchline. Suppose he’s saving them all up for Saturday?

  13. Tom Batiuk, you are a fucking hypocrite. I realize nobody will see my comment here because it’s 6:30 pm and all the contributors to this site have had their say for the day and are ready to have another swat at the piñata come the morning light, but maybe one of your supporters will come across it and pass it along to you. Your latest blog post at the official FW site is a plug for the latest FW collection – fair enough; if I had a new book out I’d do likewise. But in that plug, at the top, you direct your readers and fans TO GO TO AMAZON TO BUY your book!?!? Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you just get off a book tour for the Lisa trilogy AT INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORES???,!.?.?.?!!,! How many Amazon fulfillment centers hosted a meet and greet/signing session with you on that tour? Did you get a cozy evening’s respite in a famous author’s old bedroom courtesy Jeff Bezos, hmmm? How do you think all those indie stores that generously hosted you on the tour would react if a posse of their regular customers called to complain about you singling out Amazon BUT NOT THAT STORE as where people should spend their money, and threaten to take their business to Amazon instead of there? Do you think you’d be invited back? I’m sure neither you nor your publisher gives a shit where the sales figures come in from, but speaking as a former manager of an indie record store that always worried about Amazon undercutting us, I think I know the answer. Fuck you, Tom Batiuk, and the fake ’70s hip values you rode in on. I know you and your type. And I’m calling my daily paper of choice, the Raleigh News Observer, to suggest FW and Crankshaft be among the next round of dropped strips. I have it from a source at the paper that you were on the shortlist prior to the two recent cancellations, so I think your tenure there may be coming to and end in the near future. (Sorry snarkers, but some things set me off. Support your local small business.)

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