The Wedgeman Obsession continues

Today’s strip shows that Linda and Nate are still talking about this kid Tank Wedgeman, such that they ought to charge him rent for taking up inordinate space in their minds. Linda’s still hugging that odd blue book until panel three, which amazingly is the first time she hasn’t been hugging it all week. I’m not sure what the cage-thing is that’s on the wall behind them. I’d say it’s a shelf but you can see clear through it around the corner.

So Nate indicates that there are five Wedgeman brothers who are evenly separated by four years each, so the family had one child every four years for sixteen years to ensure that Westview High would have a Wedgeman at fullback for twenty years. That sounds… deranged, even for Westview. It’s also pretty remarkable that from the sounds of it no trouble came about from Bull throwing Nameless Wedgeman off the team for bullying “someone”. If his family really did plan the births of their children around such a lunatic scheme, one would think that they would raise a fuss over Bull thwarting it in such a casual, informal fashion.

Anyway, the most slipshod strip of the week. Have at it.


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15 responses to “The Wedgeman Obsession continues

  1. Epicus Doomus

    So the Wedgemans basically propped up WHS football for twenty years, eh? Maybe “Tank” deserves to feel a sense of entitlement, as no one else seems to really give half a damn. His bullying victims will all be employed at WHS in ten years anyway and by 2048 at the latest “Tank” will be a basket case so what’s the difference?

    Hey…what do you know? Now it all almost…makes a sort of sense in a vague, barely-there sort of way. Nate isn’t a shitty lazy educator at all, he just realizes that WHS does need fullbacks too, as apparently they’re running some sort of throwback wishbone offense requiring them. So he shrugs and looks the other way while the Wedgemans terrorize the annoying geeks, dorks and dweebs who’ll just find something else to complain about anyway. I totally get it now.

  2. countoftowergrove

    I guess the Wedgemans are like the Boyer baseball family. They all thought Ken was a lock for life with the Cardinals, but got traded to the Phillies.

  3. billytheskink

    The Wedgemans aspired for all five of their sons to play a generally thankless position on a historically awful football team?

    That’s… actually a believable level of ambition for a Westview family.

  4. comicbookharriet

    Nice to see that Linda has learned to astrally project herself, as we can tell by white halo around her whole body. Someone watched ‘The Last Jedi.’

  5. Man, is someone ever overcompensating. Imagine how messed up Wedgman Senior must be to want to spend twenty years of his life looking at his name on a football jersey.

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    Over on Mary Worth they have been spending the week talking about muffins, so FW isn’t the only slipshod strip.

  7. Saturnino

    So I guess the non-Modigliani blond who was in the strip yesterday is another one of the folks who asked Bathack to put them in the strip…..

  8. erdmann

    How did Pa Wedgeman guarantee having all boys? Why do I fear the answer involves a series of unsolved missing persons cases and a nearby forest preserve filled with unmarked graves?

  9. hitorque

    1. PLEASE tell me that Big Daddy Wedgeman pulled a Marv Marinovich and selected his wife solely because she was the sister/daughter of a superstar fullback…

    2. But with Bull retired surely Westview hired a dude from the 21st century who runs the shotgun or single-back set, right??

    3. It’s beyond the pale that an anti-bullying arc would go for a solid week without the goddamned principal at least thinking about discipline…

  10. comicbookharriet

    I am really confused by Crankshaft today. The three middle aged ladies in the book club have been annoyed and uncomfortable about the little girls all week. And now they seem on the verge of quitting the club. Yet the old bag seems pleased and smug.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. What was with the smirk today? Was she pleased that the young ladies were angering the old ladies?

      Why do so many of the characters in Batty’s strips do all of these things that they hate? Funky hates to run, the ladies hate being in a book club…

    • DOlz

      TB is going with the stale trope of no one in the book club ever reads the book. Except now there are these two newcomers showing up the established members. I guess Lillian is just feeling smug that the other members are grousing about having to read the books instead of just showing up to snack and gossip.

  11. Here’s a pretty good quote from someone:

    “It was as if no attention was being paid to what had gone before, and, to cop one from Arthur Miller, attention must be paid.”

    Can you guess who said that? Hint: the author is talking about Flash comic books.

  12. Don

    So, presumably, Tank is a freshman, which means three more football seasons with him around? Meanwhile, what are Summer and Cayla doing in what I assume is their sixth years at Kent State?