Kuaint Kartoon Referenz

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Stepping down from yesterday’s soapbox and removing my ‘The Defender’ disguise, I revert back to my normal Comic Book Harriet moniker. And holy cow will Tom Batiuk just get on with it! It’s Friday! We still don’t know why The Chiseler has graced us with his presence. We’ve had two days of standing outside, and three days of passive aggressive insults. Nothing is happening and we’re not learning anything that will progress the plot.

We have to dig to get ANYTHING from this bland wryness. What did we learn today?

1.) Chester lets other see him pretend to read Wonder Woman, because that movie was good AND progressive, and he loves jumping on bandwagons.

2.) Chester has been there so long that John and Crazy have gone back to work, and are now giving him dirty looks for reading an entire comic book in the store with no intention of buying it, a serious faux pas.

3.) Chester is nicer than I gave him credit for. He said ‘oddly quaint’ where I would have said ‘flat out asinine.’

4.) DSH John has watched the cartoon Batman Beyond. I will now hypocritically call him a pathetic regressive man-child while I slide my Beast Wars DVDS out of sight.

5.) Batman Beyond had some good moments, but never reached the artistic heights of Batman: The Animated Series.


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23 responses to “Kuaint Kartoon Referenz

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Yeah yeah yeah…the “snobs” vs. the “slobs”…I’ve seen this movie before, albeit never in a comic book geek context. Most movies don’t normally need six days to introduce the most basic plot elements either. Welcome to the Funkyverse, where everything ends up hopelessly mired in a morass of wry banter and awful wordplay sooner or later.

    • Jimmy

      Those movies were a lot better before crowdfunding. Now the Westfield crew would just start a GoFundMe to get the $5,000 to keep Chester from taking over their shop by midnight tomorrow, with no wacky hijinks or impassioned speeches.

  2. Since we’re just being comic book dorks trying to, uh, out-dork each other (sorry CBH) I’ll just plant my flag and stake my claim that “Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” is the best Batman movie of all of them.

    I realize that the above has nothing to do with “Funky Winkerbean” but I would submit, on behalf of the court, that “Funky Winkerbean” has had nothing to do with “Funky Winkerbean” for a couple of decades now. I rest my case and my attorney, has he not fled into that good night, would probably back me up on that,

  3. Jimmy

    It was originally called the Komix Korner Konnection, but they decided to remove the original signage after someone pointed out the flaw. That’s why they can only afford the crappy lettering they have now.

    Incidentally, shouldn’t they charge this doofus for pawing through all their merchandise and ruining it? My most valuable comic is “Groo the Wanderer”, but even I know this is bad form.

  4. countoftowergrove

    Glaciers retreat faster than this arc.

  5. Tomorrow Chester will leave in high dudgeon, under black smoke-clouds to show how bad that burn hurt, and we’ll never know which dedicated comic-book collector upset Batiuk this time.

  6. billytheskink

    They could have added towels and bedspreads and called it Linens ‘n Mr. Fantastics ‘n Invisible Women ‘n Human Torches ‘n Things. Which, as a joke referencing a shuttered big box retailer AND a discontinued comic book series, seems more appropriate for a town like Westview.

    And just so I can join the nerds who watch too many cartoons, Batman Beyond may not have reached the heights of The Animated Series, but it had the best Batman line of all time: “The voice kept calling me ‘Bruce’… In my mind, that’s not what I call myself.” Yes, I’m taking that over “It was a big rock…”

  7. redsnifit

    I like how Crazy adds “But we didn’t” at the end, in case we were to forget that the name is actually “Komix Korner” after about a week of nothing but drawings of the logo.

  8. Perhaps the point of this arc IS this low-grade pissing contest. Perhaps Chester has nothing better to do than to trade Z-grade insults with two other low-lives..

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    i thought Batty was into comic books, yet he still can’t write something interesting about them. Then again he doesn’t do anything interesting with his other two interests: cancer and old age.

    • DOlz

      There’s Batom comics new title. “Cancer Man* and the Retirement Home of Doom”.

      *Because in TB’s world the main character has to be a man. However; he might have a side kick, Grannie Cookies.

  10. Rusty

    Chester is just a conduit for more inane “word play.” It’s incredible to me that Batiuk really operates on this level, all the time.

  11. I’m surprised that Batiuk hasn’t touched the whole comicgate fiasco that is currently going on in the industry. For those of you who don’t know, companies like Marvel, IDW and to a lesser extent, DC, (before they wised up and stopped) were trying to be more social justice friendly. The problem is that they hired based on the author’s labels instead of talent so they got bad writers who didn’t even like the industry they worked at, wrote characters who were unlikable or established ones were out of character and weren’t the nicest to the fans. There were also long time writers who tried to jump the bandwagon and acted like jerks. The problem was that the new audience they were looking for weren’t buying the comics despite demanding things and comic shops paid the price. So when YouTube reviewers like Capn Cummings, Diversity & Comics, and Nerkish started calling the industry on them, that’s when comicgate started.

    Since Skunkhead is a shop owner, I am surprised.

    • comicbookharriet

      That whole fiasco cracked me up, because ever since maybe the late 60’s comics have tried to be inches behind the cutting edge of social justice. It’s why most of the black heroes came about in the 60’s and have REALLY black names, like Black Panther, or Black Lighting. You have Speedy on smack, Northstar has AIDS, Spiderman gets molested as a child. And plenty of times they tried to put the mantle of a super hero on a woman or minority. But they always act like this is a NEW THING so they can get news bytes and accolades from newspeople who don’t follow the comics industry.

  12. bobanero

    I’m afraid I can’t contribute much to the Batman discussion. My sum total exposure to Batman is the original cheesy TV series, the 1966 Batman movie, the Batman movie with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and 3/4 of The Dark Knight, which I ran across while channel surfing one night. So basically I have zero empathy with any of the FW comics people, and these arcs bore me to tears. What I am seeing this week, so far, is a standard set up for the “evil rich guy buys out the struggling good guy’s business and destroys it for no other reason than that he’s an asshole” trope. Hilarity will most certainly ensue.

  13. Don

    “Get to the pernt, Edith!”