Installing a Hard Drive

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Hiya folks, BChasm back manning the tower.  Thanks to Comic Book Harriet for her excellent stint last week; that she was more entertaining than the strip itself goes without saying, if I do say so myself.

As for today’s entry, well those of you speculating that Dullard, Jess, Skyler and Peeved were going to drive to Ohio were indeed on the right track.  The fact that this trip is going to take nearly forty hours of non-stop driving to cover nearly 2300 miles makes this plan an idiot’s delight.   If this was a week-long vacation trip to see the country and visit some landmarks, that would work fine, but Dullard said the purpose was to visit “the grandparents” so this just becomes a stupid waste of time.  (Hey!  Just like some comic strips!)  Oh well, I bet Skyler’s been ret-conned into a teenager, so he can probably help with the driving.

And it’s not as if these people are afraid of air travel–I seem to recall Peeved beaming dopily at some Ohio landmark (Les’ house?).  I’m sure in Tom Batiuk’s mind, a trip like this is mebbe a leetle bit longer than going from Dayton to Columbus, so gasoline, restaurants, hotels and a screaming toddler wouldn’t be issues at all.

And yes–it is possible that they’re just driving to the airport.  And all this garbage about  backpacks is just as meaningless as every other episode of this strip.  But, you know, telling the readers things (“I’ll be happy to give you a lift to the airport”) is so much more effective than simply attempting some “wry” “banter” that implies an arduous journey.

But doing things the simple, logical, understandable way, so that readers know what’s going on…why, that never leads to award nominations.



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19 responses to “Installing a Hard Drive

  1. New artist draws cars worse than Batty. What a weird rear end. Didn’t think anyone could draw worse than Batty.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Now we have to wait for these three nimrods to drive across the country before we get to the premise? Good Lord, this could take years to play out…real no foolin’ years. This is already week three of this arc and so far a guy bought a comic book, another guy received a text and a two other characters put luggage in a car. Now they’ll need to stop for gas, maybe a bite to eat and let’s just hope there aren’t any comic book stores along the way. Sigh.

    • Charles

      I love the box Darin is carrying. Totally inappropriate for a trip that should be only a week or two. I wonder what the hell Batiuk has decided is in it.

      “You never know when you just have to eat off your own dishes!”
      “It’s not weird to travel with a box containing all your old college textbooks!”

      And while I think it’s futile in some ways to criticize this because it’s obvious that Batiuk has absolutely no knowledge of what these doofuses’ jobs entail, it’s still striking how they can just casually walk away from their time-sensitive jobs for a couple weeks with the barest of justifications.

      • hitorque

        You should have seen the shit (and containers for said shit) I was throwing in the car to drive my mother and grandmother and dog 10 hours to relatives for this past Thanksgiving… We could have used MORE cardboard boxes…

      • Rusty Shackleford

        Filled with comic books.

  3. billytheskink

    “When we went to Costa Rica…”

    Hold on a second Jess, let me pick up that name you just dropped.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Man, I really hope Jessica does all the driving so Pete and Darin just sit in the back seat and read comics.
    Although, since they’re uber friends that’s probably not all they’d be doing in the back seat.
    They’d also play with their Flash dollies.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      And give each other stick shift lessons.

    • Charles

      Nonsense. They’ll be in front the whole way because then that allows Jessica to take care of that kid’s needs the entire trip.

      That still leaves plenty of opportunity to brush each others’ legs and hands when Darin reaches for the stick, and sitting in the front seat’s not going to stop Pete at all from playing with his dollies.

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    What?? Are they seriously driving from California to Ahia?? These Hollywood movers and shakers can’t afford airfare? And are they staying for two months?? The passengers on Gilligan’s Island schlepped less shit onto that boat.

    Dopey Mopey McBaggyeyes could hop a plane with just a carry-on, and he elects to cram into a packed car for God knows how many days???

    Look, even in the funny papers, something has to make some sense at some level. Does BatBoy have even the faintest idea……. Oh, never mind. Today we see them jamming all their worldly belongings in the car. Tomorrow’s episode will probably have them showing up (unannounced, because nobody calls anybody here) at the door in Ahia. That’s how BatWit does it — Two minutes of action takes a week, but a four day car ride happens overnight.

  6. Five bucks says that if we pressed the issue, he’d get all defensive about how only Les or Ed Crankshaft are allowed to be inconvenienced by airlines. Also, we’re getting a stupid joke about how The Mopey One can travel light because he travels alone…….

    • comicbookharriet

      I thought the joke was Mopey Pete wears the same clothes for a week, and so only needs to bring a backpack of comic books and a cup to piss in.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    Idiots delight…that’s perfect! I’m gonna steal that line.

  8. Gerard Plourde

    There are just so many levels where this goes off the tracks. And where is Skyler while these doofuses are assembling and packing enough gear to cross the Sahara?

  9. hitorque

    1. It’s a roadtrip — Not only is that the stupidest Batiukian route this arc can go, it allows him to stretch this storyline out until Labor Day… Besides, I don’t care how much of a bored hausfrau she is, no American woman worth her ovaries would get on a plane looking like that, even if she WAS flying on Southwest…

    2. Ironically all they had to do was wait another day or two before Masone Jarre would be flying back to Westview so Cindy could show off her engagement ring to everybody in the old hometown…

    3. Darrin is shocked at how much shit they’ve got to carry on this trip? All the more proof that Darrin spends no time at home whatsoever with his wife and kid, and when he IS home he’s talking to/about Pete…

    4. Although to be fair, for Darrin’s last vacation to the Flash museum I don’t think that he had to pack anything at all… In fact, I don’t even remember the trip there – Didn’t they just warp there or something??

    5. Okay Batiuk, even though women wearing baseball jerseys will never stop being arousing to me, we have GOT to stop making “Grown assed folks wearing their high school gear” a thing because it’s beyond pathetic.

    6. Can I mention again how jealous I am about the movie studio’s very liberal leave policy?? Darrin+Pete must get like 100 paid vacation days annually…

    7. So Pete drops everything to go meet some rich collector in North Central Bumblefuck, Ahia just because he asked him to?

    8. How does Jess keep her sanity over everything in their marriage revolving around Pete Rattabastardo? At what point does this marriage officially become a triad and Pete is sleeping in the same bed?

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Pete is a Hollywood screenwriter responsible for a huge summer superhero blockbuster. Just a few years ago he took a private jet to Ohio to go see a movie. Batiuk can never decide whether these are successful normal adults or “young kids just starting out”, even though neither of those descriptions are, uh, entirely accurate.

    • hitorque

      Hell, just last summer Pete+Darrin flew first class to San Diego for Comicon and stayed at a 5-star hotel with limo service…

      By the way, what happened to that thirsty, way-too-young girl from the old hometown who sized up Pete like a Catfish and got her hooks into him?? Don’t tell me she dumped him 30 seconds after he got her out of Westview?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      And how did they get so much vacation time to waste most of it driving back to Ohio?

      Oh, and lest Batty is stalking these forums. I have family and a friend who both work in the biz out there. Both are doing well yet rarely find time to come back here to Ohio. But when they do, they fly!

      Check out my friend’s page: