A Bitter Phil To Wallow

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Yes, I’m back again to continue SoSF’s wall-to-wall coverage of The Great Atomik Komix Mega-Arc of 2018. Apparently The Author has finally snapped and/or decided to devote the remainder of FW’s two hundred year run to one specific longform story. Unfortunately, it’s this one.

Last week’s bizarre tangent completely out of nowhere introduced us to Flash McFlashington or whatever his name is and now we’re seemingly in for a solid week of old-fashioned “back in the day” comic book banter, which is the second-worst possible FW outcome. In today’s installment, they all gang up on the since-deceased Phil Holt in wry and somewhat cruel fashion.

What does Flash (ugh I hate that so much already) mean by “in” a hostile work environment? Is it just me or shouldn’t it have been “Phil Holt in his studio WAS a hostile work environment” because that was him…a guy who was bitter about having to draw comic books for a living? Or does he mean that the work environment itself was somehow hostile toward Phil, like he suffered some sort of horrible workplace abuses there?

Just kidding, of course it was one of those dumb FW grammar flubs that slip into the dialog from time to time and nothing more. The (guffaw) QC people really should have caught that, bet someone got fired for that blunder.


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24 responses to “A Bitter Phil To Wallow

  1. In the Funkyverse, everyone melts. Look at those downward lengthening faces. It’s like the climax of “Mars Is Heaven!” if Ray Bradbury had absolutely no talent and didn’t have an ending to his story.

  2. They look like Easter Island moai.

  3. billytheskink

    Phil Holt was probably bitter about having to draw stuff from the imagination of Flash Freeman. Stuff like Moon Mile Meek and KLOOG!.

    Who could blame him?

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    Say, fellas! WHY THE LONG FACES?

  5. spacemanspiff85

    Hey, this strip is written by the “Archangel of Grammar” or whatever, what do you expect?
    Also, can we get back to Les? Please?

  6. countoftowergrove

    Yeah Phil was bitter old codger, but he’s now boning Durward’s biomom in the afterlife.

  7. Can’t see why he’d be bitter, working in a D-list house and churning out crap. Also, look for them to take a swipe at DC in the name of local talent again.

  8. redsnifit

    Funky Meltingbean

  9. Gerard Plourde

    I have no idea what this “Flash’s” statement means. Is he trying to say that Phil hated working by himself and enjoyed the company of co-workers?

  10. comicbookharriet

    “Or does he mean that the work environment itself was somehow hostile toward Phil, like he suffered some sort of horrible workplace abuses there?”

    Now all I can think of is Phil working in the demonically possessed Room 1408 of the Hotel Dolphin.

    • DOlz

      Once again I learn something new from this blog. Which is more than I can say for the many years of reading FW.

  11. timbuys

    “Yeah, that was him…”

    Wow, it sounds like they’re trying to get him to identify a corpse rather than reminisce about the ‘good’ old days.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could get a quick glimpse of Chester just to see if he’s still grinning moronically or will we instead see that the scales have fallen away from his eyes and he now realizes the folly of undertaking the most half-rear-endedly* planned comic book company revival ever conceived?

    *Apparently that other word is blocked by WP?

  12. Epicus Doomus

    It’s funny how after knowing him for a half an hour Phil gifted Boy Lisa with a pile of valuable original artwork, yet all Boy Lisa has to say about him is that he was “bitter”. What a pal.

    • Gerard Plourde

      And wasn’t Darin supposed to be befriending Phil as a result of their meeting? I guess that never happened because it cut into his quality time with Pete.

    • hitorque

      Yeah, you’d *THINK* that Darrin would have at least given a shit about Holt’s legacy, given that even Darrin recognizes deep down that it’s only because of the Phil Holts of the world that talentless hacks reliant on cronyism for jobs are able to make such an obscene amount of money… You’d *THINK* Darrin would set up some kind of memorial in Holt’s name, or you’d think he would try to track down Holt’s estranged relatives and cut them off a piece of the monies from indifferently auctioning off his life’s work…

      But then again Holt was never a real person in the Funkyverse, only a cardboard standup… A contrived, timely plot device and now that his role has been played he’s off to the memory hole until his name has to be dropped again to establish the hardcore comics cred of some other character…

      Batiuk really needs to do something about the egotism, lack of gratitude, overly entitled attitudes and self-centered mania that infects his legacy cast like syphilis…. It isn’t really becoming of the wholesome, smalltown middle American values he’s constantly jamming in our faces…

  13. Professor Fate

    Oh yes – let’s trash the dead man. Classy the lot of you.
    Still it does tap into that long running FW trope – that the creative life is an utter misery.

  14. hitorque

    Just your daily reminder that Darrin is still the odd man out here… He’s never worked in the comics industry, the only “comics” he has direct experience with are the ones he doodled in 10th grade detention, 90% of the jobs he’s had in his life were buddy-buddy hires, his “art” has never been on display nor had to stand on its own merits in the public marketplace, and Darrin has never had to deal with his wife and kid not eating for the night because he wasn’t able to sell a piece of his work…

    He’s also shockingly ignorant of how businesses are run for someone with an MBA…

  15. bobanero

    Durwood, maybe he seemed bitter because he’d been reduced to drawing caricatures of ungrateful toddlers at a birthday party to supplement his meager Social Security income while he saw you getting work as a Hollywood story board artist with absolutely no credentials, a job that Phil could do in his sleep and actually enjoy, rather than moaning every time that the Director guy came in with more changes.

  16. Charles

    Jesus, as if anyone gives a shit.

    Just to remind everyone, this is about how a DEAD MAN dealt with the hassles and inconveniences of his job drawing pictures for children OVER SIXTY YEARS AGO. Jesus, even Batiuk’s little creations shouldn’t give a shit about this.

    And is this weak, terrible set-up actually going to lead to anything relevant for our heroes? Of course not. It’s not going to lead to them realizing that it’s pointless to whine and complain about the lives they’ve chosen to lead. That they could end up like this if they don’t stop and appreciate what they have. Or maybe that writing and drawing comic books isn’t so important and crucial an endeavor that they should take it so seriously that it ruins their lives.

    Of course not. If it amounts to ANYTHING, which is hardly assured, it’s going to be that they share this with their predecessors. That their lives are shit misery and that’s just how it goes. I mean, look! They TOO have a bald boss with facial hair who’s a feckless idiot and waves his finger in the air! They work in the same building! They’re going to write the same simple-minded shallow stories about paper-thin heroes! They even look like these two stupid fuckers!

    Jesus, Batiuk. Get some more material.