Fukushima Kamakrazee

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Remember Mad Max, Fury Road? Boy that was a great movie! And now I’m never going to be able to watch the War Boys chant without thinking of Funky Winkerbean. Thanks a lot Tom!

Time to compare Crankshaft with Funky Winkerbean again. Wanted to see which strip is more unbelievable.

In Crankshaft, there is an entire gym in a small town devoted to muscly men teaching young mothers dangerous illegal ways to get mowed down by traffic. Today, a woman is able to hold on to the bumper of a 13 ton school bus as it drives away

In Funky Winkerbean, Les Moore tells us he has an editor.

Funky Winkerbean is the more unbelievable strip by a country mile.



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9 responses to “Fukushima Kamakrazee

  1. Epicus Doomus

    His “editor”…now that’s pretty funny. Aren’t the two new “Trilogy” books really just graphic novels anyway? Or has that been retconned too? Who the hell is his editor? Is he referring to that Apple Annie woman? I thought she was his agent?

    I’m ignoring the pun. He bottomed out with The Inedible Pulp, this one doesn’t even faze me.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Yeah wasn’t she some homeless bum who magically got into the publishing business? Another poorly thought out character.

  2. Batiuk doesn’t seem the type to like the idea of an editor. It seems to me that someone in as much love with his stupid ideas as he is might not want to have someone perform the valuable service of telling him when he’s writing horseshit.

  3. billytheskink

    I imagine Les’ editor has a large sign that says “GIGO” next to her desk and frequently mutters “it’s not my fault… it’s not my fault… I have rent due… it’s not my fault” between sobs.

  4. sgtsaunders

    Of course that makes no sense whatsoever. Do the commas explode on impact with the page, spilling jagged metal, human body parts and flaming AvGas all over the page, laying waste to anything and everything in it’s path? This is the Funkyverse, of course they do.

    • Hitorque

      I thought “Comma-nist” would have been the better punchline, but at least she didn’t say “Semicolon Jihadi” or some such bullshit

  5. erdmann

    When I edit other’ people’s work, I tend to remove as many commas as I put in. Does that make me a comma chameleon?

  6. DOlz

    This is why I stopped reading “Crankshaft” years ago. As a former school bus driver it enrages me to see this kind of behavior portrayed as funny, instead of mind boggling dangerous. Not only would Crankshaft been fired years ago for his “driving”, he’d be in jail and have a restraining order keeping from getting within a mile of school bus. Geez Otto, from “The Simpsons” is a more realistic portrayal of a school bus driver.