Mr. Lucky

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Greetings, folks, BChasm back in the control room.  Many thanks to Comic Book Harriet for excellent guest hosting the last two weeks.  Well done.

As for today’s strip, yeah, I do feel lucky.  The last few hosts have had to feast on stupid comic book schemes, Les’ eternal book tour or Pete’s love life; today I get one of the few characters in this strip that I don’t want to strangle, Funky himself.  (Though with Funky’s life outlook, he’d probably beg me to.)

Don’t misunderstand me, he’s not a good character, but compared to the rest of the cast he’s a positive breath of fresh Spring air.  His main drawback is his insistence on viewing everything in the most negative light possible, which gets very tiresome, but at least he’s not coasting on a giant cloud of (unearned) smugness, convinced of the magnificence of his (nonexistent) talent.

Anyway, what do we have today?  Holly wants to micromanage the Cory/Rocky wedding, and Cory refuses to comply.  Myself, I thought they were already married but, considering that unless the subject is comic books or Les Moore, Tom Batiuk cannot be bothered, I’ll assume they aren’t.

I don’t seem to have much to say here.  I guess I’m just too relieved that we’re spared more comic books and/or Les.


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13 responses to “Mr. Lucky

  1. Epicus Doomus

    He must be all tuckered out after that Atomik Komix arc because this is straight-up bad sitcom fare. “Meddling mother makes matrimony miscues” is as hackneyed as it gets, but somehow it fits Holly, one of the more underratedly stupid FW characters.

    It’s always so weird when he returns to one of these long-forgotten story arcs. I like how these tertiary seldom-revisited characters exist in a sort of static state until they’re called upon to pick up on the last thing they left off on, sometimes years later. Why not just re-visit an already-married Cory and Rocky? Is there really a need for yet another FW wedding, especially one between two totally obscure characters like Cory and Rocky?

    Of course there isn’t but it’s easy and our hero BatSnooze loves himself some easy. Sigh.

  2. erdmann

    Maybe he’s not responding because he and Rocky eloped and are on their honeymoon, busily banging like dogs in heat. Turns out they didn’t want Funky and Holly at the ceremony. Who can blame them?

  3. billytheskink

    Good thoughts today on Funky. He’s a complete pill and yet he’s Tom Hanks-level likable compared to the cast of characters around him. He especially comes off well (relatively speaking) when he’s around Holly, who is utterly unrecognizable as the Act I majorette and Act II cancer survivor/advocate… and I don’t mean physically unrecognizable.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Agreed, Funky isn’t too bad. And given that he is surrounded by idiots, his attitude makes sense.

      The fact that he is prone to suicide proves that he hates Batty too.

    • comicbookharriet

      Physically unrecognizable is right! Cindy and Holly are supposed to be the same age. Instead the character model for this strip seems to be Crankshaft in drag.

  4. Another reason he’s way more likable is that you just know that he’s five seconds from calling most of these idiots on their bullshit. The only thing that stops him is his wondering what the point would be.

  5. redsnifit

    I don’t even remember who Rocky and Rocky’s Girl/Boyfriend are at this point.

  6. I thought the bride and her family picked the day since they are paying for the event. It’s been so long I don’t remember if Rocky has family or not, but the bottom line is the date is Rocky’s decision and Holly and Funky shouldn’t assume they are even invited.

  7. hitorque

    Saturday FW: Holy fucking shit Pete Rattabastardo is a creepy obsessive motherfucker especially when we remember the last time Blondie sent him some “pics” he was showing them off to his butt buddy Darrin before the download even hit 100% (Of course Darrin being Darrin he posted them to whatever subreddit all the perverts are hanging out these days and clumsily tried to indirectly ask her about the “WAKANDA FOREVER” tattoo on her pubic bone, so that’s why Blondie is only handing the phone to Pete this time). As for Pete thinking it’s cute to be this obsessed about the first woman in his life willing to touch his peener (and we’re being told with a straight face that it has NOTHING to do with his instant money+fame), I’m beyond words… Even before #MeToo became a thing, we have now seen two universally undeniable, klaxon-blaring, radiation-seeping red flags that any real woman would have walked away from by now…

    Today FW: Jesus H. Christ Holly has her face all up in some shit that isn’t her business… Maybe she’d be better served making sure her dear hubby tries to follow medical orders for once so he survives another week?

    FW 2: So if this is Cory (Damn, that’s a name you never hear anymore — When I came up in the 80s-90s, I knew about 50,000 Corys of both genders), who’s the other Iraq war veteran mook? The one married to the 40-EEE cup size redhead with the service dog and who doesn’t know how to turn on a laptop? Are these dudes brothers or cousins? I think his name is Wally?

    FW 3: This is shaping up to be another “Funky goes down to City Hall to joust the windmill of government bureaucracy and hilarity ensues”, isn’t it??

  8. bobanero

    Wedding planning in the Funkiverse can’t be too difficult.
    Ceremony – Gazebo
    Reception – Montoni’s

    • hitorque

      And Dinkle will direct the music arrangements…

      And Darrin can storyboard the ceremony rehearsals…

      And the post-ceremony entertainment can be hosted at the Valentine Theater…

      And DSH Johnny can select an appropriate comics cosplay theme for the wedding party… (Is there any chance that it ISN’T the Inedible Pulp?)

      And Les can stage a mid-ceremony In Memoriam to Lisa while renewing his vows to Kayla…

      And Bull, making his first public appearance in two years, can tell everyone the truth about how his famous failure on 4th-and-goal from the one-inch line was really a touchdown that he got cheated out of and now he can die happy… He’ll also try to introduce Hank Hill to his friends, not knowing he never existed and was just an imaginary construct…

      And Chester can barge in just to remind everyone how rich he is and how he singlehandedly Made Comics Great Again…

      And Cindy can make a Lady GaGa type of grand entrance with Masone on her arm, telling everyone that none of their lives will ever be as perfect as hers is right now…

      And Pete can distribute his inaugural comic and get so uncomfortably makeout-kissy-gropey with his fiancee that even teenagers at the movie theater will want to spray a garden hose to separate them….

      • bobanero

        And Les can stage a mid-ceremony In Memoriam to Lisa while renewing his vows to KaylaGhost Lisa…


  9. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Funky, for all his dreariness, is at least quasi-sympathetic. In fact, now that I think about it, his turgid gloom actually seems like a pretty reasonable reaction to his circumstances: living in Westview, having Les for a best friend, et cetera, et cetera.