Harry L. Dinkle Raisin’ the Bar(low)

That feeling when you see Monday’s strip and realize you’re in for another entire week of Harry Dinkle writing about Claude Barlow (1543-1627)…the first day of six where we’ll watch ol’ Harry in panel 1 setting up the gag; panel 2, building to the punchline; and panel 3, where Dinkle delivers the payoff and sits there smirking. Dinkle’s now writing the Volume 6 of his Barlow bio…imagine slogging through six volumes where every third sentence is a jokey response to the two sentences that preceded it? I can’t even take six strips.


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12 responses to “Harry L. Dinkle Raisin’ the Bar(low)

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Oh God no, not another week of these. One every decade is way, way more than enough. This crap stopped being funny YEARS before he even published the first one.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Gerard called it yesterday when he said he was apprehensive about the upcoming week.

      The only thing worse than getting a Les, is getting a Dinkle.

  2. This is like watching a garbage truck drive by and thinking, “Those things are kind of fascinating, aren’t they? All those hydraulics crushing all that waste…”
    Then you realize that the garbage truck is about to unload onto your front lawn. Suddenly it’s a lot less academic.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    That second panel is infuriating, just because it looks just like a shot from a crime show, where someone’s lurking outside the house, creeping up on someone who’s about to be brutally murdered. It’s infuriating, because sadly that’s not happening, but that one panel lets you dream.

  4. “Harry L. Dinkle: Raisin the Bar(f)”

  5. DOlz

    It’s time TB wrapped it up.

  6. This could be a metaphor for the strip itself. We have a boring psycho who pretty much lives in a bunker in Cloud Cuckoo Land spending way too long on boring non-jokes that no one could possibly be interested in….and then we have Dinkle and his King Charles’s Head to contend with as well.

  7. bobanero

    When you keep going back to the same well for ideas, even though that well dried up in 1992.

  8. Gerard Plourde

    I suppose we should be thankful that we’re not dealing with Pete, Darin and Hagglemore and the Atomik Komix fiasco, but Dinkle’s obsession with Barlow minutiae is almost pathological.

  9. Eldon of Galt

    Hey, Dinkle isn’t smirking. And he even looks a little embarrassed about the crappy pun he just typed. Is this the start of a new, hopeful trend?