Baroque-ing Bad

All right: it’s bad enough to dole out a week’s worth of lousy puns and “Dad jokes,” but today’s…I can’t even go with “joke” or “punchline” or “gag;” that is unless by gag we are talking about the involuntary reflex to vomit. File this one under “Batiuk is Deliberately Trolling the Haters.” It’s a shitty pun…worse, it’s an unoriginal shitty pun!


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22 responses to “Baroque-ing Bad

  1. Epicus Doomus

    I’ll never understand the mystery that is Bom Tatiuk. He spends multiple months on one individual arc, then abandons that arc to return to his old “gag-a-day” format, seemingly without any rhyme or any reason. At this point in his stupid career I don’t know why he doesn’t just throw away the idiotic “serialized” Act III idea and just do awful jokes like this until he hangs it up. Given the astonishing number of loose ends he’ll never even come close to tying up, why bother with the “stories” at all? I mean why do a THIRTEEN WEEK LONG story arc if you’re just going to follow it up with obvious “reject pile” scrapheap weeks like this one?

  2. I’ve heard the “not baroque” joke since the 1970’s. It was amusing then, then it became a shorthand “I’m telling a joke” thing and “worked” for a couple of decades more.

    To offer this as a “joke” in 2018 is nothing more than Tom Batiuk’s middle finger.

    I’ll restrain myself from further comment, but I’m thinking many thoughts.

    • comicbookharriet

      When I first heard this joke, via Beauty and the Beast, I was three years old and didn’t even know what Baroque was. Later, in middle school, my art teacher referenced the Beauty and the Beast joke to teach us what Baroque was.

      Given the continued popularity of the movie, eventually watched by every child born since 1991, I guarantee that this is the experience of nearly 40% of everyone who has heard this joke.

    • Professor Fate

      This joke has to be something like 40 years old at least – Hell BC used it per the google. And if you’re ripping off a BC Strip you have descended to the 9th circle of hackery.
      Well done Tom.

  3. billytheskink

    Neither Barlow nor Dinkle seem to have much of a Handel on Baroque music. Even Bach when Dinkle was the band director, these Barlow arcs were not Weiss. Once again, TB Schütz himself in the foot.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Oh, this strip is definitely baroque and needs fixing.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    Does Burchett even need to do new art when TomBa goes off cvon one of these Dinkle/Barlow jags?

  6. The Nelson Puppet

    It’s a rudderless boat, this Funky Winkerbean comic strip…drifting, drifting, drifting…

  7. Not only is this a tepid insult to anyone who criticizes the strip, it’s a sad reminder that like Dinkle, Batiuk is an old man wasting his time on the same old familiar follies because he’s too set in his ways to notice the alternatives to what he’s doing. Unlike either of them, I can imagine the million other things that could be done with this strip and his life.

  8. spacemanspiff85

    It just gets harder and harder for me to believe that even Batiuk can think he does anything close to a decent job on these strips anymore.

  9. Over at the FW blog, TB is touting another Sideways Sunday comic tribute. For an MBA whose portfolio consists of comics he drew for his high school paper, that Darin Fairgood sure can draw. Wondering how Batty will shoehorn this one into the Sunday funnies.

    • comicbookharriet

      Worst GI Joe spinoff ever.

    • The artwork may be well done, but the picture isn’t logical at all. The woman doesn’t have a drop of water on her, the guy is standing in five inches of water…there’s no way the shark can get that close to shore without beaching itself.
      Also, what’s that green crap all around the edges? Are they going into a cave? It’s not a huge wave since we can see the horizon.

      • DOlz

        Wait a minute, you’re a regular here and your surprised that nothing in that picture makes sense? 🙂

      • hitorque

        It’s like Batiuk knows the words of a song, but doesn’t have any music nor does he know what order to sing them in… His guest artists are good at putting in the cliche tried-and-true tropes we all know and love from comics covers of the past, but they never put them in any kind of halfway-plausible layout so the result isn’t good enough to be awesome, but it’s not shitty enough to be a self-parody… It’s like he’s the Jerry Bruckheimer of comics covers…

    • Professor Fate

      Moby Shark? Ah…we already have The Great White Shark.

    • billytheskink

      Credit to Durwood for realizing that Saran wrap truly is the shark’s greatest weakness.

    • hitorque

      That shark needs to see a dentist — He’s missing a lot of teeth…

  10. Epicus Doomus

    Hey, I’d take a few weeks of “Rip Tide: Scuba Cop” over these tiresome Dinkle gags any f*cking day of the week. BatNom and his fictional comic titles…he’s like someone who has a computer baseball simulator, creates a bunch of whimsical team names then never runs the sim. “Ha ha, the Sheboygan Oysters…heh heh I am so so clever!”. He clearly LOVES doing this yet he never goes anywhere with it.

  11. hitorque

    Somebody please *SHOOT* this motherfucker?

  12. Le Chat Bleu

    I guess the is the end result when a person, who was never particularly funny to begin with, neglects learning anything about comedy for ~30 years.