Save Your Volts, Dolts!

In Claude Barlow’s day“…that’s a good one. Because as is the case with everyone and everything in the Funkiverse, ol’ Claude’s timeline can be freely altered to suit the gag. At the top of this post is what I believe is the first Claude Barlow strip. Barlow was merely a chapter in an ostensibly larger book that Dinkle was writing about “Famous Composers.”  Though here and in subsequent strips, Barlow’s D.O.B./D.O.D. are 1543-1627, but in this strip from a few months ago, he’s a contemporary of Tchaikovsky (1840–1893). I’ll throw in too that Harry this week is authoring Volume 6 and in the aforementioned strip, he’s writing Volume 7. Making Barlow’s foray into electronic music (even though it had not yet been invented) as plausible as anything else that goes on around here.


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12 responses to “Save Your Volts, Dolts!

  1. Batiuk understands that there’s a difference between “electric” and “electronic” right? Because while there are terms common to both, they’re not the same thing, and…oh, you moron Tom Batiuk. Even your puns are labored, fossilized and unfunny.

    Please retire soon. This is just painful for everyone.

    Though, maybe, you’re looking for a Wikipedia entry–“Most Embarrassing Pulitzer Nominee”–in which case you’re way ahead of the pack.

    I’ve got some animation stuff to work on, so good luck. Unlike you, I actually have to produce stuff.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    The old “deadpan” style makes the awfulness of the gags slightly more palatable than the self-satisfied smirking does. By “humanizing” the Dinkle character he completely stripped it of all entertainment value, which is the entire history of FW in a nutshell now that I think about it.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    If Barlow wrote electronic music, then it was invented in his time, since he wrote it. Man, I really Batiuk had combined the first two panels into one, so he would finally contradict himself in one single panel.

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    I would love to see an Adult Swim version of Funky Winkerbean done like the old Clutch Cargo/Space Angel cartoons:

    • billytheskink

      “Don’t these little fishing boats ever move? They’ve been right in the same spot ever since we took this room!”

      I’m pretty sure that line’s reference to Clutch Cargo’s limited animation was totally inadvertent and it is STILL a level of self awareness that TB is not capable of.

  5. Back when this all started, Batiuk didn’t take himself quite as seriously as he does know. He and Dinkle are convinced that people should love this bizarre wacko and it shows.

  6. timbuys

    So, after I read today’s strip, for some reason I took some time to take in the artwork. The forced construction of the joke and tortured wordplay made me want to find something redeeming in at least the drawing. Then I noticed the plug in panel three was absent in panel one and gave up on the whole thing.

  7. bobanero

    I stopped laughing at that particular pun when I was four years old. How long before he brings out the Halibut joke?

  8. It should be pointed out, re: today’s vintage strip, that Claude Barlow died about 70 years before the piano was invented.

    • Le Chat Bleu

      And obviously long before America The Beautiful was written, which makes me completely mystified at what this awful “joke” is trying to convey.