Scintillating Spinthariscope Action

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As Stuckfunkian William Thompson pointed out earlier this week: “The ring is safe now; after seventy-one years, the polonium-210 isotope (which would have been a fraction of the commercially-available polonium back then) will all have decayed to lead. Just like this strip.”

Though lead isn’t the ‘safest’ material to have inside a children’s toy, at least it’s not radioactive. But this also means that there won’t be any polonium alpha particles left to strike the zinc sulfide screen and create the light flickering. So I’m guessing tomorrow we’ll be blessed with a Sunday Strip of speech bubbles over black as all three of these guys cram together into a pitch black closet hoping to see the tiny flickers of an atom ‘splitting’.

Which is really false advertising to begin with. Polonium 210 is named because it has an atomic weight of 210, meaning it has 210 protons and neutrons in the nucleus. In order to become lead, it sheds two protons. If a 210 pound man lost two pounds, you really couldn’t say he’d been ‘split’.

What they should be worried about is the ad Chester is holding. That paper is GLOWING with radiation! Darin already takes after his mother in so many ways, he doesn’t need cancer too.

But, then again, maybe he deserves it, because in panel three Darin appears to be stroking his chin with the tiny severed hand of a child .


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8 responses to “Scintillating Spinthariscope Action

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Why is Pete asking Darin for clarification on this ad? Darin’s not the one who brought it up.
    Is it an atomic bomb ring or a warhead ring? Those aren’t exactly the same thing.
    This right here is why your company sucks, people. You’re standing around peering at an ad from fifty years ago.
    Fun retcon that will probably not happen: Darin shows the ring to Les, who gets a panicky look on his face when he remembers he gave one to Lisa as an engagement ring, which caused her cancer. Les sues the company, somehow, and wins millions. Part of the money goes to Lisa’s Legacy, part goes to Atomic Comics, and part goes to write the “Les’s Story” trilogy (the Lisa’s Story trilogy retold from Les’s perspective, obviously).

  2. Epicus Doomus

    As a great man once said, he who hath built his fortune by trading comic books does not a comic book company impresario make. OK, so maybe whoever said it (me) wasn’t “great”, but he put more effort into that sentence than BatNard put into his latest (sigh) old comic book-related ring story. It’s incredible that it needs clarification, lest someone confuses it with the other comic book-related ring story he did before.

  3. billytheskink

    Cancer AND the comic book industry combined? This is TB’s opus…

  4. timbuys

    What is with the shadowing in panel two? Don’t get me wrong, everything else about the strip is awful but the notion that the sheet of paper that the ‘ad’ is on is glowing boggles the mind.

  5. So in other words, Batiuk’s stories all depend on his inability to do any research at all.