That’s A Good Boy

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FW’s most beloved character (by far) is finally back! No, not that bizarre Wally impostor, whoever he is. Of course I’m referring to Buddy The PTSD Service Dog, who’s as fuzzy and lovable as ever. It’s about goddamned time too. That’s a good, good dog!

Mysteries abound in today’s somewhat peculiar installment. Did Wally always wear those scholarly glasses? Why aren’t Wally’s male classmates smothering Buddy with love as well? Why is Rachel so insecure? Didn’t Batiuk use this exact same gag at least once before? So people still say “co-eds” in this day and age? I really don’t know, but I do know that these idiots are a breath of fresh air after two hundred consecutive weeks of Pete, Boy Lisa and f*cking comic books, that incredibly clunky line of expository dialog in panel one notwithstanding.


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21 responses to “That’s A Good Boy

  1. spacemanspiff85

    Oh yay, a female character who’s insecure, this is blazing new trails for this strip.

  2. Buddy. The ONLY reason I don’t want Westview to be nuked.

  3. countoftowergrove

    HOO-AH! Smirks aweigh!

  4. billytheskink

    I’m pretty sure petting and interacting with on-duty service dogs is widely discouraged.

    It is funny that Wally is getting more ink about his college education than Summer ever has.

    • spacemanspiff85

      Wally is a male, and therefore interesting.

    • Epicus Doomus

      Summer and Wally have both fallen way, way down in the Act III pecking order. They were both major players there for a while…Summer with her angsty (and always gritty & twee) basketball future and Wally with his post-captivity PTSD issues. Nowadays Wally gets a once-yearly check-in (he’s doing great!!!) but Summer has fallen completely off the map. Does she still play basketball? Is she any good at the collegiate level? Does she have a basketball future of any kind? She doesn’t even get any “Lisa’s offspring” arcs anymore, as now Boy Lisa gets those in her stead. It sure is odd, not necessarily bad mind you, just odd.

    • Charles

      Buddy’s not a service dog. He’s a therapy dog. It’s less of a concern when someone interacts with him than it would be if he were a seeing eye dog or a dog who assists a physically disabled person with basic tasks. Of course, those dogs are trained to ignore the dumb coeds (Jesus Christ, it’s the 21st century, Batiuk) who’d be approaching them. Buddy just appears to be a normal dog who does normal dog things.

      But anyway, he probably can do his job of monitoring Wally’s emotional state while interacting with strangers. In fact, interacting with strangers might actually assist Wally with his emotional states. Not that I expect Batiuk ever thought about this one way or the other.

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Hard for us to believe too! You look about 20 years older than the last time we saw you!

    Folks, meet Wally the PTSD Boy, another character who disappointed Batty by not winning him an award of some sort. He was married to Old One Arm, but ended up being taken POW twice. Yeah, twice. I think he left some comix books at the POW camp and went back for them, sooo…

    Becky got tired of waiting for him, and since Westview had run out of hetero men who liked adult women, she married Dead Skunk Head John. When Wally finally came back, Becky figured it would be easiest for Batty if she just stuck with John. Seems reasonable. Wally was so distraught about that, he tried to get taken POW again, but even the Iraqis (or whoever) didn’t want him back either.

    Wally got paired up with Buddy the Smirking Wonder Dog, who actually speaks perfect Ohioan English, but Ayrhead talked Batty out of ever showing that.

    The redheaded skank is Carpet McDrapey, who feels sorry enough for Wally to date him, in spite of his dog’s habit of passing putrid gas in public and blaming HER.

    Wally is either the cousin, nephew, sister, or whacky neighbor of a Funky, depending on what Batty thinks he remembers on a given day.

    So let this next riveting arc begin!

    • Charles

      but ended up being taken POW twice.

      The fact that he was taken as a POW in two separate conflicts and held for so long both times that he was considered KIA would make him a fricking celebrity who would have books and articles written about him and movies and documentaries made about him. Instead his ex-wife who never actually divorced him gave him his trombone and sent him on his way.

      Seriously, I think there might have been one American who was a POW in WWI and WWII and that’s it. That’s the only time this extraordinary event has happened in our nation’s history.

  6. Paul Jones

    I figure that we’ve got about a week of this before we disappear up Batiuk’s asshole again. I should think that we’re about to be treated to how he’s managed to fuck up Rayna’s character in the service of cheap theatrics.

  7. Chyron HR

    “Welcome to Montoni’s Pizza, my nephew Wally!”
    “Thanks, Funky Winkerban, I came to see my girlfriend Rachel.”
    “Woof woof woof. (I’m Buddy the wonder dog.)”

    (Leans back, imagining running around a tiny baseball diamond, and waits for a Pulitzer.)

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      Batty is indeed the King of Clunky Exposition. Standard exposition for him is “It’s hard to believe…”

      “It’s hard to believe we’re at Comicon!”

      “It’s hard to believe we’re at the Coming Reunion!”

      “It’s hard to believe it’s time for the Dead Lisa Run Run again!”

  8. bayoustu

    It’s hard to believe that no one affiliated with this strip can draw the hairline of someone with short hair – male or female- without making them look like George Costanza.

  9. sgtsaunders

    “Coeds” – that’s what all the young people say.

  10. hitorque

    1: “coeds”?? What year is this again? And isn’t he at a JuCo and not a four-year institution?

    2. What’s with the fatigues, Travis Bickle? You about to gat somebody?

    3. Why is it “hard to believe”? Folks graduate from college all the time and many of them don’t even have the luxury of the G.I. Bill or an Army disability payout so fat that he never, EVER has to work again…

    4. Oh and please tell me what he “majored in” at this “college”… can’t wait to hear that shit…

    • Epicus Doomus

      Pizzeria management, with a minor in pizza ovenry. Westview Community College has one of the nation’s best pizza management programs, only ranking just behind Northwestern’s thin crust/deep dish program. Apparently his army jacket represents his military service, in case any longtime FW readers forgot about it during his lengthy absence.

      IMO he really ought to write Wally and Rachel out of the strip already (without killing them). He rarely does that, aside from Khan (Kahn) and Susan Smith, that is. Have Wally graduate and leave town, then replace them with Owen and Cody or something, just for variety.

  11. hitorque

    5. And no, I still haven’t forgiven this asshole for taking a dog to the front row of a heavy metal festival and then leaving early (and totally screwing his wifey who did god knows what to even get those tickets) because he had the nerve to be shocked that dogs don’t like music at 140 decibels…

    6. Exactly HOW did he even finish “college”? Last time we saw him, he didn’t even know how to use a fucking laptop? Or did Miss Firebush do all his work for him?

  12. hitorque

    7. So why doesn’t he have the “SERVICE DOG — DO NOT PET” signage on like everybody else? Or does swooning attention from a bunch of JuCo single moms make him feel like a pimp?

  13. Gerard Plourde

    Does he reserve Burchett only for Atomik Komix material? This is another Ayers arc.

  14. The Dreamer

    so is Wally asking Funky why he trusts Cory and Rocky to run Montoni’s and not him?