Whatever the terrible RRRRRRRRR sound is, it reminds Wally and Rana, uh, Jinx, uhh, Adeela of something really scary from back in the day.


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  1. Maybe it’s an attack by a giant mutated Inspector Clouseau. “I have come from Rrrrrrrrem(Rome). You will surrrrrrrrender.”

  2. billytheskink

    Oh no! The long-winded pirates have sailed to Afghanistan!
    Hide your mustache wax and your Pineapple laptops!

  3. The Nelson Puppet

    Meanwhile off camera, Crankshaft is cutting grass as his side gig and wondering what in the hell made those two dimbulbs spazz out!

  4. spacemanspiff85

    What the hell? No photo album corners?! So this is taking place now, all over the world, or at least in three different locations??!! And since when did Wally have a twin who’s still in the Army?

  5. countoftowergrove

    BWAWHAWHAWHAWH! It’s funny because in panel one, he would’ve more likely have said بسرعة! الى الطابق السفلي! English isn’t their first language!
    BTW, check out Zippy the Pinhead, even he is cognizant of how obtuse the Fungyverse is!

  6. Epicus Doomus

    For any other writer this scenario would be rife with possibilities, but this is the Funkyverse. The “RRRRRRR” will not be the Ohio Air Guard running amok or Voivod performing their second album in its entirety, it’ll be something benign and harmless. Maybe an “alarm test” or something, a mishap he can easily pin on faceless bureaucracy, the safest target there is. Then Wally and whatshername will bond over their shared post-traumatic stress and become pals upon realizing that beneath their respective outfits they’re not that much different at all.

    But I am enjoying the “RRRRRRR” while it lasts. I hope it goes on all week.

    • spacemanspiff85

      You hope? I mean come on, do you think Batiuk is going to miss the opportunity to drag out a plot all week long? I’ll be shocked if he reveals it before Monday, after a Sunday panel consisting of RRRRRRRRRRRRRR in red, over Adeela and Wally’s terrified faces in front of a black background.

    • The Nelson Puppet

      Maybe some Kent State cosplayers are reenacting May 4, 1970:

  7. Gerard Plourde

    First, a quick gripe about panel 2. I’m pretty sure enlisted soldiers were not permitted to bring their laptops to their combat zone deployment.

    Also, I have no idea what :RRRRRRRRRR” is supposed to represent. A turboprop airplane? A siren? A lawnmower? The sound of each could be represented by “RRRRRRRR” but they each have a different pitch. If it’s supposed to be a siren, this sound should familiar to Wally in a stateside, nincombat situation. Many volunteer fire departments use them to call members when there’s a fire.

  8. We’re about to be beaten over the head with a big, dumb and obvious comment about How Wally And Adeela Are Linked In A Way That They Do Not Yet Know About and how shared trauma will get them to get along or something stupid like that there.

  9. hitorque

    Guess they shouldn’t have recycled that old WWII air-raid siren into a fire alarm, eh??

    If the Funkyverse was in Kansas, then this would be a mere Tornado Siren Test and nobody would raise an eyebrow…

    • timbuys

      I grew up in Illinois. We had (still do? I dunnow) those. Growing up, I can recall at least two times when they went off for the real deal. The second time was when I was on my college’s quad with some friends. In the moment we had to quickly decide which of the creaky old stone buildings to towards which to move quickly, but not too quickly – wouldn’t want to look like we thought an imminent tornado is any big deal.

  10. Maybe this is just because I recently rewatched a great episode of “Best of the Worst,” but I can’t help reading RRRRRRRR as the sound made by Suburban Sasquatch.

  11. It’s probably a microwave oven going off, and it’s reminding Wally of Montoni’s.

  12. Max Power

    Wally’s thinking, “I hope I’m not MIA’d again, and if I am I hope John doesn’t try to propose again to my wife before my release is the lead story on the national news…again.”

  13. Professor Fate

    first frame brought this Ramones song to mind.
    “Hey, daddy-o
    I don’t want to go down to the basement
    There’s somethin’ down there
    I don’t want to go
    Hey, Romeo
    There’s somethin’ down there
    I don’t want to go down to the basement”

    Second – folks are acting like this is an air raid – who’s doing the raiding? – to best of my knowledge the other side doesn’t have any planes so what’s going on?

  14. Charles

    Jesus Christ, this is the THIRD time Batiuk has indicated in this sequence that these two have flashbacks to war zone-induced trauma. And yet he really felt the need to remind us, devote yet another strip to it.

    No wonder these stupid sequences take three weeks.

  15. ian'sdrunkenbeard

  16. Hannibal’s Lectern

    So it’s 10:00 on Tuesday morning, when they do the weekly test of the tornado warning siren?