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Let’s try some haiku
Hat tip to billytheskink
(Mine won’t be as good):

They don’t test sirens
That warn about tornadoes
Back home in Westview?

“Tell me about it”
She knows “it’s an expression”
Don’t mansplain, Wally.

Adeela’s no dope;
Though she grew up overseas
Her English is fine

Buddy looks dismayed
Must know he’s failed his master
For the umpteenth time

Though she’s “exotic”
Adeela looks generic:
Very simply drawn

Her head looks like a
Potato wrapped in a scarf
But less int’resting

No punchline today
PTSD’s not a joke
Nor “an expression”

Now we all must wait
To find out if Sunday’s strip
Provides some respite


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12 responses to “Hack-oo

  1. spacemanspiff85

    “This is neither funny nor insightful” is also an expression.

  2. billytheskink

    It is nice to see some more haiku
    Sharp, clever, and well-written too
    What a shame that this strip
    Cannot match your quip
    As it, fortunately, is read by so few

    Flogging PTSD like drum
    TB begs for awards like a bum
    Adeela’s acculturation
    Applied to this situation
    Means she should get this dumb idiom

  3. comicbookharriet

    Foreign =/= Idiomless

  4. And we end the week with someone who makes Starfire sound as if she is the boss of the understanding the idiomatic the English the again.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    So I guess this Adeela woman is, as they say, fresh off the boat. I have no idea what Wally’s excuse is, though. Weeks and weeks of contrivances (well, one contrivance) just to get these two talking…it’s called “writing”, people. Maybe it could become a beloved running gag. “DIIIING DIIIING DIING OMG…oh, it’s just the ice cream man”…”boy, that bell sure brings back memories”. The possibilities are only limited by (guffaw) BatHack’s imagination.

    • spacemanspiff85

      “The smell of Montoni’s pizza baking takes me back to that time we were gassed.”
      “Talking to Les reminds me of when the Taliban interrogated me.”
      “The disappearances of every Westview high graduate under 40 take me back to when I vanished for a decade.”

  6. Gerard Plourde

    As this story arc limps to conclusion, will next week bring more tales from Kent State or has The Author given Fortuna’s Wheel another spin?

    • DOlz

      One of the things I enjoy about this blog is that I frequently learn something new (with an assist from Google).

  7. bobanero

    “Tell me about it.” > “I just did.” Did what? Unless these two have been able to see each other’s sepia toned flashbacks, they haven’t told each other anything. The only thing they’ve shared is the mutual desire to crouch behind a wall when they hear a siren that they should have both heard numerous times before.

    • Charles

      Not simply crouching behind a wall. The damn tornado siren led them both to fall to the ground and become effectively non-functional.

      We really don’t know anything about Adeela beyond her generic-Afghan-victim-of-war-family flashbacks, but what the hell happened to Wally to destroy him this badly and in this way? I mean, the guy’s had a service dog for years and presumably has been getting treated for PTSD for even longer, and THIS is how he reacts to a standard siren? Does he fall over in a fetal position every time someone honks their car horn near him? Someone slams a door and he runs away?

      There are different kinds of PTSD, which I’m sure Batiuk doesn’t know. Wally’s not scared of water, for instance, or the dark. What the hell happened to him that leads him to being this wrecked with sirens?