Sunday, November 4

Spring ahead, fall back, Sunday’s strip was not available for preview.


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22 responses to “Sunday, November 4

  1. Geez. I even hate Buddy now.

  2. erdmann

    Buddy isn’t freaked out. He’s embarrassed to be seen with you two.

  3. The Nelson Puppet


  4. Because last week’s strips were so profound and important, Tom Batiuk wants to make sure the message doesn’t slip by.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    So TomBa also has to let his Sunday audience know that he has no clue about PTSD (while taking a gratuitous swipe at service animals in the process).

    • Rusty Shackleford

      He wants to make sure the awards people haven’t missed his prestige arc, so he is pulling a Sunday recap a la Mary Worth.

  6. Since no real service animal is going to complain, Batiuk will laugh off any sort of criticism….that is, of course, unless his new sock puppet starts blubbering about being ‘bullied’ when told to do the research first.

    • William Thompson

      You mean the captain of the starship Boobyprize? He hasn’t beamed down today, but when I checked yesterday’s CK posts, his profile had a new tag line: “Me Tarzan, you Jane.” If he comes back I’m going to accuse him of being Cheetah and borrowing Tarzan’s account.

  7. DOlz

    TB you’re not funny, not insightful, not interesting, and not a writer or an artist. If you were capable of embarrassment I’d say stop embarrassing yourself and retire, but you’re not.

  8. bobanero

    Ha Ha! It’s funny because Buddy is a complete failure as a service dog!


    Batty Hack has come unstuck in time. Also, he has no clue how a service dog works.

  10. Epicus Doomus

    BatNard takes a victory lap, circling the track and waving at the crowd as he salutes his own cleverness…again. How many more weeks will THIS part of his feeble little “story” need to fully “play out”? Two? Three? And yeah, it’s sad to see SoSF hero Buddy being portrayed so cowardly, especially considering how he’s used that gag before (Ferris wheel). It wasn’t funny then either.

  11. timbuys

    Unfit for service as a service animal, Buddy fell in with a bad crowd. Since you can get used to the stink of Westview but you can never get it off you, even they abandoned him. Then he hit rock bottom when he got locked up at the Awful Animal Shelter (please refer to Mary Worth and Me for further details) where they started calling him Greta. Things looked grim. And, then, they looked even grimmer when a bow tied gnome accompanied by an angelic vision of meddlesomeness picked Greta up, affixed a bowtie and made her live in retirement community in suburban Southern California with a bunch of weirdos, meddlers, miscreants and at least one ex-con.

    It was a surprisingly large improvement in Greta’s quality of life compared to her time with Wally and Westview.

  12. countoftowergrove

    Buddy goes Petey. Cue Hal Roach sound track and circle wipe.

  13. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    THERE SHALL BE NO CRITICISM OF BUDDY! He is playing his best from the crappy hand he’s been dealt.

    Who’s a good dog! Who’s a good dog! Buddy is! Buddy is!