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Putting aside how it’s at least a little presumptuous for Wally to just decree what he’s going to do all by himself about the “group” project while Adeela sits there silently, I do think it’s kind of funny how Wally says he’s going to just send her the outline, rather than e-mail or use Google Docs.  Which, as backwards technologically as this strip is, it would not shock me if he just photocopied her notes, cut them out, pasted them together with his, and then mailed her the results.  Because when I was in grad school ten years ago people were using Google Docs for this exact situation, so all group members can collaborate on one single project, without one having to swipe the notebooks of the rest of the group.  Which is going to make it pretty hard for her to do any additional work.

This latest entry in “Batiuk Really Doesn’t Understand the Students Today” still make more sense than Rana creeping up on Wally like she’s stumbled upon Elvis or Jimmy Hoffa.  Which Wally is basically the FW equivalent of, I guess.


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  1. From the official FW blog: How close did we really come to having Oscar winner George Kennedy playing the lead in the Crankshaft movie? The world may never know.

    • Jimmy

      George Kennedy was a a very versatile actor. No telling whether it would have been a comedy or a drama.

    • The Nelson Puppet

      That’s the closest Tom Batiuk will ever get to an Award: one degree of separation.

    • Charles

      Truly, we have missed out on a Beautiful Work of Art.

      I wonder how much of Batiuk’s experience with that informed his disgraceful portrayal of Cable Movie Entertainment and its treatment of Les’s script.

    • I’d pictured him more as a Cameron Mitchell type. Then he could say that the stress of the job and the rotten kids give him such an upset stomach that “every day ends with a Tums festival!”

    • Hannibal's Lectern

      I practically had to diagram the first sentence of Batty’s blog entry: “Among my many trysts with Holly Wood, my encounter with the actor George Kennedy was particularly memorable because of the extent that he went to to show how he could become Crankshaft.” That’s some great “writing” there, all right. Scores 17.8 on the Gunning Fog Index, which makes it more opaque than most PhD theses.

    • Hitorque

      Lemme guess: Batiuk invoked the kill fee in the middle of the project?

  2. billytheskink

    Rana’s shock is understandable. I’d be shocked too if I saw a cadaver start talking about taking notes.

  3. countoftowergrove

    That sure is one fluctuating hairline Walleye has.

  4. Rana looks utterly terrified. That’s the classic stance of one who is recoiling from the object of horror.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    “DAD? Imagine seeing you HERE…at a community college…a few miles from where you live!”. Will wonders never cease? It’ll be interesting to see how BanTom ignores the continuity here. My guess is that Rana’s existence will “prove” to Adeela that Wally isn’t just some fascist meathead oppressor at all but a tolerant and humble pizza-slinger with a heart of gold who just needs a new jacket. It seems sort of unlikely that Rana was unaware that her father has been attending community college since 2012 but hey, it isn’t like continuity is suddenly going to start mattering now.

    • Charles

      Yeah, Rana calling Wally “Dad” annoys me because it’s obvious that they don’t have the sort of relationship where that would be appropriate. Neither one of them was interested enough in the other to keep tabs on the basic developments in their lives.

      I find it annoying because Rana with her peculiar situation offers all kinds of interesting conflict opportunities that Batiuk claims he’s interested in. And I’m increasingly given the impression that after he was able to use this relationship to score some cachet points with Wally’s PTSD at a basketball game, he no longer had any use for the relationship. Thus, it floundered and all the world appears that Rana views Gross John as her dad and Wally’s just some weird uncle she sees every five years or so and doesn’t know anything about. It’s especially appalling because at no point in the last eleven years have we ever seen John act like a parent to any of Becky’s kids.

  6. Jimmy

    Tell you what, there are still some backwards people in work environments. My supervisor is always perplexed when I share my material through Google Docs or something similar, even though we’re mandated to put everything in the cloud.

    She then always requires an attached copy in Word. Yeah, she’s a winner all right, but it’s academia. What can I tell ya?

  7. The Nelson Puppet

    I love Wally’s DERP face in Panel 3!

  8. Paul Jones

    I was wondering how he’d ruin the character. It turns out that they share a stupid habit: being too passive and out of it to ask themselves “I wonder what happened to this person since I last met them” or ask others “Whatever happened to X?”

    Ah, well. Let’s wait for his huffy, ignorant shitpost about Stan Lee and how he ‘ruined’ things by asking “What would it be like to actually have superpowers?”

  9. Rusty

    The scrambled egg logo on the student’s notebook means Wally has transferred to the hallowed grounds of Kent State. That’s Les’s sweatshirt logo!

  10. You think a cartoonist and comix fanboy, renowned for working a year and advance, would have prepared a tribute to 95-year-old Stan Lee, prepped and ready to go the way the news outlets do…This seems a little…lame…

    • That’s one of his beloved sayings, the one people will say are “among the best quotes” of our age. I seem to recall someone saying the same thing about Starbuck Jones–“You did what superheroes do, you saved me.”

      The fact that it’s cheesy garbage doesn’t alter Batiuk’s opinion of it.

      • At Dead Skunkhead John’s obscenity trial, Crazy Harry uttered the “superheroes saved me” line. More recently, Jeff probably confused the hell out of Cliff Anger with it.

  11. sgtsaunders

    She means “Daddy” in the pimp sense. All this time we thought Wally was captured when he was really “Alley Bobby” aka The White Pimp, trickin’ out all the “hot chicks” in Kabul.

  12. timbuys

    Man the draftsmanship is really giving the ‘writing’ a run for its money today. I wouldn’t read Funky Winkerbean but for this site and I wouldn’t otherwise be able to parse any of this.
    Trying to put myself in the mind of a first time reader, my reaction is always: What is this crap?

  13. spacemanspiff85

    It might be mean/tacky, but I like reading “You did what superheroes do, Stan” as “You kept me from probably single-handedly destroying Marvel Comics by not hiring me”.