Pinned Up Sleeves-Banned in Afghanistan

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“Yeah, believe it or not, things used to happen in my life, back in the day!  Now what passes for excitement in my life is the exciting tale of ‘Sitting a Table Away From A Muslim Woman!’.  Also, notice how I emphasized that she’s my adopted daughter, and not my real or ‘bio’ daughter.  In case you were wondering how a normal average American like me could have such a foreign looking daughter.  But yeah, we adopted her and that was pretty much the end of me taking an interest in her life, obviously.”

Wouldn’t you think this had already come up between Wally and Adeela?  Like, at the very least that he’d worked for an NGO in Afghanistan, and not just been there as a soldier?  I mean, I think she’d be interested to know that a member of Wally’s family was literally from her country.

You know Wally honestly used to be one of the characters in this strip I halfway liked, if only because he actually grew and developed through dealing with his PTSD and getting back into a normal life.  And damn if Batiuk hasn’t made him super unlikeable in a really short time.  At this rate I bet the next arc is going to reveal how Buddy (who looks like a totally different dog in this strip) is actually a raging anti-Semite.



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24 responses to “Pinned Up Sleeves-Banned in Afghanistan

  1. Doc

    Buddy has some strange looking hind legs today. They’re not doglegs. And his ears are odd, too. Bring back Chullo Boy.

  2. Very surprising for Batiuk/Ayers to omit B.P.U.S. (Becky’s pinned-up sleeve) as it would help the reader pick her out from among the other women here wearing scarves. What’s with the scenery in panel 2? The distracting, jagged blue and black patterns all over the floor made me think they were still in a war zone. Also disconcerting is how Rana is smiling as Wally relates the story of how her parents were killed. Sheesh!

    • spacemanspiff85

      It’s kind of up there with everyone sitting around reminiscing with Pam and Jeff from Crankshaft about how Lisa was raped. Like, just because something happened in the past, doesn’t mean it’s charming and nostalgic.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    I’m confused by Wally’s description of Becky as his “first wife” rather than “ex-wife”. Did I miss his wedding to Rachael?

    • June 2014. Ceremony was supposed to be in Westview’s gazebo but was moved to—where else?—Montoni’s due to a thunderstorm, during which Buddy cowered uselessly.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I remembered the wedding but was still kind of thrown off by it. It apparently made very little impact.

      • Charles

        I remember it because of how annoying it was that here were two people who Batiuk had suffer a lot getting married and presumably moving past the horrid period of their lives. Hell, for a while there it appeared that Wally could commit suicide by cop, even possibly preceding it with him murdering one or more of his family. This wedding should have been a significant event and a significant triumph in the lives of two of his characters, and here’s how it went:

        1. Uh oh! It’s raining and ruining all your wedding plans! Ha ha!
        2. Oh no! Your service dog, who’s inexplicably the only member of the wedding party, is scared of the storm! Ha ha!
        3. Heh heh! You have to move your wedding to the pizza place where you work! Let’s hope Funky doesn’t make you wash the dishes!
        4. Oh look, there’s the fat bastard who wanted you to die in Iraq or Afghanistan sitting with your ex-wife!

        And that was it. Batiuk didn’t even have Wally’s daughter show up. If anyone ever suggests that Batiuk has any skill as a storyteller, point this sequence out to counter their statement.

    • billytheskink

      June 2014, a thunderstorm moved it from the stupid gazebo to the stupid Montoni’s. Buddy was scared of the thunder. Rana wasn’t there, but Wally Jr. maybe was. Rachel went blonde and Holly had a tapeworm.

      • hitorque

        So wait a minute — Is that the redhead he’s married to now, or another woman??

        And is there any woman in the history of forever who would accept being married in a cheap pizza parlor?

        And even among friends, Wally can’t find anyone to be his best man?

  4. billytheskink

    The streets of war-torn Afghanistan look cleaner than the floors of the “Cultural Cafe”. Lovely.

    What a nice reminder of Wally’s second trip to Afghanistan, where he re-befriended Kahan, was welcomed by Rana’s parents and the sister who helped him escape his first captivity, and adopted Rana. So… uh, why was Wally bothered by Adeela’s hijab again?

    • hitorque

      That was my other question… Why is Wally West so culturally illiterate after spending so much time over there? I mean, he doesn’t even know a couple of words of Arabic/Farsi?

      • Gerard Plourde

        He should. I forget how long he was held by Kahn, but his second captivity lasted the entire ten-year time jump following Lisa’s death and then some.

        • hitorque

          Who the hell keeps a grunt as a P.O.W. for a whole decade? It’s not like he had any real trade or intelligence value? And how is someone kept for ten years without getting brainwashed/radicalized?

          • Gerard Plourde

            There again we have an example of TomBa’s sloppiness or lack of interest. As far as we knew Wally was never ranked above a PFC. However, (and I can’t find the link now) I think that at the time of his release Cindy addressed him as Sgt. Winkerbean. How and when he achieved NCO rank was never disclosed. I think it also wasn’t reflected in his uniform when he returned to Westview.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    Look at BanTom, trying to dress this ponderous dreck up as a good old fashioned “prestige arc” by flashing back to a long-ago prestige arc, from back when FW was more or less wall-to-wall prestige arcs. Yes, Rana is a Muslim whose parents were killed by a bomb. And Wally is a former POW with a crippling fear of everything, Rachel is a career underachiever with a missing kid, Funky is a fat recovering alcoholic and Les, of course, is a genius whose wife died. I like how he wasted no time beating around the bush and got right to the core of the Rana contrivance…errr, I mean character. As subtle as a hand grenade in a barrel of oatmeal.

    • hitorque

      Oh, and Cindy is still somehow aging in reverse… I hear that she’s going to be named Prom Queen in the spring…

  6. And the really annoying thing is that when Wally was glommed onto for years on end, it was by Iraqi extremists. There’s a great big country full of Iranians in between it and Afghanistan…….

  7. Rusty

    Did Wally have any bio-kids with Becky? Lost to the sands of time, I guess.

  8. I just looked at Shankcraft. You know you’ve hit bottom when your pun isn’t even slightly related to the subject at hand.

    Though with all things Batiuk, “rock bottom” is an ever shifting goal.

  9. merrypookster

    Wally is Batiuk’s vision of himself…..totally clueless

  10. Max Power

    “So after I was POW-MIA’d the first time I went back with an anti-landmine NGO. That’s when I was nearly blown up by a land mine. Then the Army sent me a letter to tell me I would be redeployed. It was a great honor since they usually don’t redeploy POWs. I thought, well the third time must be the charm.”