Becky Gives It One Thumb Up

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Given the fact that this is Rana’s first appearance in this strip in years, and she hasn’t been mentioned at all since, I don’t think her going to “teach in Afghanistan” would make much of a difference at all.  If this was Act 2, this would no doubt foreshadow an upcoming Very Serious Storyline.  But this is just Batiuk being cheap and thinking just saying a character is going to teach girls in Afghanistan is Edgy and Relevant and Important, because I’d be incredibly shocked if this strip ever shows that.  Or ever shows her again at all, honestly.  And if she does she’ll probably just be teaching at Westview with no mention of Afghanistan.  And then I’d be impressed that Batiuk even remembered she was supposed to be a teacher.

Adeela sure is fitting in well in Westview, sitting quietly and smiling while the male in her life talks about what interests him.


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20 responses to “Becky Gives It One Thumb Up

  1. The Nelson Puppet

    Why can’t Les Moore show the same kind of initiative as Rana?

  2. erdmann

    No doubt we’re supposed to think Wally is beaming with fatherly pride in the final panel. More likely he’s thinking,” Thank God. With her waaay over in Afghanistan, I won’t have to suffer through any more of these impromptu ‘reunions.'”

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Wally works and lives in the town’s social epicenter, right next door to Rana’s step-father’s business no less, yet inexplicably hasn’t seen or even heard about her in years. He discovers that she’s become a devout Muslim who’s planning on moving back to Afghanistan. His reaction is to grin moronically. That’s FW in a nutshell. No one can take a premise and drive it into ponderous imbecility like The Author can. Now he’s using the Rana character as some sort of weird stereotypical cudgel, by Monday she’ll be making gags about Mecca and pork products as he drives home his prestige point, that being the incredible revelation that Muslims are just like regular people. And is it just me or are Rana and Adeela already completely indistinguishable?

    • Rusty Shackleford

      But let’s not forget the other conclusion from this arc: Wally had to give up his jacket, he had to compromise.

      Oh, and one more conclusion: Support animals are a sham. Buddy proved himself totally useless.

  4. billytheskink

    Yes in that Becky is happy that Rana wants to go back to Afghanistan and no in that she did not want her daughter to become a teacher. Becky was really hoping that Rana would become an arms dealer.

    Say hi to Kahan for us, Rana! We miss him for his ability to not be any of these infuriating characters.

    • ian'sdrunkenbeard

      I have a late revision.

      Panel #1 should read: “You’ve renounced snake handling? I thought you really enjoyed our services!”

  5. Rusty Shackleford

    In panel 3, Rana has that goofy, brain dead look that all KSU education majors get. It is a sign that the brainwashing took…and that your student loans are maxed out.

    Batty is still chasing those awards. But having a proud female go back to her patriarchal homeland to teach girls has been played out. Poor Batty, always late to the party.

  6. Paul Jones

    And yet again, another plot ends in the middle of the air…..

    • And next week’s storyline will probably be about another asinine band fundraiser.

      • Hannibal's Lectern

        …in Afghanistan.

        Hey, could this be Battock’s attempt to return us to the “good old days” when FW was just a fun gag-a-day high-school hijinks strip? But this time with a cutting-edge high-concept twist: the high school’s in Afghanistan!

  7. Rusty

    1. Love today’s caption.
    2. Grinning maniacally upon learning your daughter wants go overseas to a war zone and become a terrorist target seems a little off.

  8. Don

    Her next “appearance” is when Wally and company find out that, while in Afghanistan, she came across someone who was standing on a “Bouncing Betty” mine, then she remembered a story about her (first) adoptive father, grabbed a piece of wood, told the person to step off, swung and struck the mine as it became airborne, and…”Whatever gave her the idea that something that crazy would actually work?”

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Deja vu all over again! Didn’t Khahnh also say, “Aw, to hell with the USA! I’m moving back to some war-torn sandbox, where getting shot at and blown up is a daily occurrence, and the people in charge are sadistic fanatics who regard women as just slightly below cattle!”

    On the other hand, I can see why they chose that kind of life over Bathack’s East Bumfuck, Ahia.

    The only way this story gets any better, and by “better,” I mean more forced and contrived, is if WallEye declares he’s coming with her, because he feels the need to experience the near-orgasmic delight of living among murderous maniacs. Whooo hoooo!!

    Next week: Bernie Silverberg, Batty’s only – albeit stereotypical – Jewish character announces his intention to drop out of school and take up residence in whatever Eastern European town his ancestors fled from in 1910. Will the last person leaving the USA please turn out the lights.

  10. timbuys

    Normal human: “How does your mom feel about that?” Also acceptable: “What does your mom think about that?”

    TB mouthpiece: “This is how your mom must feel about that.”

  11. DOlz

    Off topic:

    A lot of us thought TB’s comment about Stan Lee’s was shall we say underwhelming, but at least he didn’t step in like Bill Maher.

  12. Charles

    Wally and presumably Becky are remarkably blase about Rana returning to Afghanistan considering what seems to happen every time they’ve gone there:

    Wally went the first time, he was in a helicopter crash, captured by some weird sect of bad Afghans and Pakistanis who didn’t try to ransom him and held for so long everyone thought he was dead.

    Wally goes again and steps on a landmine and is nearly killed, but is saved by quite possibly the stupidest contrivance ever featured in this strip, which is really saying something.

    Becky tries to help some Afghans emigrate to the United States where she is nearly killed by a carbomb. She was only saved because toddler Rana ran off into a crowd and Becky was the only one to chase after her. Rana’s entire biological family was killed.

    So the next time we see Rana will probably be after she’s been inexplicably held prisoner by some rebels for thirty years. By then she’ll be nothing but a torso, her head and limbs having been blown off in some inevitable bombing(s). She’ll still like pizza and be abnormally interested in comic books.