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Based on appearances I’d say that age gap is maybe five years or so.  Honestly, it doesn’t look like an age gap as much as a “Funky is a lot fatter” gap, since Wally doesn’t look like a young buck or anything.

It’s funny, Batiuk passing off forgetting the basic relationships between his characters as “oh yeah, that was a joke all along and you didn’t get it”.  I assume coming up soon someone will say they call Pete by the wrong last name to be funny.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    No one cares, although it is pretty funny how he took the time to explain this in an arc that created more mysteries and questions then he’ll ever be capable of answering. When is this taking place? Where has Rana been for the last eight years? Rana’s step-father runs the business next door to Wally’s house, they never exchanged any conversation or pleasantries re: Rana? Yet he went out of his way to explain the Funky-Wally connection, something no one was wondering about. That BanTom, always so paradoxical and weird.

    But right now the main question on everyone’s mind is: when is this piece of garbage finally going to end? Maybe it’s just an illusion but 2018 seemed to feature a lot of really long arcs, this one’s been sludging along for a month already. I hope he does the cornball Thanksgiving resolution and moves the f*ck on already because another week of this will be torture.

    • Charles

      Admittedly, I was wondering that if Funky was Wally’s uncle, that meant Funky had a brother we had never seen, which seemed really awkward, especially after Wally went through all his ordeals and his care, such as it was, was left to Funky rather than his parents. Maybe Wally went through the same thing as Les and Lisa, having parents who effectively disowned him.

      This doesn’t make it all better, though.

  2. billytheskink

    A little credit to TB here for a retcon with some thought put into it. Wally was introduced as Funky’s cousin in Act II and began to be referred to as his nephew in mid-to-late Act II when TB started moving the original cast into middle age while keeping Wally’s generation in young-and-just-staring-out mode. Hey, maybe next we’ll get an awkward explanation for Pete’s changed last name…

    As for the actual age gap between the two, Wally was introduced as a high school freshman at the very beginning of Act II, when the strip explicitly moved forward 4 years from the original cast’s graduation. That should put the age gap between them right around 8 years in theory. In practice, it is whatever TB wants it to be, of course. Now that he’s finally making Wally old too, he can be a cousin again.

    I have a headache.

    • comicbookharriet

      Thanks for the headache inducing history. Your encyclopedic knowledge of Funkyverse always is on point. Tom Batiuk’s lack of consistency in backstory is one of his signature features.

    • Gerard Plourde

      I’m not going to give him credit for correcting a decades-long continuity error. An age difference between cousins of eight years or even more isn’t unusual and wouldn’t normally trigger a weak attempt at ribbing like this. Also, why would we only be learning about this case of “family humor” now? If challenged about it, I’m sure he’d fall back on his “It’s called writing” excuse.

    • Doc

      Can you please explain all of this to Bathack? The guy’s nuts! Grab ‘em

  3. Charles

    Here’s the thing: Wally claims he calls Funky his uncle to bust Funky’s balls about their age difference, whatever it might be. That doesn’t explain why he referred to Funky as his uncle to Adeela, who wouldn’t be in on the joke. So if Rana hadn’t pointed out the discrepancy, presumably Adeela would have gone to this dinner (you know she doesn’t have her own plans on Thanksgiving, she was just created whole a month ago, for Christ’s sake) thinking Funky was Wally’s uncle and never knowing any better. I suppose it doesn’t really matter, but it’s still an asshole thing for Wally to do to her.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    But notice how Rana holds her hand in panel 1. She is talking like an Iraqi. Nice added touch of detail from the master himself.

  5. Paul Jones

    I wonder how pompous Tommy Boy will get about making his fuck-up a joke we didn’t get.

  6. hitorque

    1. What does “eat like an Iraqi” mean anyway? That was never explained…

    2. Do Arab folks even celebrate Thanksgiving??

    3. It’s funny because today and tomorrow are the Islamic holy days of Mawlid, yet there’s no discussion about that…