There Is A Season (Twirl Twirl Twirl)

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Yup, Holly sure was something back in high school. Her whatever Dinkle exploding baton trick was the capper to many a 1970s FW football arc way back in the day. I can see why she needs to keep talking about it and displaying her old high school trophies in her living room for thirty-five years, as it really was just that hilarious and compelling. Back then Sundays were kind of dull, what with the gas crisis and blue laws and all, but Holly’s antics in the Sunday funnies really lifted the nation’s spirits after Watergate and Vietman. The tall ships during the Bicentennial helped too, as did the Fonz. But I digress.

This one would be a lot less odd if they were just going through an old box labeled “band awards” instead of treating us to the unlikely and time-warping sight of Melinda appearing to notice Holly’s living room baton shrine for the first time, which seems pretty implausible at best. That Holly would maintain a living room high school baton shrine is no surprise, as she is after all a Westviewian. But given how it’s all they appear to have in common, how could her mother not have noticed it before?

IMO Holly would have been the perfect wife for Bull, as they both peaked in high school and both sort of blither their way through the strip in a stupid and annoying yet sort of relatively inoffensive manner that makes them slightly more difficult to despise in the same way we despise Les and Darin and Dinkle and Lisa and Funky and you get the idea. And Linda would have been a perfect Mrs. Winkerbean, as her obnoxious brand of wry defeated cynicism and spiteful condescension would be a perfect foil for Funky’s all-encompassing sad-sackery. That’s always been one of BatNom’s problems, his refusal or inability to think this shit through before he felt-tips it out.


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  1. “Trophies and awards” are kind of a touchy subject for some cartoonists.

    • Epicus Doomus

      “Hmmm. No, no. I’m not going to display this miniature park bench on my award shelf, I have to leave room for the Pulitzer.”

      It’s kind of funny how he was obviously just itching to do a band parent gag but couldn’t do one with a current (or even a recent) band member because none of them even have parents. Their age completely detaches the joke from reality and makes it all surreal and depressing.

      • models86

        When was the last time we saw young Bernie Sanders and his ethically diverse friends? Makes you realize how much effort he put into the Chullo head generation.

    • The Nelson Puppet

      This might have been the reason why Rick Burchett quit drawing the strip. I can totally see Batiuk looking at Burchett’s Eisner Awards and saying out loud, “There are my trophies and awards!” and Burchett sputtering, “Tom! Those are MY awards!”

  2. billytheskink

    What school are twirling “toddlers” going to?

    My sister was a baton twirler when we were growing up. I got dragged to practices and competitions. It was about as entertaining as reading Funky Winkerbean.

    • Epicus Doomus

      That aspect makes it even MORE depressing, as obviously Melinda’s efforts to force Holly to achieve success in a totally useless pursuit ultimately left them with nothing in common other than old fading memories and dusty old trinkets. This is what happens to people who never stop talking about high school.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Today, it wouldn’t seem odd to have a toddler twirl school, what with all the goofy moms out there that push to be high achievers.

      But back in the day when Holly was growing up, parents just didn’t do these kinds of things.

      Between this strip and all of the butt kissing going on in Mary Worth, it’s been a bad month for the comics page.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Batiuk writes like he missed the last third of a “How to write a joke” class. He comes up with these things that seem like a setup for humor, and just ends it there. Like just mentioning band candy or a baton on fire is inherently funny and you don’t actually need to construct a joke around. Compare that to the Peanuts strips where Charlie Brown tries to kick the football. Each one is different, has a different setup, and is generally funny and worthwhile. If Batiuk were writing them it’d just be two panels of “Hey want to kick this football?” and then it getting pulled back. And then three decades of reminiscing over “hey, remember that time you pulled back the football at the last minute?”.

  4. Paul Jones

    What part of “lunatic stage mother living vicariously through her daughter” does Holly not understand?

  5. Lord Flatulence

    I think Melinda’s being sarcastic.

  6. The Dreamer

    and the whole year passed and Cory Winkerbean still hasn’t gotten married or gotten a job since leaving the army (other than minding Montoni’s while Funky and Holly went to Florida for a week) And Summer Moore has all but been written out entirely