Hai heel ku

Editor Mindy
Continues in today’s strip
Change her job title

“Here’s the first cover
That Darin drew featuring
Armorilla!” close…

Mindy is concerned
With realistic foot pain
In superheroes?

She’s only girl here
But what Women’s Lib does
Not know won’t hurt them

Oh hello Holtron!
Surely you have opinions
On comics for Pete

It amazes me
That TB writes his dream job
As an unfun slog


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11 responses to “Hai heel ku

  1. The link goes to yesterday’s strip. Sorry! I assume this is going to lead up to a comic book cover Sunday. We know that Chuck Ayers couldn’t possibly draw that, so I guess that’s why Burchett still hangs around. His regular daily artwork is just as terrible as everyone else’s.

  2. spacemanspiff85

    You know, I think the moment your boyfriend, with a faraway dreamy expression on his face, hands you a drawing his weird best friend made of a skimpily dressed woman dishing out pain is the moment you get the hell away from him for good.

    • billytheskink

      Mindy won’t leave because she is a giant Pez dispenser, and, if panel 3 is any indication, she is empty.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Perhaps tomorrow he could have Mindy deliver a critique of Armorilla’s make-up, nails and hair. At that point he’ll only have two more days to establish that Mindy is THE GIRL who’s working right there with the fellas down at the ol’ comic book factory, so he’d better get cracking lest less eagle-eyed FW readers lose sight of the fact.

  4. Paul Jones

    Tune in tomorrow when Holtron yells “END!!!!!!! END!!!!!!!”

  5. Charles

    I simply can’t believe that the guy who went (no pun intended) apeshit over Ape-child-sidekick Charger Chimp and angrily lectured Mindy about it would stand by in slight bemusement with a smile on his face as she critiqued his and Darin’s creations in this manner. I mean, I thought he and Darin took this job because it was an opportunity to write old school comics. And old school comic books don’t merely mean morally simplistic stories. They’re also all about giant tits, pronounced lady ass cracks and poses that show them off simultaneously to get all the tween boys reading this stuff excited in their no-no place. He wouldn’t just cede creative control and the company’s philosophy to a woman who just colors the panels.

    I mean, hell, he’s trying to gain her approval here. When has Mr. Friendzone here ever given a damn about what she thought, and why would THIS be what he retreats on?

  6. Rusty Shackleford

    “It amazes me
    That TB writes his dream job
    As an unfun slog”

    One wonders if Batty ever experiences joy.

  7. You say Armorilla, I say Amoreena

  8. bayoustu

    Where was Mindy with her spot-on critiques when when Mopey Pete Rutabaga created The Inedible Pulp?!