Cousin Effect

So long Atomik Komix! Not sad to see you go.

Today’s strip moves us on to the greener pastures of… *sigh* Montoni’s.

Yep, nephew cousin Wally is having one of those newfangled January college graduations. He is also too cheap to spring for (recently-increased) postage it would seem, having Rache hand-deliver invitations and putting the savings toward paying Wally Jr’s ransom.

Meanwhile, uncle cousin Funky is wistfully wondering when Wally, who began high school the year after Funky graduated from college, became an adult. Probably sometime during the the time he joined the military, became a POW, got married, volunteered with a minesweeping organization, adopted a child, had another child, became a POW again, spent over a decade in captivity, came back to the US, got a job at Montoni’s, started going to college, got a service dog, got married, and qualified to graduate from college.


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12 responses to “Cousin Effect

  1. Ugh. So that “Dr. Martins” riff on Friday was a standalone gag, and now we’ve switched tracks back to Wally’s World. And Ayers is back behind the Funky pencil or felt tip or whoever inks or draws what. And we get a view of Montoni’s back counter but no green pitcher? Oh, come on.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Batty brags about his writing skills and the secret sauce, but it is clear his work these days is just a confusing mess.

      When you have to constantly reintroduce your characters to your readers, then you know the characters aren’t memorable. I also thought Wally was Funky’s nephew…but who cares, Batty doesn’t do anything interesting with his characters anyways. Tomorrow we could see more comic books, or a bikini clad Cindy complaining about her privileged life.

    • Gerard Plourde

      I wonder if Burchett is limiting his work to Atomik Comix-related stuff.

  2. billytheskink

    What’s sad about this strip is you just moved panel 3 back to an early Act III strip it makes for a serviceable meta joke about the then-recent time jump. Heck, it would even be improved by, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, a smirk, giving the appearance that Funky is making a joke about Wally being well above the expected age of someone graduating college. But this is just weird. Funky appears genuinely wistful about his 40-something cousin graduating from college?

    What’s really sad about this strip is the second panel, because Les.

    • bobanero

      Les isn’t nearly as punchable in Act I as he is in the “present day”, so I’m okay with today’s appearance.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    It’s just supposed to be the awning outside the window but at first glance when you look at panel three there appears to be five and a half feet of snow out there, which seems about right. After all, it’s only January.

    I can’t believe he came back to this so quickly. The “Wally and Adeela and Rana PTSD-Thanskgiving” mega-arc began with the looming graduation but then went off on several tangents spanning a few months, thus I assumed he’d gotten Wally out of his system for at least a few years. But here we are. Is he really going to do a drippy “Wally Graduates” arc or is something going to “happen”? Given that Wally has never experienced real happiness, color me skeptical here.

  4. Paul Jones

    I wonder what horrible thing will happen to Wally this time. Batiuk clearly enjoys tormenting him so something bad will happen.

  5. Saturnino

    “Wally is having one of those newfangled January college graduations”

    No such thing. I completed the requirements for both of my degrees at the end of the fall semester, so I told them to just mail me the diplomas. They were dated in February.

    Had I wanted, I could have attended the normal ceremony at the end of the spring semester………

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Same here. I started working in January. Never went to the ceremony, although I was invited.

      • timbuys

        Same here. A late in the day switch of majors caused me to need an additional semester to graduate, which I did following fall semester. I also was eligible to attend the ceremony but chose not to. I subsequently attended my graduation ceremonies for grad schools and can’t say that I missed out on all that much by skipping undergrad.

        Indeed, two of the three speakers would later go on to distinguish themselves as disgraces in the US Senate, which given that institution’s collection of miscreants and malefactors is really saying something.

        The third lost a little bit of credibility with me when, during his speech, he stated that the most significant accomplishment in his life was going to work every day for the greatest leader he had ever known, George W. Bush.

  6. I honestly don’t have a problem with Funky and “woe is me…where did all the time go” thoughts. I have nieces who I held as babies having babies that I get to hold now so I feel Funky’s ‘pain.’ But billytheskink points out an important problem with TB’s handling of his strip. When you age the characters in accordance with the ‘real world.’ you run into characters having lives that frankly just don’t hold up well. Are the experiences of Wally’s life possible? Sure it is. Is it likely? Probably not. Schulz and Keane chose not to age their characters and have timeless and classic strips. Lynn and TB chose to age their characters. In doing so, TB’s characters live lives possible only in the Twilight Zone town of Westview, Ohio.

  7. countoftowergrove

    Where does the time go? Ask Todd, who is the Time Lord of the Fungyverse!