Lame Joke Round Two

It’s kind of weird that Buck apparently just came running when Linda called, without having any clue why she needed him. Linda apparently reaching over to grab his ass in the second panel really doesn’t help.
And apparently the incredibly, incredibly lame indict/induct wordplay really was the joke yesterday. And apparently Batiuk found it so hilarious he’s recycling it for the second day in a row. I can’t imagine any realistic situation where someone would hear the word “induct”, ESPECIALLY in the context of a hall of fame, and think it means “indict”. Which is par for the course for Batiuk’s writing.
So are the Linda’s horrible hate eyes in the last panel. Which apparently gets Buck going, which is another level of disturbing.


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24 responses to “Lame Joke Round Two

  1. When you have a joke that’s Just SO Hilarious as the “induct/indict” wordplay, naturally you have to use it over and over until people start laughing, damn it.

    • Buckeye Feculence

      He might as well have had Buck say “Induct/indict…see what I did there? It’s funny!” in the third panel.

  2. billytheskink

    So Linda called Buck on the phone and asked him to come over so she could tell him something?

    That hasn’t been done since the very first telephone call’s “Mr. Watson, come here, I want to see you!”

    • Epicus Doomus

      Man alive this is some piss-poor writing, you’d think it wouldn’t be possible to f*ck up a simple “Bull gets into the local sports HOF” arc this badly. I have to assume that this “induct/indict” gag is also (aside from being typical Batom wordplay) a dig at football culture in that typical roundabout wishy-washy way of his. None of which explains why Linda would immediately invite Buck over but not tell him why, but God forbid he does a Bull arc without that asshole Buck, as they’re apparently a permanent team now. I would assume that inviting another CTE sufferer over in the middle of one of your spouse’s delusional spells would be sort of unwise, but then again what the hell do I know?

      • spacemanspiff85

        I’d be a little shocked if this “gag” wasn’t the sole reason for this storyline. Batiuk was probably sitting around and heard the word “induct”, thought it was hilarious that it sounds like “indict” (but it doesn’t), and thought up a storyline around it.

      • Charles

        Hey now, when the guy only has three days of material at best but has to fill twelve days of content with it, this sort of thing is inevitably going to happen.

  3. erdmann

    At last, because of a simple misunderstanding brought on by Bull’s deteriorating mental faculties, the truth comes out. He still denies it, but Bull is Durwood’s real bio-dad. And it was he that shot John Darling, Jessica’s father who was murdered. He also killed all those people in Cabot Cove, Maine. And he came up with the idea for New Coke. Truly, he is history’s greatest monster.

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    Hank, I mean, Buck coaches Bill, I mean, Bull for his upcoming indictment into the Westview Hall of Fame…

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Batty should watch old King of the Hill reruns to learn about humor and how to set up a joke.

      • Don

        Unfortunately, he probably does watch old King of the Hill reruns, but only in lessons on how to ram a “moral” down everybody’s throats

  5. I missed yesterday’s installment, and had to catch up on the induct/indict debate. It made my head hurt. Serious question: can anyone get in touch with Batchuck and ask him if this is really the joke? Because surely not. It’s only a joke on paper (literally)…it would be like a FW character mis-hearing someone saying bass (a fish) as bass (an instrument). But dumber things have percolated to the top in the Funkyverse.

  6. comicbookharriet

    Better call Buck first! A man we’ve known for, at most, a couple years. Not our children, siblings, or the people we’ve grown up with and worked with for literally 50 years.

  7. gleeb

    Maybe, nobody in Westview ever being inducted into anything except the Army, Linda is mispronouncing that word. Indut.

  8. Paul Jones

    It’s like the other Bat said….it wasn’t funny the first time.

  9. louder

    I hate to bring up he-who-is-not-to-be-spoken-of, but what the heck? Less is this fools life long friend, on the staff at Cancerville High, and lives close by — why not call him first to find out what the deal is about? Plus, usually, a long time coach is immediately installed in the local HofF (if there is one) after retirement. Maybe this “coach” was so hated, they just said: “screw him!” and left him out. Sort of the Barry Bonds of Cancerville.

    • gleeb

      Is it the Cancerdeathville High HOP, or just Cancerdeathville? I mean, if Bronko Nagurski once had a flat tire there, ate a chicken sandwich while waiting for it to be fixed, and then went on his way, is he eligible for indictment?

      • comicbookharriet

        Bronko will always be eligible for indictment. I mean, have you SEEN his total rushing yards? Criminal!

  10. bobanero

    What’s the over/under on how many more times we see this joke?

    Tomorrow –
    Linda, answering the door after she calls Less to come over: Less, Bull is being inducted into the Westview Sportos Hall of Fame!

    Less: He wasn’t involved. That was other members of the team.

    Saturday –
    Linda, answering the door after she calls Funky to come over: Funky, Bull is being inducted into the Westview Sportos Hall of Fame!

    Funky: He wasn’t involved. That was other members of the team.
    . . .
    March 1st –
    Linda: Adeela, Bull is being inducted into the Westview Sportos Hall of Fame!
    . . .

  11. Gerard Plourde

    Unless (and I shudder at the thought) TomBa is going to embark on a “very Special” arc on hazing, this is yet another stroke on the calendar toward the 50th anniversary.

    • comicbookharriet

      The story of Act III has been the gradual replacement of ‘Very Special Arcs’ with weeks of nothing where mildly pleasant things happen to the legacy characters in the most banal way possible. Even the ‘Very Special Arcs’ he does write are robbed of any passion. Bull throwing his cellphone in anger way back at the beginning of the CTE arc is seriously the last time I remember seeing a strong emotion used to generate conflict.