Batiuk Spells Funny C-T-E

Oh yay, another in the long line of “Bull’s dumb” strips, where that’s all the joke content. In any kind of real world, Bull wouldn’t be shocked at all at someone giving an introduction for an athlete being honored, since it happens all the time. Since Bull is an athlete and likes sports he’d of course be familiar with this. Unless the “joke” really is just entirely “Bull doesn’t understand simple things anymore because he has CTE” which is about as far from humor as you can get.
It’s nice of Linda to just tell Bull Buck’s agreed to do the introduction, before even asking Bull who he’d want to introduce him, or if he even wants to attend. Given how feeble and dim he’s being portrayed I’ve got to imagine being the center of a attention of a large crowd of strangers might be something he’d want to avoid. But oh well, Linda’s there to think for him. He’s got CTE, remember?


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  1. There’s one thing odd about this. The last time Les was in line to be honored, he didn’t win.
    Now, Batiuk is going to let Bull be the recipient of an award? What gives?
    Is this because sports awards are meaningless–not like comic book awards–so of course Bull can have one?
    It’s kind of puzzling.

    • Epicus Doomus

      You have to wonder who was deemed WSHOF worthy before Bull finally got the nod. I mean they named the f*cking field after him, how is he not already a proud HOF member? Is it a pity thing, is the HOF new, or what?

      • Rusty Shackleford

        And certainly they would have already retired Bull’s jersey. Dumb, dumb, dumb, dum, dum…

  2. Epicus Doomus

    More proof that BatYack is the single worst storyteller alive today. It’s not Canton or Cooperstown, how does she know an introductory speaker is even necessary? It’s the Westview Sports HOF, you probably show up at the local parks and recreation building at noon on Saturday and the mayor gives you a plaque, if that. And why would he require an introduction at all? Supposedly he has no friends, so who the f*ck would Buck be introducing him to?

    A real writer could take this HOF story in a thousand different directions but Batom, as usual, always chooses “boring, confusing and askew” by default. It’s impossible to tell whether Bull is just as dumb as he always was or if this is the CTE kicking in but knowing how BatWad operates we might not even be doing the whole CTE thing anymore. What a mess.

    • gleeb

      Mayor? How important do you think this is? Wally, deputized by his unclecousin Funky, the president of the local Chamber of Commerce, will be in the chair for this meeting.

      • Rusty Shackleford

        And why not have Adela hand out the award…I mean why not? Anything is possible, so long as it includes awkward dialog and words nobody uses.

      • I read the above as “unclean cousin Funky” and fleetingly wondered if that was how Adeela referred to Funky behind his back.

  3. louder

    Oh fan-tas-tic! I can hear the speech now:

    “My dear friends, I played against Bull for three games many years ago, and never talked to him. When I found out I had CTE, I thought “misery loves company”, and with the word “misery”, I automatically thought of Bull. So, I’ve known Bull for all of six months, and here I am, not any teammate, not any player, or any life long friend, heck, not even his wife, no, me, and I get to introduce him to this Hall of Fame. I have no idea what he’s done all these years, whether he was a good coach or not, don’t know, don’t care. Thanks Bull! Hope you can remember all this next year!”

    Frick-on-a-stick, BatHack is such a crappy writer.

  4. thelootocracy

    Look at Bull in his Sports Nostalgia Cave reading the sports pages receieving news about his induction into a sports hall of fame.

    • comicbookharriet

      He’s reading the BACK of the sports section…in my small state newspaper that would be the obituaries.

    • spacemanspiff85

      The “humor” is that he’s been reading the same sports page over and over because of the CTE. No point in Linda buying him a second one.
      “Wow, the Browns drafted Manziel! Things sure are looking up!”

  5. billytheskink

    So in the Batiukverse CTE apparently turns you into Crankshaft? Bad as that is, I’m far more terrified of what it has done to the shape of Buck’s head.

  6. Paul Jones

    I wonder what people who had to care for people with CTE think of this mess. I don’t wonder if Batiuk wondered. You learn to stop asking questions like that after a while.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I’m sure Batiuk just assumed they’re all grateful he’s shining on a light on their very serious issue in such a thought provoking, insightful, and sensitive way.

      • And he’s wondering why those award nominations haven’t shown up yet. “Well, I’ve checked the mailbox nine times today…might as well make it an even ten!” (rubs hands together).

  7. Smirks 'R Us

    I half expect BatHack will have Bull and Buck break into a show tune at the event letting the good folks know of all the “fun” parts of having CTE.

    This one stinks a little more than usual. Just a little.

  8. Don

    Oh, sure, NOW they all realize that Bull is joking…

  9. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    In the early days of this comic strip, Bullsquat was a monosyllabic, knuckle dragging oaf. Later, BatWit retconned him into a three dimensional character who actually could speak in complete sentences and more or less live life as some sort of adult (who shrunk about a foot since high school). But either way, he’s a lifelong dumbass, just like all sportos and bullyjocks in Batty’s pointy little bald head. Which makes me wonder how he ever ended up with the poodle headed, salmon colored Linda, who is an English teacher of some sort. Sure, you don’t have to be a genius to be an English teacher, but all the English teachers I have ever known have been literate, reasonably intelligent folks with three digit IQs. Why would Linda be in any way attracted to a stupid oaf like Bull??

    And after you answer that, tell me why Becky would be attracted to, and MARRY, a doughy, pervy man-child like Skunkhead? She WAS married to army boy Wally. Most people have “types” they’re attracted to. John and Wally are about as far apart as “types” as two humanoid life forms can get.

    I ask questions like this because there is no way, on this planet or any other, that people would pair off the way BatWit thinks they would. Honestly, Batty needs to ask his straight friends — if any — how stuff like this really works.