My Moron Jacket

“No…Wait! It’s only Tuesday! We have to drag this out for an entire week!” I’m wondering if Mr. “Write What You Know” Batiuk was inspired to write this arc while strolling about the Medwick Marketplace Marshalls with Mrs. Batiuk. Like his avatar, TB spends an inexplicable, inordinate amount of time traveling about to hawk and sign his books. He blogs about it too, with pictures, and Dear Author himself seems to favor a more casual, jacket-free look.


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  1. spacemanspiff85

    Tom Batiuk, circa eight months ago:
    “Oh, those twitter tots think Cayla is a boring Lisa substitute, do they? I’ll show them! I’ll make her a boring mother substitute instead! Just wait till they get a load of her making him try on clothes he doesn’t want to, and making sure he washed his hands, and bringing him hot cocoa, and tucking him into bed at night! Let’s see them laugh at that!”

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Yes, because if there’s one thing you ladies truly excel at it’s SHOPPING FOR CLOTHES…amirite??? I think it’s funny how a) Cayla NEVER attends any Les book signings, yet is helping him buy new clothes for those book signings because she’s tired of him wearing the same stuff…the very same stuff she never sees. It’s just so Batiukian.

  3. billytheskink

    This reminds me of the television PSAs that the local gas company ran when I was a kid. There would be some domestic situation that involved smelling gas or dealing with a gas appliance, one of the family members would start to do something (like place a can of lawn mower gasoline next to the water heater) and another would go “No… WAIT!!” Then the scene would freeze frame and deep voiced man would walk in front of it and say “This man just stopped his wife/son/etc. from making a serious mistake. Do you know what it is? Let’s find out.” Then the scene would continue with the “No… WAIT!!” yeller explaining how whatever the other person was doing could ignite the gas line, burn the house down, and kill everyone in a 3 mile radius.

    Long story short… I’m hoping Cayla is too late here.

    • Jimmy

      It’s emblematic of “tell, don’t show”.

      • timbuys

        What’s with the ellipses between the ‘no’ and the ‘WAIT!’? Why on earth would she be shouting so urgently? Does this place have some sort of weird you-try-it-you-buy-it policy?

        What dreck. A while back I tried to say something nice about each day’s strip. That lasted maybe three days. I will try again: The additional drawing of Les’ profile in one of the side mirrors is evidence of effort over and above the bare minimum required to produce a viable strip for submission to the syndicate. Bravo.

  4. Paul Jones

    A week of her despairing over his bad fashion sense. Lovely.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    So are we to believe that what Les wears to work every day as a high school teacher is somehow different from what he’d wear to a book signing? And is the joke here that the salesman just grabbed something random off the rack and this is the first thing Les is trying on? Didn’t Les pick out a style and color in his size first? Is going clothes shopping another thing The Author knows nothing about?

  6. Charles

    “Shit brown really is my color, isn’t it?”

    I’m kind of curious what kind of store Cayla and Les were wandering around in NOT initially buying menswear that has a valet on staff. I don’t think I’ve seen a department store that wasn’t buy-off-the-rack this century.

    • Gerard Plourde

      Men’s clothing stores like Joseph A. Bank and Men’s Wearhouse have sales staff as do department stores like Macy’s because suits need alterations- the pants have to be adjusted for length and hemmed. (And I can’t believe I’m actually saying something remotely positive about today’s strip.)

  7. Smirks 'R Us

    Inspired post title today TFH. Jim James would be proud.

  8. sgtsaunders

    My Morning Jagoff.

  9. Miskatonic Sophomore


    If not for that pileup of exclamation points, I could hear Cayla protesting in a weary monotone, like Gene Wilder did as Willy Wonka. “No. Wait. Stop. Don’t. No, Les. Please.”

    That would be both funnier and more true to Cayla, who life with Les must be a soul-crushing nightmare beyond the imagination.

  10. Jim in Wisc.

    … TB spends an inexplicable, inordinate amount of time traveling about to hawk and sign his books.

    Probably trying to drum up business. If the sales ranking on Amazon is any indication, the latest volume – which was released less than two weeks ago – isn’t exactly flying off the shelves.

  11. “Hello, children, I’m Tom Batiuk, and I’m going to read you more of the story I started telling you. So, the prince arrived at the princess’s castle, and he started to climb the stairs. He climbed up the first stair. He stepped up on the second stair. Next, was the third stair. He could see the fourth stair looming…

    “…until finally, he stood on the 350th stair, at the very top! Just then, he saw that he had forgotten the magic rose–it was still on his saddle. He would have to go and get it. He turned and cautiously made his way to the 349th step…then the 348th. The 347th loomed next…”