My Mourning Jacket

I meant the book jacket.Les, you sucker! Look at him getting all “Aw shucks, this old thing?” in panel 2. Haw. In panel 4, an embarrassed Les shoots back “Oh yeah? That’s a nice blouse. Looks like a baby threw up his strained peas on you. Now getouttahere!

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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Part Five of “People At Your Book-Launch-Signings Say The Darndest Things”. Tonight’s episode: Les becomes confused when he naturally assumes a compliment from a female fan about his book is meant for him. Hilarity ensues.

    “Jacket”, you see, is one of those “insider” terms they use in the writing industry. That’s why it’s so funny. It’d make a hell of a lot more sense for her to say “cover” like any normal person would, but then there’d be no joke. Not that anyone would notice, but still…

    I hate this whole “art-imitating-life”, self-aggrandizing “famous author” bullshit. The ego on this guy (both Les and Batom) never ceases to astound. Neither does the way he (TomBat) always manages to bring this thing back to Les, Lisa and the book. Even when it tries to be funny, FW finds a way to annoy.

  2. In P1, Les looks mouthless. If only he could stay that way… On the book cover, , , it looks like a bunch if black lines on a White background, which, to me says “This book is terrible.”

  3. sourbelly

    E.D., I agree, no one would ever say “nice jacket” when complimenting a book cover, unless they were puppets clutched in the blood-drenched claws of a ham-fisted, humourless author demanding a pun set-up.

    Continuing the dialog:
    Les: This old jacket? Oh boy, don’t get me started on this shirt I’m wearing. It started out white, but now the yellow pit stains have completely taken it over! See, I don’t have a wife to do laundry, because she–oh, wait, don’t want to give away any spoilers! So, yeah, that’s why all the women keep flirting with me. You are flirting with me, right? Of course you are!

  4. Jeffcoat Wayne

    The big question: Did Les get the yellow shirt free for buying the jacket, or the jacket free for buying the yellow shirt?

    Thank goodness the lady didn’t compliment Les for his book’s “cute spine”; I don’t even want to think about him standing up humbly to demonstrate his perfect posture.

  5. Epicus Doomus

    “I meant the book jacket.”

    “Oh…actually, a friend of mine helped select that design. She attempted suicide over me when she was in high school. Then she got a job where I work and stalked my every move for many years. A few weeks ago she told me she loved me and started making out with me at work and one of our students filmed it. She resigned from her job and I took some snide sarcastic digs at her as she was leaving. I don’t think it’ll cost me a Teacher Of The Year nomination, though.

    So who should I make this out to? Hello? Uh, miss, where ya going?”

  6. John

    In panel one, the woman isn’t pointing at Les, nor is she looking at Les. And she doesn’t seem to be pointing or looking at the book, either.

    Adding to the confusion, the way Tom’s drawn them, it doesn’t look like the big pile o’ “Lisa’s Story” -has- a dust-jacket of any sort.

    Tom: “Copies are still QUITE AVAILABLE, folks! Remember that fictional character who died of cancer in a strip hardly anyone reads anymore that’s mostly followed on a dying medium? Well, I’m going to force everyone to remember, alright?!? It was my BEST WORK. Deep, meaningful!”

  7. Dr. D.

    “Nice jacket? For an extra $1000, you can get a special limited edition copy with a tooled leather jacket made from a facsimile of Lisa’s actual skin! And a built-in bookmark braided from a facsimile of Lisa’s actual hair! (Before it all fell out from the chemo, of course.) Plus it’s signed by me! A great collector’s item, sure to appreciate in value!”

  8. Sgt. Saunders

    So…don’t judge a book by its jacket? or don’t judge an ” author” by his coat? cover? smirk? what?

  9. TFHackett

    Dr. D, your comment caused me to actually shudder. Even TB hasn’t managed that. Well played.

  10. ahwatukee_joe

    And you’ve had that yellow shirt forever, too. I’m with E.D. – how much more of this bullshit do we have to endure? Five days is five too many.

  11. Professor Fate

    I used to work in Publishing and I can confirm that we called it a Jacket. However outside of work we all called it a cover.
    I’m not sure if Batiuk using the real cover of his book “Lisa’s Story” in today’s strip is really creepy or just pathetic and sad. Perhaps all of the above.

  12. Jeffcoat Wayne

    I agree, both of Les’s jackets are nice — and they would both serve the duel purpose of being something handy for me to blow my nose on.

  13. If this is taking place at a large bookstore, we can only hope that one of those eight foot bookcases falls over and squishes Les. I know that it will never happen, but one can always fantasize.

  14. TheDiva

    I love how weary and exhausted this woman looks. She doesn’t really want to be there, spending her hard-earned money on the stirring tale of one cancer’s triumph over woman and making its unbearably author believe she’s flirting with him, but the Black Hole Sue-ness that is Les forces her to do so. No wonder so many people in this comic strip look like they’re quietly praying for death.

  15. Dr. D.

    @TFHackett, we aim to please 🙂 If only TB did…

  16. the stirring tale of one cancer’s triumph over woman

    LOL at this phrasing.

  17. TheDiva

    That should have read “unbearably smug author. Though Les’ authorship is also in and of itself unbearable.

  18. Jimmy

    Nice jacket. Did you get a free bowl of soup with that?

  19. Jeffcoat Wayne

    “Oh, but it looks good on you!”

  20. billytheskink

    Les reacts in a totally believable and justifiable manner to a completely asinine comment and STILL comes across as an enormous jerk. The man is truly gifted.

  21. Sgt. Saunders

    @Jimmy and Jeffcoat – Double like.

  22. MKay

    You’re not in Westview any more, Les. “Real world” women don’t have that brain tic that makes them lust after you.