It Neh Ver Works Out How You Think It Will

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In grade school one year I had a very strange, kind of “out there” art teacher who once told us the following joke. There’s a guy named Benny who’s walking along the railroad tracks. A train is coming and a passerby grabs Benny and pulls him out of the way to safety. Benny thanks the passerby, turns to walk away and gets hit by a second train and dies. He is then cremated. The moral of the story, of course, is that a Benny saved is a Benny urned. I believe that if I was ever to accidentally become stuck in an elevator with BanTom we’d probably get along nicely.

The jokey light-hearted tone of this arc belies what supposed to be actually happening here, but because it isn’t actually happening I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyhow. Of course the natural punch line here is “nah neh, I don’t have any change on me” but Batom missed that one somehow, remarkably enough.


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10 responses to “It Neh Ver Works Out How You Think It Will

  1. After the examination, the Doctor says to Linda, “I’ve got good news and bad news. The bad news is Bull had CTE. The good news is (smirks while glancing over at the examination room where you see the end of a foot with a toe tag) you’re free free free!” Linda smirks.

  2. billytheskink

    I think Linda is trying to grow a bearskin hat.

  3. Charles

    Keep in mind during this week’s strips that Batiuk is actually trying to portray Bull as a plausible former NFL player.

    I used to work with a woman whose sister was married to an all-pro NFL player. (He played an anonymous position, but any big football fan will have heard of him) The woman and her sisters were 99th percentile for height, in that if you take 100 random women, they’d be taller than 99 of them. Her former NFL-playing husband *towers* over her, and he’s half again as wide as her. Former pro football players certainly aren’t little squashy guys who are about the same size as their ordinary wives.

    And yet no doubt this week Bull’s going to be not appreciably larger than Linda or any doctor they come into contact with.

  4. Rusty

    Yep, Bull was noticeably bigger than other characters in Act I. Now he’s just noticeably fatter than everyone but Funky.

    • Charles

      Les has actually been shown to be taller than Bull on occasion. So has Becky. Generally when Bull’s in a strip with a woman, whether it’s Linda, Cayla or Fishstick, he’s the same height as them.

      I think it’s all part of Batiuk diminishing the significance of athletic accomplishment. He has Les beat Bull in tennis. He has Jared Posey walk on and become the starting QB. He has Owen sub in despite never having played football before and catch the winning touchdown pass. Hell, he has Bull get to the NFL but lose his chance due to an “injury” and Helpless-on-the-gym-ropes Les’s daughter win a Division I State Title in basketball.. I don’t think he appreciates how much work and dedication it takes for someone to be great at athletics.

  5. Max Power

    4th Panel Linda: “So did Becky.”

  6. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Don’t get all reflective on us now, Bull! You’re more entertaining when you’re screaming and throwing DVDs all over the place. Stick with strangled monosyllables! “Neh” is a good start.

  7. Count of Tower Grove

    Thoughts not worth a farthing.

  8. You know how you meet someone casually, and they say, “Oh, you’ll like this story” and they tell you this long, dull, rambling anecdote that you’re finding it really hard to pay attention to, then you notice he keeps glancing at the clock, and you realize he’s just waiting for the clock to hit 50 so he can leave? And to get away, you slap your phone so you can pretend you just got a call, and–

    Hang on, my phone just rang.

  9. Paul Jones

    And once again, we are left with the question of why they have to have this banal conversation out of state. One begins to wonder if their insurance agent is also a travel agent on the side.