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Yes, Linda, Bull’s future is uncertain and impossible to accurate diagnose because they can’t f*cking remove Bull’s f*cking brain because as of today he’s still f*cking using it, you imbecile. For crying out loud, Batom, the woman is an educator who’s been living with Bull’s CTE for two and a half years, so why can’t she act like it? The way he essentially just rebooted this CTE story from the beginning is really annoying the shit out of me right now. He always exhibits a sort of low-key blithe disregard for his readers’ intelligence but this is really pushing it. Doing a story about someone with an illness doesn’t mean you just get to say “this character has an illness” over and over again, unless you’re in the Batiukverse, of course.


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11 responses to “More Like Vortex Of Stupidity

  1. bayoustu

    I wish these goofs were in The Cone of Silence®!

  2. spacemanspiff85

    I have a feeling this is the result of Batiuk seeing people’s comments about how CTE can’t be diagnosed while the patient is still living and thinking, “Oh yeah, I’ll show them!”.

  3. billytheskink

    Wait, is that whoopee cushion on Dr. Kissinger’s monitor supposed to be a cone of uncertainty?

  4. Paul Jones

    And of course, Linda might as well need her brain autopsied after she dies to see if she has it because having a functioning intellect and having a vagina clash in Batiuk’s world.

  5. Gerard Plourde

    In addition to retracing ground that’s already been covered, there’s another difficulty with this arc. Symptoms of CTE usually begin manifesting when the sufferer is in his 20s or 30s. Bull, who’s in his 50’s, is uncharacteristicly late in his onset.

    • Cabbage Jack

      Next year, when Batty learns that factoid, we can expect a further retconning of this vapid tale.

      “I’ve been hiding these anger issues for years Linda”
      *Picture Frame of AD Bull beating the crap out of English Teacher Les*

  6. Max Power

    Glad they travelled all the way to North Carolina so they could see a graph and listen to the expert’s pointless philosophizing. They might want to give the doctor a Westview brochure. With his fatalism he would fit right in.

  7. So, this CTE diagnosis has been floating around for over two years and only now we’re getting an official statement that we can’t be 100% sure that he actually has CTE without dissecting his brain? So, how did they arrive at the original diagnosis? Did they just take Bull to the local Westview Urgent Care where a physician’s assistant did a google search on the symptoms?

  8. Miskatonic Sophomore

    Slight digression: With them being in North Carolina and all, I imagine the good doctor speaking in a jolly country-club variation of a Southern accent, because that’s how I assume Batiuk would assume he spoke.

    “See here now, Bull, this old CTE has more-a’-less turned your brain into a red balloon, such as you might see at, oh, a child’s birthday party…an empty balloon, ah hasten t’ add, or strictly speakin’ full of lightly pressurized air.”