But Who Is The Dreamer?

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Bull and Linda share an inside CTE joke today, or so it appears. It’s nice to see a Very Serious prestige arc end on such a light-hearted note, unlike that mousy woman that got the cancer that time. Blech, what a downer THAT was. Anyway, it’s sort of tough to believe they drove all the way to North Carolina for the cone of uncertainty diagnosis, as they probably could have gotten that in Ohio, but whatever. Hopefully Batiuk gives us some sort of “heads up” when Bull actually starts declining, as otherwise it’ll be impossible to tell, what with all the wryness and all.


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9 responses to “But Who Is The Dreamer?

  1. It’s just more of TB’s “life sucks, then you die” philosophy, delivered with a wry smile. Gah.

    • Double Sided Scooby Snack

      If you recall, Duuuuuhhhhhren was also concerned that if he expressed any happiness, “the universe” would make something bad happen to him.

      How Nordic!

  2. billytheskink

    Bull knows that Linda, why do you think he said his “dreams” out loud?

    • timbuys

      Wait. Everyone knows that? I didn’t know that. Plus, is this just how he was pre-CTE? Constantly blabbing to anyone unfortunate enough to converse with him about how he and his wife want to grow old together? It’s hard to imagine these characters being more tedious and banal but I guess the author has a talent of sorts in that regard.

  3. Paul Jones

    And so we end another arc with two unlikeable people smirking through the apocalypse waiting for the reset to happen. At least with Crankshaft, you actually get progress with your smirking and bad wordplay.

  4. comicbookharriet

    Now taking bets on if this ends the same as “A Star is Born.”

  5. Max Power

    Yes, the amount of hope or happiness a Westvieian expresses is directly proportionate to the amount misery and misfortune they ultimately suffer. For example Crazy Harry had his “happy dance” and managed to be the first person ever let go by the US Post Office and then ended up as Comic Book John’s subordinate.

  6. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    Sweet Christ, did these two idiots DRIVE from Ohio to NC?? That’s gotta be a haul. BatWit doesn’t believe in airplanes??

    At least they got a solid 5 minutes with Doctor Meatface, who informed them we’re ALL in the Cone of Uncertainty, so the 12 hour drive was worth it!