Twenty-Four-get This Dreck

Oh hello Mr. Stock Male Nerd Cartoon #27 from 10,000 Clip Art Images ’98 CD-ROM (OS/2 Edition), glad you could make it to today’s strip. If you hadn’t shown up, Pete and Durwood might have had to twiddle their thumbs, and we all know how much they hate slacking off…

Y’know what’s really nerdy? Math! Let’s do some math. Lessee, it’s early May, so we’ll say Atomik Komix most recent issues were published in April. Here’s their titles that we know of and when we first see them “published”.

The Inedible PulpMay 2018
Rip Tide: Scuba CopJuly 2018
Atomic ApeSeptember 2018
The ScorchJanuary 2019

Assuming one issue per month for each title, there would be 33 issues. Assuming a once every two months schedule there would be 17 issues.

The Inedible Pulp – 12 issues/6 issues
Rip Tide: Scuba Cop – 10 issues/5 issues
Atomic Ape – 8 issues/4 issues
The Scorch – 3 issues/2 issues

No math involving this strip or story arc equals entertainment.


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13 responses to “Twenty-Four-get This Dreck

  1. I bet if you brought this to Batiuk’s attention, he’d say, “Oh, some are monthlies and some are bi-monthlies!” and start to talk about comic book publishing.

    Still doesn’t make this anywhere even close to “funny” or “interesting.” Like the Denevan sun, it exists and occupies space, but it certainly doesn’t give life and warmth..

  2. billytheskink

    Even Atmoik Komix’s biggest fans aren’t all that into their titles. Sounds about right.

  3. “I’ve collected every single issue of The Complete Funky Winkerbean so far!”

  4. The Nelson Puppet

    It’s pathetic that we snarkers have more command over the details of this “comic strip” than the author does.

  5. The Nelson Puppet

    BREAKING: Les Moore has assumed human form.

  6. The Nelson Puppet

    BREAKING: Les Moore has assumed human form.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    Of course any serious modern-day comic book company would have a web presence and social media accounts which any serious modern-day comic book nerd would dutifully follow and those accounts would be used to notify modern-day comic book nerds regarding new releases and such. Thus this gag is woefully out of date and out of touch with reality as we currently experience it, which neatly defines all of Act III itself, come to think of it.

    So if they’re not a soulless speculator, the “typical” comic book fan is a moron. Once again BatNard’s rather dim view of his fan base comes into crystal clear focus. I mean he clearly doesn’t think much of the folks he meets and greets at his little doodle fan-fests and cosplay cons, as he consistently paints them as experiences to be endured as opposed to enjoyed, which neatly defines all of FW itself, come to think of it.

  8. Paul Jones

    The biggest joke is on Batiuk himself. He’s spent his whole life being not at all aware that his default cynicism was the real reason people aren’t even going to warm to him if he should be cremated and it manifests itself as the unjustifiable superiority we see here.

  9. comicbookharriet

    Silly Billy, you can’t count comic books with real life time. You have to use Comic Book Time! ™. But here’s a fun bit of math we can do: how much money has Atomik Komix netted?

    Let’s be generous, given the comics and nostalgia oriented culture of the Funky Universe, and compare Atomik Komix to the top offering of a 3rd party publisher, (barring The Walking Dead). Using Comichron, which has numbers of units sold and average prices for every comic book. Spawn sold 30,390 issues in March. So lets assume each Atomix Komixxxs offering averages 30k in print run. (This is a very very generous assumption, most Dark Horse, IDW, Boom, and Image comics are lucky to break 10k) Average comics price is 3.99. 30,000 x 3.99 x 24= $2,872,800.

    Which sounds like a lot… until you take into account printing and shipping costs, and realize what the property taxes and utilities must be on that giant empty building these four people operate out of.

    • Exactly. Comic Strip time is not real world time. Since Free Comic Book Day has been going on for roughly two weeks almost. Not to mention Crazy’s trip to San Diego Comic Con, starting several weeks before the actual con began.

  10. Professor Fate

    You know what human beings say when they are told something like “I have all your X”? they say ‘thank you’ and if they are adventurous they might add oh ‘and what is your favorite?” not play gotcha games but that’s our boys.
    Oh yes – I would suggest that the explanation is not that the kid is an idiot but that Atomix Comix has got distribution problems and aren’t getting their books to the shops – after al they only have 3 people working there, and nobody seems to be in charge getting the books to the readers.