Patrimonial Penury

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“Dad, be serious, if I wanted a job that would pay me money I would have taken two months of Industrial Welding at Centerview Community College.”

Really rich coming from worthless English major magnate, Mr. Les ‘those who can’t, teach.’ Moore.

Also, if she’s interested in going into law, then majoring in sociology would have been fine. You can major in anything you want, as long as you keep your GPA up and pass you LSAT.

And don’t you dare disparage sociology! It’s a useless major alone but paired with a Master’s Degree she could become like my older sister, working at her state’s only inpatient mental health hospital for barely more than what an average desk drone makes. But she’s fulfilled.

Sociology made sense as Summer’s old major, what with her activism in high school. But I guess Batiuk has forgotten that, and decided to make her a tiny female clone of her father. I can’t wait for her first book about someone she knew who died.

Also, my best friend forever majored in English lit with a focus on creative writing, and her fanfictions of obscure video games have been very well reviewed! She leads the genre in likes!

She is also a desk drone. Not really using her degree to get paid. But still. Getting paid.


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21 responses to “Patrimonial Penury

  1. Sounds like Les has been a big help in guiding Summer through college. Need I add that’s sarcasm?

    Les sounds like the kind of parent who would teach his child how to swim by throwing her in the deep end of the pool. “Either you’ll learn to swim, or I get another book subject.”

    • spacemanspiff85

      Ha, you think he’d be involved enough to throw her? He’d either let her wander into the pool on her own or tell his wife to do it.

  2. Paul Jones

    Odds are that we’re supposed to approve of his taking parenting tips from Ultra Magnus and Elly Patterson and not being able to ‘deal’ with his kid ever.

    • Comic Book Harriet

      Ultra Magnus? The guy who couldn’t unlock the Matrix of Leadership with a can-opener.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    I’m pretty sure that TomBa’s not intending this, but every time Les is the focus of an arc, he becomes more annoying.

    • Charles

      Yeah, Les really is amazing here in how awful he is. He doesn’t appear to be taking this seriously at all.

      And it’s strange, because if Summer had been going to my alma mater, changing majors pretty much means that she’d be enrolling for another two years. That’s about how long it would take for all the core curriculum courses to be available to you. Summer could have been taking them before, but their spots are usually reserved for majors, and they’re not courses that anyone would take for fun or edification. It’s a rare humanities major who’d take Organic Chem, after all. And it’s a rare science major who’d take a course on pre-1500 British literature.

      But that doesn’t matter. We all know this is going to lead up to Summer writing a god damn book about her mom, who died when she was 4 or so. Lisa’s death from cancer is going to provide book fodder for two whole fucking generations.

  4. Rusty Shackleford

    Well, hopefully Summer is bleeding Les dry. And as far as making money goes, it’s not the degree, or lack of a degree that matters, it’s mostly your work ethic and social skills that will help.

    I’m surprised Les doesn’t value education for education’s sake and encourage her to get a PhD.

  5. Buckeye Feculence

    A chip off the old block, following in Dad’s footsteps. Only a matter of time before that annoying smirk gene kicks in.

  6. Funny, isn’t it, that this whole week has concerned Summer, and yet she doesn’t even get a cut-away shot. It’s all about Les.

  7. billytheskink

    The ability to write well is actually quite valuable in both business and law settings and can get you paid nicely in a variety of jobs that would not be described primarily as “writer”, provided you are willing to learn the ropes at an entry-level position for a few years. Not that Les would know anything about writing well or jobs that pay money…

  8. So, we finally get the “big reveal” on Thursday, meaning that we have two more days of unfunny millennial jokes and smirking Less head shots to look forward to.

  9. louder

    This is just hopeless terrible writing. As has been mentioned, it’s been seven years since Summer entered Kent State. A good writer recognizes that, and maybe build of that to a nice start to Summer’s career, and maybe, just maybe, the sit down announcement is she’s moving far away to advance her career. The BaHack can show the struggles of a your person leaving her family and starting a new life. But no, our hero goes for the most obvious, dumbest, stupidest cliche available, changing majors. The lack of creativity boggles my mind, but I should know better by now — always go low.

  10. Maybe we’ll find out that Atomik Komix is conveniently looking for a writing intern for the summer.

  11. Epicus Doomus

    Wow this is awful. It’s like he woke up and suddenly remembered that Summer is a FW character and she’s “in college”. It might have made more sense if he ran this arc five years ago, but he was apparently too busy with comic books and band boxes.

  12. Jimmy

    Let’s just assume Summer is still on scholarship (timelines are meaningless for Batiuk). She would be finishing school with zero college debt, which gives her freedom. Of course, Summer is going to parlay this into a job at Westview High.

    On another note, thank God for people like your sister, Comic Book Harriet.

  13. timbuys

    A ‘law’ major, especially one from something like Kent State isn’t likely to garner you gainful legal employment unless you know someone or get extremely lucky. Should you be so woefully uninterested in your future prospects as to think a ‘law’ major is a ticket to law school and thence the untold riches of being an attorney, well, there’s not much to do but relate an old chestnut from P.T. Barnum.

    • Charles

      Yeah, no kidding, although it doesn’t surprise me that Batiuk knows absolutely nothing about the legal profession considering how badly he botched Gross John’s obscenity(?) trial.

      Even if you get into law school and manage to graduate, it’s not easy to find good work these days, especially for someone like Summer who’s been shown to be a flaky student because it brings Batiuk the laughs.

  14. Epicus Doomus

    Once again (sigh) BatLoaf blew an easy, natural story arc that did all but flop straight into his lap. How it never occurred to him to have the Summer character graduate and take over the Scapegoats’ basketball program is beyond me, I mean it was right there and seemed like a perfect fit to me. Bull retired, Fishstick Annie was still available as a mentor, I mean come on.

    • I feel pretty certain Summer is never going to return to the strip, because Batiuk is done with her. As noted, this is supposedly about her, but she doesn’t even appear, it’s just an excuse for Les to crack wise.

      Summer seems always to have been just a prop to enhance Les. Every time she appeared, it was to show what an awesome guy Les was, or how Les was vexed by These Kids Today. I can’t think of a single appearance where it was about her, per se, rather than Les’ reaction and Les’ wry smirks. The infamous “solo car date” story was all about Les–Summer was just the catalyst.