Spring Swingers.

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I gleaned a few interesting tidbits from the dialogue today. Les’ statements about having to sell more books and the school being happy with a perpetual super-senior indicates that he is currently paying for some or all of her college. Summer’s scholarship must have run out and/or it was not a full ride. Kent State is a NCAA school and only allows students to compete in four seasons of a sport. Maybe she was a redshirt freshman and wasn’t on the team her first year? But it indicates that this will be her fifth, sixth, or even seventh year of college.

If Les’ is paying for Summer’s graduation, maybe from Lisa’s life insurance, then is Keisha’s college also being paid for? Wouldn’t that be super awkward if Keisha was having to take on a bunch of student loan debt while Summer gets to start clean? But, then again, Keisha seemed like a smart girl. She probably made sure she finished her degree before her athletic scholarship was gone.

Actually going to commend the artwork today, relatively speaking. The ruler did a lot of the work, but there is good attention to detail for once. In the background at least. Les is drawn as a sightless abomination talking out of his ass, but I’m guessing that’s Ayers subtle caricature of him. And putting up the porch swing in spring not only sets the season, it’s a subtle callback to the strips way back in June 2011 when Cayla and Les confessed their love on it. Batiuk may forget how many kids his characters have, but he seems to always remember that Les has a front porch swing.

Of course…it was TAN not BLUE. But then again, maybe it’s been painted.


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  1. Chris Lochner

    Talking out of his ass is probably homage to Mark Trail.

  2. A very good point about Keisha. Les is all sighing how he has to shove more books to pay for Summer’s school, and paying for Keisha isn’t even broached. I’d say this must be pretty galling for Cayla, but Cayla has long since surrendered her human concerns so that she can be Les’ willing doormat.

    And who knows? More than likely, Keisha graduated years ago and is running a successful business on her own. She doesn’t have any of Les’ genes after all, so failure is only one option rather than a fixed future.

  3. billytheskink

    Parent of the year Les has all the cards and no backbone. Why is he paying for Summer’s dilly-dallying?

    I have an uncle who spent 12 years getting his college degree. My grandparents stopped paying his tuition long long long before he graduated, as they should have. He was frequently brought up by my parents as a cautionary tale from elementary school on to today…

    • I hate to ask, because I think the answer will be depressing, but what was his degree in?

      • billytheskink

        Engineering, a degree that most folks regard well for the job opportunities it would provide. But he hated getting the degree and he’s largely hated all of the jobs that he has had as a result (though he would tell you he’s never really used the degree). And, frankly, he’s often struggled in life as a result.

        • At least I can understand that engineering is a pretty difficult discipline; it’d probably take me over a decade too. I was afraid it would be something like “gender studies” in which case, yes, your uncle has problems.

  4. ian'sdrunkenbeard

    Clap clap clap clap!
    CBH, you have been on fire this week!

  5. Paul Jones

    We end the week with what looks like Les/Tom yapping about children being a thoughtless burden but is actually Les/Tom yapping about the unfairness of having to deal with the consequences of being the same spineless and oblivious dumbass he’s been for the last forty-seven years.

  6. Gerard Plourde

    I’m guessing that the moving of the porch swing marks the end of this year’s appearance by Summer (if a disembodied voice on the phone counts as an appearance). Now off to the Butter Brinkel/Old Hollywood arc.

  7. louder

    Right, as if the sales from Less’ books can pay for anything more than two large pepperoni pizzas and a round of Cokes from Montoni’s!

  8. louder

    Sure! As if the sales from Less’ books can pay for anything more that two large pizzas and a round of Cakes at Montoni’s!

  9. gleeb

    One thing Batton Thomas has always been good at is remembering anniversaries. The same tired old stuff is brought out at the same time of year, over and over.

  10. Chyron HR

    Why should Les have to support Keisha? He’s only responsible for his REAL children, Summer and Darrin.

  11. Rusty

    I’ve never understood why a painted, wooden swing has to be put away in a garage each winter. Will the relentless Ohio blizzards damage it in some way?

    • comicbookharriet

      Yeah, a little. The moisture and freezing and thawing will break up the paint and decay the wood faster. Also depending on how strong their early spring winds are, the swing could get knocked around against the porch and sides of the house. Believe it or not, this is an actual thing that people actually do being portrayed somewhat accurately by Tom Batiuk.

  12. Epicus Doomus

    Perhaps Dick Facey ought to consider writing a new book, as by this point one would think that everyone who wanted a copy of (ugh) “Lisa’s Trilogy” already has one. Les wrote the original LS over ten years ago and those stupid graphic novels are already several years old as well.

    “Funky’s Story…Whatever Can Go Wrong…”
    “Wally’s Story…What The Hell Was THAT???”
    “Buddy’s Story…Dog, Gone”
    “Keisha’s Story…Side Kickin’ It”
    “Becky’s Story…Because Harry Said So”

    And so forth.

  13. Charles

    And this is the reason why the focus this week has been on Les rather than Summer, who seemed to be the character central to this arc: the story’s not worried about Summer’s college experiences and/or troubles; it’s just about establishing a pretext to flog more of Lisa’s Story.