Please, peas?

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So was Sunday a one-off as usual, or was Batiuk just really hungry so we’re going to get weeks of unrelated food strips? Or are we in for an entire week examining Les and Cayla’s weird aromantic relationship?

Yes, a black and white and sepia flashback, with old timey scrapbook corners, really takes me back to 2011. Makes me remember when Cayla didn’t look like someone dipped Cindy in chocolate.

Why is Bill Nye surprised someone is grilling hot dogs at a picnic? He is asking Les this, when the only possible alternative interpretation of the scene is that Les is about to skewer his wife with a hot poker. For a science teacher those are some top notch observation skills. I imagine he wanders about asking similar questions.

Enters his classroom. “So, you’re the students who are working on your science projects in my science class today?”

Standing in the lunch line. “So, you’re the the school cook, who cooks and serves the food to the students?”

Entering his bedroom. “So, you’re the man who’s been sleeping with my wife?”


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15 responses to “Please, peas?

  1. Paul Jones

    This promises to be an excruciating week. We hit the ground running with Les being a self-satisfied nitwit who, having learned how to do something mindlessly basic, refuses to grow beyond that one very comfortable thing or to understand how disappointing a man he is. He can’t understand that he should learn to cook something that isn’t hot dogs because he’s an entitled dolt who assumes that “barely acceptable” is “above and beyond.”

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    At first I thought the implication was that Les was poor and that’s all he could afford. But between his teachers salary and Lisa’s lawyer salary, they were rolling in dough.

    Now I see, it’s supposed to mean he’s just stupid. Ah, those goofy writers, so artistic, they cannot be bothered with mundane tasks like making dinner.

    Cindy dipped in chocolate! Ha, I spit my coffee out. Too funny.

  3. True to form, TB takes one of his least funny jokes and brings it back as a sepia-toned flashback to make it even less funny.

    Les actually started out cooking both Hot Dogs and Peas, but the peas fell into the fire.

  4. billytheskink

    Cayla ditched the hairstyle seen in that “flashback” back in the fall of 2010, back when she was competing with Susan Smith for Les’ affections (retch) and Les was oblivious. They were not in a serious enough relationship to be reenacting Lockhorns strips back then.

    • Epicus Doomus

      I guess we’re pretending her dreadlocks phase never happened. Drawing her hair proved too difficult for ol’ TomBan back then, thus the birth of Cayla Tyler Moore.

    • Charles

      Plus, Les has lost a ton of hair since those days too, and that’s not shown in the flashback either. He’s his current awful self in it.

  5. Jimmy

    No matter how hard I squint, I can’t make this out to be the same person between panels.

    Also, am I the only one who got a 404 error in the link?

  6. louder

    I can why two women were fighting over Less, what a catch! NotLisa is a lucky woman to get that hunk of manhood.

  7. Epicus Doomus

    A rare Klabichnik sighting. This is a perfect “snappy answers to stupid questions” scenario, as it looks pretty obvious that Les is in fact grilling hot dogs, as evidenced by the hot dogs on the grill. And I always thought smug condescension was Dick Facey’s specialty…the more you know.

  8. Maxine of Arc

    Just to underscore that Cayla knew exactly what she was getting into when she married this loser.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    What’s cooking on the top rack? A deflated blowfish?

  10. Professor Fate

    I find it baffling that the Author seems to think we LIKE this jerk. To side with him in his battle against Hollywood and in his contempt for the people who buy his books and most of his despising of people behind service counters.
    it’s a puzzlement for sure.
    Especially when you see this strip – we see Les explaining that Cayla should be excited that he went past the bare minimum in cooking for her and then years later acting like his ability to cook ‘hot dogs’ is worthy of some kind of special praise. Seriously any Cretian can make hot dogs – it’s why they serve them at ballgames.
    Still it is weird that the author keeps showing Les in such unpleasant lights. I can’t tell if he’s just doing it to troll the folks who hate read the strip (like myself but really why would he bother) or on occasion his creative impulse forces him to tell the truth about Les but the part of him obsessed with Flash comics and the like doesn’t recognize it.

    • Charles

      I think he really believes that Les is a funny, charming guy, because he’s… (gulp) sort of an aspirational figure for Batiuk. Les is the guy Batiuk would be if people would appreciate his genius and humor. He makes some quip that people find hilarious. He makes some gentle cutting remark at someone and if that person doesn’t respond favorably, they respond impotently. (This has shown up with Funky a lot in Acts 2 and 3) Les is like Batiuk living in the world that Batiuk wishes were ours.

  11. Lord Flatulence

    I like hot dogs.