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Look, I made a pun!  Based on “kemosabe” and “chemotherapy”!  Do I get an award yet?!  I should go out and stand by the mailbox!

Of course, I have the feeling that Batiuk has used that exact same pun, previously on this long hard slog, so I’m a bit deflated by that.

Speaking of deflated, how completely baffling is it that Lisa is brought up in today’s strip.  It makes it look as if everyone in the entire world was affected by her passing, and everyone must pause and mourn when something brings her to mind.  “Hey, look at this painting, the Mona Lisa!”  (sigh)   “I guess I should sign the lease, uh?”  (moan)  “Okay, I found one, where’s the other shoe?”  (sob).

Because otherwise it just seems like more whoring out of Tom Batiuk’s Greatest Hit, in the hopes that someone, somewhere–anywhere–might say, “Hey, I’ve got an award I’ve got to give out–and it looks like I’ve found someone deserving!”

Batiuk, let her rest.  You fumbled it, and the play’s been called.


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21 responses to “Chemo-Sabe

  1. Epicus Doomus

    F*ck you, Batiuk and f*ck Lisa too. There was absolutely no reason Cliff had to say “kemosabe” yesterday other than using at an excuse to make a completely random and pointless “Lisa’s Story” reference. This is just appallingly self-serving and crass, even by BatNard’s sub-basement standards. Just tell the f*cking Butthole Brickwad story already and shut the f*ck up with the cancer crap, geez.

  2. Doc

    “Chemo-Sabe” was a joke used in the first season of The Sopranos, referring to Jackie Aprile Sr. who was dying of cancer. It worked with much better effect on The Sopranos. Batiuk sure knows how to beat a dead horse.

  3. Gerard Plourde

    At this rate, we’ll soon have Cindy recalling the time she broke down when she interviewed Solzhenitsyn and he made a reference to “Cancer Ward.”

  4. Of course, I have the feeling that Batiuk has used that exact same pun, previously on this long hard slog, so I’m a bit deflated by that.

    July 12, 2011.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      That’s nice, but back in the real world, usually someone needs to keep working their day job to help pay the bills. Lisa’s story never mentions that.

    • Max Power

      Les really has been doing book signings forever.

    • matt2amy

      That seemed a rather longwinded setup.
      If she’d just said, “…therapy sessions”, the joke might’ve still been there

  5. billytheskink

    Les is a kemosabe? Well what do you know… Gary Larson was right!

  6. Cindy: “I had another friend who used the term kemosabe.”
    Cliff: “Apparently it was just you, her and Tonto.”

    And you, Cliff, you, ya senile dickhead! You just said it! That’s why she’s upset!

  7. ComicTrek

    MY SENTIMENTS EXACTLY. We’ve all noticed that ever since Lisa’s death arc, the whole town has been shrouded in this funeral-ish atmosphere, as though she was some kind of great life-force that made the town go round. I could go on and on about THAT, but here’s another thing that gets me. I actually liked Lisa as a character, and it seems disrespectful to her memory for TB to just pull her out for cancer/grief purposes. Oh, and don’t get me started on the “Pm nd Jff” journal thing…or the time pool… 😡

    • Rusty Shackleford

      I hated Lisa, that preachy know it all. Even after her death, she is still telling people what to do.

  8. Paul Jones

    The problem is that he can no sooner give up the idea of making Lisa into a focus for maudlin, down-beat stories of loss, depression and despair than he can jettison the image of Ed Crankshaft witlessly destroying any mail Keesterman might get. He can’t stop making it look as if what looked to me like the selfish decision of a pea-brain to will herself to die because chemo didn’t take the last time and also, it’s mildly uncomfortable and really, staying alive and being there for her child was too much like work is some grand tragedy that tore the heart out of the town instead of the minor upsetting thing that it is.

  9. Time to pull out the “Play this the next time somebody says Kemosabe” Dead Lisa tape.

  10. Professor Fate

    Ah…maybe I’ve just blocked it out in my mind but were Lisa and Cindy friends? Cindy’s Funky’s ex and was if memory serves living large in Chicago as a newscaster when Lisa was shuffling off this mortal coil so the chances they would meet are pretty slim yes? I remember Boy Lisa showing up but not to many other folks.
    And really Tom the sound of you beating this long dead horse has become embarrassing.
    And oh yes suddenly Cindy is making the conversation all about her(, or her memory of some one phrasing Les to be more accurate )very professional there Cindy.
    And lord if we are padding out the beginning of the Butter Binkle storyline lord only knows what useless tangents the Author has planned
    And oh yes Tom, give Les cancer, I now you’re dying to do it, so go ahead it’s not like anybody is reading the strip anyway. You recycle jokes why not plots? He can have St. Lisa hover over him as he receives treatment. Come on Tom, you know you want to

    • Epicus Doomus

      While they may have crossed paths during Act II, “friends” is really stretching it. Acquaintances, at best. Cindy was WHS’ “it” girl and Lisa was a hapless dweeb, Cindy wouldn’t have been caught dead with Lisa unless it was for a charity make-over or something.

      • Paul Jones

        Because who you are in high school is who you’ll be for the rest of your life… least according to people who peaked in high school like Batiuk did…….

  11. Epicus Doomus

    “Cindy wouldn’t have been caught dead with Lisa”…I cannot believe I typed that with a straight face. No FW character was permitted to actually develop like Lisa did. Poodle-headed uber-nerd to strong, accomplished, professional do-gooder…no one else got to evolve like that. So, with Batty being Batty, he had to kill her off.