Let Us Now Praise Famous Ninnies

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Wow, everyone is sure full of praise for themselves!  Even waiter Barrithuh Hatchetface is smirking to beat the band.   Too bad their praise is so misplaced.

Director:  We’ll sit in chairs and chat, and I’ll only ask you questions you can preen about.  Thus, later, I’ll be surprised by very basic career information about you.

Videographer:   I’ll shoot this chair-bound set with a hand-held camera!

Subject:  I threw away over seventy years of my life so I could have a snit-fit.

BuddyBlog:  What kind of crap is this?  Damn, it’s a good thing my dad is rich…I think.

Emmy awards committee person A:  Oh my God, this is so terrible.  I think we finally have a winner for the “Most Pathetic, Pitifully Bad Production – Documentary” award someone added as a joke.

Emmy awards committee person B:  You mean the “Please Just Stop, or At Least Try Next Time” award?  Won’t that make the ceremony longer?


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11 responses to “Let Us Now Praise Famous Ninnies

  1. Epicus Doomus

    Documentarian? I thought I just made that word up. Is this BatHack guy STEALING MY MATERIAL??? I hope so, as it certainly couldn’t hurt.
    As always, the “creative process” at work here is simply fascinating to watch, in a stupid sort of way. BatDip wants to do a story reminiscent of the old Fatty Arbuckle scandal (minus the lurid parts) but, lacking the ability to actually write a reasonably coherent story with a mild twist or two, he just has the characters babble aimlessly about unrelated things instead. Like today, where Cindy mentions Buddyblog and her “videographer” (her name is Jessica) and her old Cliff Anger documentary (which was just an interview), none of which has anything to do with Butter Brinckel, Fatty Arbuckle or anything else, really. It’s just people rehashing things that already happened and smirking, lots of smirking. The actual Bricker Berkel story will probably be confined to a panel or two or, if he feels especially ambitious, maybe a Sunday strip.

  2. BTW, I nominate “Wear that around” for the Batiukionary.

  3. billytheskink

    These two better be careful. At their age, all of this back-patting could throw out their shoulders.

  4. CRM114

    I can easily picture Batiuk running to his VCR (of course!) to watch On The Waterfront and mouth words with the character, “I coulda been a contenda”…(I Shoulda Been A Winna! sobsobsob) Alas, fate dictates he cannot wear it around. Poor Bats.

  5. Charles

    I know it shouldn’t, but it always stuns me how Batiuk presents these desultory projects that wouldn’t interest anyone outside his own little universe as not simply excellent works, but worthy of the highest awards in the industry. I mean, hell, he had Mason talk about how Starbuck Jones was getting Academy Award buzz, a project where no one involved showed any basic competence at their jobs whatsoever. (Just like Cindy’s documentary!)

    He really should get it over with and have Les nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, and then go for broke and have that folded in with the Peace Prize as well. It’s no less ridiculous.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Kim Jong-un has pizza with Trump at Montoni’s, the ghost of Lisa appears and asks them to be nice. Suddenly there is world peace.

      Heck, he can just ripoff the story of Our Lady of Medjugorje and rename it “Our Lady of Montoni’s “

  6. Paul Jones

    And of course, it never occurs to Batiuk that Jessica can just as easily be a thumb-fingered idiot camera person while still living in Cancerview and doesn’t have to cool her heels in Hollywood. None of the idiots on the coast actually have to be there to be pathetic hangers-on churning out filler material no one cares about.

  7. Rusty Shackleford

    The both act like they are so important. Wow Cindy, you are amazing, making the world a better place with your hard hitting stories bringing a bit of justice to the little guy. How noble!

    But I guess Batty did inadvertently show how tv journalists behave in real life. Here in Ohio, we had a weatherman flip out on air because people wanted to watch The Bachelorette instead of listening to him drone on about the approaching tornadoes. As if people couldn’t hear the tornado sirens blaring or the missed the broadcast update that came over their cellphones.

    These local news people sure have an inflated sense of self worth.

  8. Professor Fate

    Oh die in fire already. This is embarrassing. Really if he doesn’t stop this he’s going to go blind.
    Stupid jokes aside, we’re a week into the tragedy of Butter Binkle and have learned nothing except that Cliff Anger knew him (how this happened is not specified) and he was convicted of murder (which we knew before hand). Other than that nothing. we don’t even really know when Butter was active I think it’s supposed to be the silent era but I’m not sure – which of course creates more problems as then just how bloody old is Cliff? 128?
    And of course this being the Author we there is no sense of conflict, no sense of the odds against these folks (The Authorities are very loath to admit a mistake especially with murder – they have been known to drag their heels and kick and scream even when DNA evidence proves they convicted the wrong person.) no antagonist nothing but two preening idiots. who,forgive me for repeating myself, die in a fire.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    “I’d be happy to work with an award winning documentarian”. Do you know any, Cindy.