Change for the Worst

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August 3, 2018:

Today’s strip and this week’s arc continue to practically mirror those of last August. Again, for those of you who’ve recently started reading Funky Winkerbean:  even given FW’s elastic, nonsensical reckoning of time, Darin Fairgood has got to be at least forty years old, which many would consider “young” (certainly younger than me). But it’s unlikely that his presence at a postal counter would raise any eyebrows. What the hell’s with the 72-year-old Batiuk’s contempt for old people, the post office, and old people at the post office? Anyway, I happen to think that “a wallet that has a change purse” sounds pretty cool, and clearly, Darin thinks so too.


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  1. Gerard Plourde

    I have no idea why he thinks young people don’t use the post office. Where I live college students mail packages regularly (either home or returning an online purchase).

    And doesn’t Darin have a credit or debit card? The post office takes both. Why would he carry unnecessary cash?

    Based on the clerk’s suppositions, I gather that TomBa thinks that young people (a group which includes those over 40) are Luddites.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    Not only is BatYak’s premise (that the post office is an obsolete entity only frequented by a handful of elderly holdouts) deeply flawed and really stupid, but the premise he’s using to establish this premise (that Boy Lisa is mailing Jessica a package mere days after she was right there next to him) is ALSO deeply flawed and really stupid. It’s a perfect Batiukian storm of idiocy. And on top of THAT it’s a re-hashed premise too, as he did the exact same arc not even a year ago. It’s almost like he’s daring someone to notice.

  3. billytheskink

    These Durwood-post office arcs, asinine as they are, are among the few where TB seems to retain any of this strip’s continuity. The Westview post office, as we know, closed a while back and laid Crazy off, so TB must use a character who is not in Westview to keep continuity. Why he cares about this one single bit of continuity and no others is beyond me, but I’ll bet that he moved Durwood to Cleveland and kept Jess in California for the sole purpose of writing these gags.

    • spacemanspiff85

      I think it’s more likely he just forgot Harry ever worked at the post office, and just thinks he always worked at the comic store.

  4. I’ve never had a wallet that had a change purse…that sort of thing would make the wallet pretty impracticable, honestly, since the wallet is designed to slide smoothly in and out of one’s pocket, and a lumpy change purse section would remove the “smoothly” part.

    When winsome nostalgia completely overrides any version of reality, then Funky Winkerbean has become a screaming psychotic version of “Get off of my lawn!”

    • billytheskink

      I have never owned a wallet without a “change purse” (I would call it a compartment, as it is built into the wallet’s lining, but whatever) or that wasn’t canvas (I like to draw on my wallets), though I would not pretend that is normal for anyone around my relatively Durwood-ish age. In my observation, it isn’t normal for older folks either, who are thick leather wallet devotees and are apt to simply shove change into their pocket until they can toss it in the coffee can full of pennies that they keep on their kitchen counter.

      My dad is a committed user of the change purse, though it isn’t in his wallet (he’s an avowed money clip user). He still carries change in a football-shaped rubber pouch with a 20 year old Cornhuskers football schedule printed on it that he got for free from a realtor in my grandfather’s tiny Nebraska hometown. No one in my family has ever pretended that this, or he, is normal either.

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    “No young people at the post office” is not a thing.

    “Young people have wallets with change purses” is not a thing.

    I could just stop there and sit down, but…

    If anything, change purses are an “elderly thing.” Young people barely ever carry paper money, let alone change. And have you ever waited in a checkout line behind someone painstakingly and tediously counting out 83 cents — to the exact penny — from a change purse? What you say the average age of such people might be? I’ll go with 83.

    • billytheskink

      I’m guessing TB’s intended point is that Durwood having a wallet with a “change purse” is supposed to make him some sort of “old soul” young person in the same way that TB thinks Durwood simply going to the post office makes him such a unique young(-ish) person. But that’s just my guess, because the point of this strip is not remotely clear.

      • Charles

        Yeah, I think this is coming out of the shift to Darin being the author avatar since Batiuk can no longer plausibly shoehorn Les into the stories he wants to tell. He makes Darin an “old soul” to justify why he does things like Batiuk, a man in his seventies, rather than things a man Darin’s age would do. It’d be too much of a challenge to make him a realistic forty year old. So he makes him a forty year old man who acts as if he’s seventy five.

        I mean hell, he’s already got Darin horning in on Les’ “Lisa’s Story” crap. Don’t be surprised if the next step in the appalling Lisa saga is Darin writing about what it was like to be the kid she gave up for adoption and how he got to meet her that one time.

        Shit, I’ve just given him an idea, haven’t I?

  6. ComicTrek

    Here’s the perfect example of what’s probably the most annoying thing about this strip. There’s no need for the tone to always be this condescending!

    • Charles

      Also annoying: How all of Batiuk’s characters all think about the same things all the time and all feel the need to comment on it.
      Tuesday Darin: Wow, I’m so much younger than everyone here!
      Wednesday postal worker: Wow, Darin! You’re so much younger than everyone here!

      When you know a guy in that situation would’ve looked at the line that preceded and followed Darin and been pissed at how long he’d be working without a moment’s breather. Dude certainly wouldn’t be making unnecessary small talk with everyone.

  7. Paul Jones

    You’ll notice that Batiuk made the unforced error of hiding the man’s reaction to Durwood’s creepyloserbrag. This allows his critics to imagine it to be mild revulsion instead of admiration.

  8. comicbookharriet

    Of course his wallet has a change purse. Jess’ handbag is probably huge.

  9. Rusty Shackleford

    Batty doesn’t know that young people pay with their phone.

    But wow, he is just recycling strips now. Can’t believe the syndicate still pays him for this.

  10. “I’ll bet you use those bombs shaped like bowling balls instead of those newfangled pipe bombs when you want to blow up a Westview post office, right, Sonny?”
    …as long as we’re recycling material.

  11. Professor Fate

    I suspect that the time gap between recycled gags will become less and less until during the last oh three months or so of the strip will be the same strip over and over and over and again like the time a DJ went crazy and locked himself in the booth and played Japanese sand man over and over and over again.
    Meanwhile, just what does any this have to do with the Butter Binkle story? The author was talking about this a while ago it seems like months, and this is what he’s got? ‘So I’ll mention Butter Binkle, Skyler will have an accident, then Jess will go home, and Jess and Darin will talk about how much they miss each other and then Darin will go to the post office to mail something to Jess, and then Pete will introduce a new comic character and then Les and Funky will go jogging and then Harry will go to a band function and then on a sunday Strip i’ll show them winning an emmy for their Butter Binkle documentary” – i’ll admit that a lot of this is conjecture on my part but honestly would anybody be surprised if it happened this way?

  12. Batiuk’s bonus is that when the Butter Brinkle thing starts up again, he gets to spend a week rehashing the premise.

    • Epicus Doomus

      A week if we’re lucky. Then, of course, he’ll need to rehash the sub-premise (“gee, I sure do miss Darin and Skyler”) just to get his readers up to speed, so to speak.

    • bobanero

      He’ll rehash the premise in the first panel of every strip in the series.

  13. The panels that TB teased on his blog are dated 6/27 which makes me think we’ll find ourselves in Batty’s sepia toned imagining of old Hollywoodland sometime next week. Can’t. Wait.

  14. Count of Tower Grove

    Looks like Bernie did his own time jump.