Got ‘Em By the Ball!

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Pete is aware that Mindy’s Gramps was a minor league pitcher right? More importantly Mindy definitely knows this. So either she is under the false notion that this carnie game is easy because Gramps was good at it, or she really gets off on the idea of humiliating Pete.

Because the look that she’s giving Pete in the last panel lets us know in no uncertain terms that she finds something about this situation arousing. Does she imagine that the pasty, spaghetti-armed lifelong desk drone Pete has the potential to ever live up to the coarse masculinity of her baseball playing, war veteran, deathless Gramps?

She’s got Pete by the ball. The unnaturally tiny, pure white, vibrating ball.


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15 responses to “Got ‘Em By the Ball!

  1. Banana Jr. 6000

    I believe good ol’ Charlie Brown said it best when he said AAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    Pete, take my advice: RUN. I know athletics aren’t your strong suit, but trust me. Your best move is to turn 180 degrees and run as fast as you can. This is a test of your manhood, and you are not going to pass it. Women like to issue little challenges; comparing your throwing arm to her near-Major League beloved grandfather is more like a professional hit.

    Oh, who am I kidding. Batiuk will find a way to make this boring.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “Be like my grandpa”…the words every fella courtin’ his lady wants to hear. Blech. Bear in mind that her “gramps” is the second-most objectionable character in the entire Batiukiverse, a man absolutely no one likes and/or remembers as anything more than “that crabby bus driver”. As usual, BatYak turns yet another “romantic situation” into an exchange of wry barbs and knowing smirks. He must be loads of fun at parties.

  3. Paul Jones

    Odds are that Pete doesn’t know that Crankshaft could have made the majors if Bull’s granddad weren’t a massive flapping anus. Pete is a comics guy so doesn’t understand sports because never the twain shall meet.

    • comicbookharriet

      Which is a flat out lie. There are plenty of sports people who are also massive nerds. Lots of MLB teams have Star Wars night and GOT night and Marvel night.

      What is true is a certain subset of self-satisfied nerds have a massive chip on their collective shoulder about sports. I’ve gotten way more flak from certain nerd friends for liking baseball than vice versa.

  4. Maxine of Arc

    Okay, gross.

    • timbuys

      Yeah, those ‘bedroom eyes’ in the SOSF banner have disconcerted me for a while portending as they do FW touching on any sort of intimacy but I really wasn’t prepared for P3 in its entirety.

      I’m beginning to think that county fairs is an addition to the long list of hang-ups/obsessions.

  5. Jimmy

    I just spent a few minutes trying to hold a baseball the way Mindy apparently is doing, and I couldn’t get the same spacing. Mindy has monstrous hands.

  6. Banana Jr. 6000

    You know, this subplot should be funny. Pete’s being put up to the “Leave It To Beaver”-level romantic challenge of winning a prize at the fair. Which he’ll completely fail at because (a) he’s Pete, and (b) he’s unfairly being compared to a former baseball pro. Perhaps with a side order of (c) carnival games are even more rigged than they used to be. Romcoms run on this sort of thing.

    The problem is the lack of any real consequences. Does anyone believe this character, who is little more than a sex toy the author gave Pete as a reward for being good and pure at comic books, will hold him to any kind of performance standard?

    If this turns into Pete and whatsername’s relationship being on the rocks, I’ll eat my words, but I doubt it. For all the misery in this strip, it never happens to the people the audience would like to see miserable.

  7. I’m starting to think Mindy’s main characteristic is “dim.” Starting with the fact that she’s attracted to Pete, despite him being, well, Pete. Then there’s everything since…

    I’m going to start calling her Dimny.

  8. Professor Fate

    Pete you are about to be humiliated. Trust not a woman unless she brings milk and cookies.

  9. bayoustu

    Here we go! Could this imminent level of sporto humiliation possibly top Les hitting a foul ball into his own face? Doubtful, but we can’t expect a monumental, scientifically significant (yet instantly forgotten) event like a talking chimp in every strip…

  10. Don

    So when is the strip with the first panel where whatever it is that needs to be knocked down by the baseball goes flying into the air, and then, in the second panel, Pete is holding the stuffed doll that Mindy just won for him?