No Doubt- Just a Colorist.

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Mindy is the only colorist they have right? Unless they’re outsourcing to some cheap autofill color warehouse. So lets chalk one up to Ruby passive-aggressively damning with faint praise.

Going to give a little credit where it’s due here. Colorists have traditionally been one of the lowest things on the comic totem pole, below writers and pencilers, and either equal or slightly below inkers. The only thing lower are the poor letterers. Also there are a slightly higher percentage of female colorists than there are writers or pencilers. I remember talking to a female Transformers comic colorist at a con several years ago, and she was very self deprecating. Compare that with the rockstar reaction some of the line artists got.

Which is a shame because colorists now have way more of an impact on the comic’s aesthetic than the old days of flat four color printing. Computer printing on glossy pages allows every panel to be it’s own mini painting, sometimes quite literally (Alex Ross! Mah Maaahn!)Most line artists these days realize how collaborative the work is, and will praise their colorists to the heavens. Male or female, they’re now getting their due.

But to counter the ‘accuracy’, some criticism from our own Epicus Doomus yesterday. I wanted to quote it, because I’d been thinking the same thing and he said it much better than I could.

It needs to be pointed out here that Mindy got into the comic book business because she was visiting her boyfriend at work, thus any attempts to portray her as some sort of flag-bearing trailblazer will be, uh, quite disingenuous, at best. Also bear in mind that her prior job involved helping her brother (I think) run a broken down old movie house. Perhaps if he wasn’t so lazy BatYak could have written Mindy as a young woman eager to blaze that trail through the (sigh) comic book business, but he chose otherwise. Like many of his female characters, she pretty much stumbled into it while catering to a man. For reference see: Holly, Becky, Jessica, Cindy.


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    Thanks CBH, once again BatYak is doing a quick retcon here. Mindy had nothing to do with the comic book business until fairly recently (I don’t remember exactly when that was but I believe it was within the last year), but now she’s a heroic trailblazer, inspiring young (ish) female comic book colorists everywhere to follow their dreams, date dorky comic book writers, visit them at work and start dicking around on the office computers. I mean how else are you gonna know?

  2. bayoustu82

    CBH- if you find yourself in the greater Chicagoland area in the next 3 weeks or so:

    • comicbookharriet

      Nuuuu ALEX ROSS! I have SHIRTS with his artwork on them. I could recreate this week’s striiiiiiips!

  3. Excellent as always, CBH, but Batiuk only has ears for the siren call of the award committees. He will write, draw, say and do whatever it takes to draw that ship closer to his island.

  4. spacemanspiff85

    Tom Batiuk is the best writer Funky Winkerbean has.

  5. billytheskink

    The Adventures of Young Mindy Murdock: Comics Enthusiast and Historian

    The Adventures or Young (ish) Mindy Murdock: Comics Enthusiast and Historian

    Yes, behind every great Batiukverse woman is a man comic book geek…

  6. Paul Jones

    This is bound to lead to Ruby talking about wanting to impress Phil Holt……

  7. Chyron HR

    How does Granny Lich know that they don’t have TWO colorists?

  8. That commie hat of Granny’s is putting her on the FB leaderboard for punchability.

  9. Banana Jr. 6000

    There’s nothing driving any of this. Nobody’s disrespecting Mindy or her work. Calling herself “just a colorist” isn’t an admission of unhappiness or inferiority. Especially when talking to a legend who’s done a lot more. Hell, Ruby started the conversation! Why is she spewing all this faux-inspirational banter, like some one-joke Dilbert character?

    It’s kind of funny how bad this advice is. If Mindy is unhappy with her small colorist role, calling her the best at that role doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t address the feeling being expressed. Harriet’s remark “colorists now have more of an impact on the total aesthetic” is actually better advice.

    This stumbles on a funny concept: an inspirational mentor who spews lame affirmations to people who are perfectly secure with what they are. Kind of a Matt Foley for the modern day. Pearls Before Swine could make that funny.

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  11. Count of Tower Grove

    Kennethhglirl is putting up a porn link.

  12. Charles

    ED’s comment describes something so prevalent that it’s a trope. “Female Success is Family”, which states that any professional success that a woman has is the result of a familial/quasi-familial relationship with a man. (ie. her father, her brother, her husband, her boyfriend, her grandfather, etc.)