“This here is called a com-pew-ter, see?” Having introduced her new pet to the rest of the staff, Mindy shows Ruby her workstation, where she “does her coloring” on what appears to be a circa-early-oughts Apple Display, painted battleship gray. “The colors never dry out,” explains the woman who nine months ago didn’t know what Dr. Martin’s was.


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12 responses to “Un-palette-able

  1. AmigoLupus

    I don’t know if this has been pointed out before, but since they make comics digitally, couldn’t Darin have just moved with his wife to California along with their kid so they could still be a family? He could just simply do his work there and send the files to his co-workers.

  2. billytheskink

    What is Mindy talking about? This is the Batiukverse, ink NEVER dries out. Mindy met a deadline using Dr. Martin’s from a decades-old box of Batom Comics supplies.

  3. spacemanspiff85

    Given that that looks like the kind of computer that only displays 256 colors, I don’t know how great those comics are going to look.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    A: Ink.
    Q: What is the valuable resource that was mindlessly squandered on this completely worthless comic strip? I would have also accepted “paper”.

    He could have chosen to write a mildly amusing little arc about the differences between (sigh) drawing comic books “then” vs. “now” but, because this is the Batiukiverse, it’s just dumb gags, wry rejoinders and mindless inexplicable interactions between characters no one cares about instead.

    Coming next week: unaware of how much things have changed in the (sigh) comic book business since 1954, Ruby agrees to become AK’s new (sigh) comic book artist for the princely sum of $50 a week. Boy Lisa is fired and approaches Les to see if that spare room is still available.

  5. Paul Jones

    More gibberish about computers. Brooke MacEldowney might be the same sort of annoying goof but at least he has no problem with the new technology. He’s like a little kid with a toy.

  6. Banana Jr. 6000

    Ob God, this is going to turn into an “old people are bad at computers” story. Next week, Ruby will ask Mindy why airline food is bad.

  7. sgtsaunders

    The colors never dry out. Unlike this story arc which is dusty as fuck.

  8. Professor Fate

    Aside from the coma inducing banality of the stirp itself – Mindy’s nose seems to be wandering about her face. So either she’s actually a space alien and or a Lizard Person and her disguise is slipping. Well given a universe where talking murder chimps are a thing – well why not?

    And the point here is? Times change? Well duh. Still it’s such an obvious place holder until the ‘action’ picks up the rest of the week (Mindy is hired as a new/old artist is my guess) that it’s insulting.

    as a last thought – seeing as comic books are the author’s great passion one has to wonder just why all the comic book arcs are so bloody boring? I’ll take this back if Mindy turns out to be a shape shifter.

  9. timbuys

    So, my wife’s grandmother (my grandmother in law?) is a not quite so spry 97. She can get around a bit and is fairly sharp as far as that goes after one has probably had several mini-strokes, but isn’t able to sustain the independence that she maintained into her early nineties.

    Anyway, she never inked comic books but she’s known about computers and the internet since I’ve known her and, other than my occasionally having to clean out a bunch of crapware and/or reconnect a cable or two, she was able to use them and they certainly weren’t a novelty to her by the time I met her almost twenty years ago.

    What the hell is Ruby’s deal?

    Just saying.