Ruh-roh, Retro

Rude! Ruby spies a notebook on Mindy’s desk and, without so much as a by your leave, brings it to her nose like a student sniffing a freshly mimeo’d exam paper. What I smell, readers, is another sideways Sunday comix cover. Not because we here at Team SoSF have the “superpower” to (sometimes) peep strips ahead of time, but because batty Batiuk teased this one in the blog back in January.


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22 responses to “Ruh-roh, Retro

  1. billytheskink

    I guess Mindy watched Peabody’s Improbably History recently. Chester better hope it has fallen into public domain in the Batiukverse.

  2. Epicus Doomus

    “Oh, that’s just my “pros and cons” of marrying Pete list. So far I have thirty-seven notebooks full of “cons” and I’m planning on getting to “pros” as soon as I have forty-five seconds to set aside.”

    Yes, that’s right, in her spare time the woman who accidentally fell ass-backwards into her new dream job creates timeless comic book characters bound to become global icons, if only the boys would notice her (eyeroll). It’s like a trope tornado hit a trope warehouse in Tropeville and scattered tropes everywhere within a twenty mile radius. “Look at that, the trope-nado drove that trope clear through that trope tree!”.

  3. William Thompson

    Okay, it’s a rip-off of Mr. Peabody,his pet boy Sherman and their Wayback Machine. I’m cool with it if Wayback Wendy never finds her way back. Enjoy the Black Death, Wendy!

  4. comicbookharriet

    Of course her superhero alter-ego would be a woman time traveler. She’s shown so much interest in writing…history…storytelling…dogs.

  5. The Nelson Puppet

    Batiuk wouldn’t be the first to rip off Mr. Peabody and Sherman…

  6. spacemanspiff85

    This wouldn’t be nearly as bad if you didn’t know that Batiuk absolutely thinks audiences would love a superhero named “Wayback Wendy” in 2019. Like he was sitting there watching Avengers Endgame thinking, “If these people like this movie, they’d adore a Wayback Wendy movie!”.
    I’m guessing her civilian name is Wendy Inkdries.

  7. AmigoLupus

    I’m gonna guess that Batiuk’s plan is for Ruby to be soooo inspired that this WOMAN is making a WOMAN comic character and they’ll do a collab comic because something something feminism something something give Batiuk an award.

    It’s also extremely telling that Batiuk’s idea of the character find of 2019 is a character with a dog named ‘Retro’ who can go back in time and appreciate how good old people used to have it. Blech.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      And we know Batty will depict the past accurately and objectively, right?

      That is unless Ruby chokes on the manuscript. It looks like she is trying to eat it.

  8. Paul Jones

    And of course, it would be lost on Batiuk how demeaning it is that Wendy be the passive recipient of a miracle instead of having powers of her own.

  9. Banana Jr. 6000

    Well, this stupid arc just got three weeks longer.

  10. Batiuk has created his own comic book publishing house, and has filled it with crap titles no one would read.

    Were these honestly the sort of books he wished he could have read back when he was a kid?

    • Paul Jones

      This is a question where there are no palatable answers. Either he wanted squadoo like this or he’s looking down his snoot at rival fandoms so……

    • Professor Fate

      One has to think yes. The company is in the world of the strip successful – enough so that art galleries albeit one just down stairs want their work. they were launched as a deliberate throwback to the silver age DC books so again yes this is what he would have wanted to read as a kid.
      That a struggling comic book company would be more interesting to write about and read about. Stories do need conflict yes? That completely escapes him.
      That the inevitable denouement of this tedious arc will be what’s her face returning to the comic book world as the artist for the new time travelling heroine who has a name so STUPID that my brain refuses to remember it – makes all of this even more depressing. Still it would be nice if as the assembled staff admire the cover (with what’s her name’s signature) in that little side bar he always has that Chester the Chiseler says something to the effect that “her boobs need to be bigger”. it’s the romantic in me.

      • comicbookharriet

        Her stupid name is Wayback Wendy. And like all faux Silver Age heroines the clean cut Wayback Wendy will have a sassy, salty, best friend Backseat Becky. The Rhoda to her Mary Tyler Moore.

  11. I’ll admit that this is probably a stupid question, but who owns this newly created character? Mindy or her employer? Did she create the character using company materials (notepad and pen) on company time? Just asking…don’t want to start no stuff. Just wondering.

    • Batgirl

      I would guess it would depend on the terms of the contract that Mindy signed whether Batomix got automatic ownership or just rights of first refusal. I mean, if Mindy had negotiated and signed a contract and not just shown up and started working one day.

    • Maxine of Arc

      Not a stupid question and it would depend on whether her contract (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA) specifies “work for hire” provisions or not. If it does, then the company is the party that can file copyright on work created in the scope of her job, and that scope should also be clearly defined so that it’s clear whether she can produce indie work on the side (probably not, unless she gives AK the right of first refusal of any characters she creates) and that sort of thing. In short, this is the reason we have lawyers, but lawyers are THE MAN so AK works on a handshake or some such baloney.

  12. bayoustu

    Contracts? Lawyers?! First refusal?! Bah! Mindy will just invoke The Kill Fee!