Pigging Out.

Today’s strip, when it drops.

As usual Sunday wasn’t available for preview. And I’m too worn out to wait for it to drop.

Ironically, I spent the afternoon and evening at my very first college football game. Iowa vs. Minnesota. It was an absolutely awesome time. Iowa fans were so excited when they won they rushed the field, as the ecstatic team held aloft Floyd of Rosedale, still safe in Iowa’s care.

Floyd of Rosedale is an 80 year old bronze pig the winning team gets to keep for the year. It references the time when the governors of Iowa and Minnesota bet an actual live hog on the outcome of the 1935 game.

What I’m saying is football is a, weird, exciting sport, with rich history and traditions. If enjoying the game today was also spiting Tom Batiuk’s horrible CTE arc, then I enjoyed it twice as much.



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  1. William Thompson

    Well, Sunday’s strip dropped, and hit bottom with a solid thud. Les is going to keep the photo of him and Bull in his office desk because . . . why? So he can gloat over it? To inspire him into writing “Bull’s Story?” To wait until he can figure out how to show himself in the best light? There’s no clue in his expression or posture as to how, or even if, he feels about Linda’s revelations. It’s just there, stubbornly defying his self-centered universe like Galileo insisting that the sun didn’t orbit the earth.

    • Don

      Why? To remind him that, like pretty much every father of daughters, he needs to go to Westview board meetings, show the picture, and demand that the school cancel football and spend the money on “underfunded” girls’ sports instead.

  2. Rusty Shackleford

    Yep, throw Bull into the drawer. Poor Les. Wait, I thought this was about Bull, agh well.

    That Pulitzer is sure to arrive now. I’m glad Lisa died.

  3. Epicus Doomus

    Poor, poor Les, forced to reflect on his tortured high school past, yet again. The way Bull’s untimely death affected Les sure was something and really makes you think, although about what (aside from Batiuk’s unbelievable ineptitude) I’m not sure. What a debacle.

  4. Epicus Doomus

    This ending is better IMO. And that disembodied Les in the header is just violently enraging.

    • William Thompson

      That face! Is there a German word for “dartboardable?” Or will the Germans have to borrow it from English?

      • Rusty Shackleford


        Leider kann ich nicht gute Deutsch sprechen!

      • Count of Tower Grove

        “Dartboardfähig.” A tour of Germany and a couple of years of college taught me you can make up words.

      • Paul Jones

        Try “Backpfeifengesicht” on for size. It means either “face that should be slapped” or “face with need of a fist in it”.

        • William Thompson

          The problem with punching Creepy Les in the face is that you can’t stop until you’ve broken your fingers. Plus the long line of people waiting to punch him, so that’s two problems. And he isn’t always around when you absolutely, positively need to punch him, so that’s three problems. Let’s not forget chivalry; if you’re with a lady, you should always let her punch first, or–if her fingernails are up to the challenge–claw his face into shreds, so that’s four problems. Oh, man, would I love a chance to deal with all those problems!

        • Count of Tower Grove

          Ach du Lieber! Das ist sehr gut, Herr Johannes!

  5. Double Sided Scooby Snack

    With the whole CTE-suicide thing swept under the rug, and Bullock retconned into Goatee Boy’s best friend ever, Poodlehead boards her flight to the Bermuda Triangle of Forgotten Chatacters.

    About halfway through this tedious, drawn out arc, BatHack realized he wasn’t going to win any awards, so he just stopped trying. Obviously.

    “CTE, Schmee TE. Who cares anywayz? I did some first class WRITING. That’s what it’s called, by the way. Writing. Really took on the NFL. But the phone never rang. Hold on a second… MAAAAAWWWW!!! MORE COCOA!!!! Anywayz, my fans want stories about komix books, so let’s get back to that. I’m going to feature John Howard more. Really cool guy. Knows his komix. My mom wants you to go now. You’re blocking her car.”

  6. Paul Jones

    Once again, Batiuk has it all bass-ackwards. In real life, Bull’s death should be the focus of public debate about its intentionality for years to come. Here, it’ll be as forgotten as Linda and Jinx will be. In real life, Les would be the one whose service is sparsely attended and the one who’ll be forgotten.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    And so, TomBa’s avatar, having hijacked yet another meandering storyline, closes It out by consigning Bull to The Phantom Zone.

  8. Banana Jr. 6000

    What an appropriate end: more meaningless schmaltz. “Here’s the dead man’s helmet aglain! Which will never be worn again! Because he’s dead! Wooooooo! Here’s Les having a long, wordless sequence. Oh, look, here’s a drawing of a car and sports equipment – the two things that killed poor Bull! Ooooooo, it’s symbolism! Where’s Les going? Awww, he kept the photo of himself with Bull! He really does see Bull as a friend! Aren’t you touched?”

    No, Mr. Batiuk, I am not. You did a complete disseevice to CTE, and to one of your most important characters. You have a death fetish, and at the same time a complete inability to understand human emotions about death. This material is beyond you. Stick to stupid Dinkle puns qne comic boooks, you hack.

  9. I had a coworker years ago named Lonnie. Whenever you’d say “sorry” to him, Lonnie would respond thus:

  10. Professor Fate

    Honestly i don’t get the point of this at all. About all I can take away from this is that Les won’t have this picture in his house. Which says nothing good about Les now does it?.
    And thus ends yet another prestige story arc.

  11. Such good friends they were.

  12. louder

    How any of this is educating anyone about CTE is beyond me. And I can’t come close to believing that the Cancerville police come upon a fatal car wreck, find the brakes cut, and they don’t even investigate. A total, freakin’ collapse of creativity.

    • The cops investigated…they just “left some things out of the report,” which is worse than not investigating.

      • Double Sided Scooby Snack

        BatWit started this train wreck with “Hey, let’s talk about CTE and football, and its effect on players later in life. Some commit suicide!”

        By the time it was over (it’s over, right?), it became “Let’s sweep CTE and its effects under the rug. If someone with possible CTE commits suicide, let’s conspire to cover it up, call it an accident, and move on.”

        As a bonus, Batty swung and missed at the NFL, trying to blame them for declining to compensate someone who never worked for them, and was therefore not injured in their employ.

        Nobody can piss away an (overly) extended arc like BatSchmaltz.

        • Banana Jr. 6000

          This story raised, and then ran away from, everything that could have made it interesting.

          CTE symptoms? Laundry-washing.

          What it’s like to have CTE? Never explored.

          NFL settlement? Drawn out, never explained, not eligible anyway.

          Suicide? Covered up.

          Funeral? 10 attendees. Zero tears.

          Bull and Les’ relationship? Never addressed during Bull’s life; reduced to a meaningless photograph and a check stub.

          The good things Bull did in life? Ignored.

          This arc is a master class in how not to tell a story. It raised all these huge stakes – suicide, CTE, the role of football, bullying – and then abandoned them all for superficial glurge.

      • hitorque

        “Left some things out of the report?” All so Linda can get the life insurance payout?? Weak…

  13. Notice the “action line” when Les is putting the photo away. He’s practically hurling it. He’s probably angry that someone turned out to be a decent human being, and it wasn’t him.

  14. Gerard Plourde

    I do wonder how the Ohio Highway Patrol will react to the suggestion that their officers would file false reports that could potentially result in the filing of a fraudulent insurance claim.

    Good job, TomBa!

  15. hitorque

    Did Lester really just jam that photo in a random junk drawer? Because I know he has albums…

    FFS he didn’t even bother to scan it?! Some “friend” he is…