Fare Thee…Well…

In what line of work, particularly in a publishing company, would a contributor get away with repeatedly pushing back deadlines?  Especially without an explanation or excuse aside from “Well…”  And what’s the reason that Flash has to speak to him by phone? Why is “Turtle” Thompson not chained to a desk like everyone else we’ve seen in the Batom salt mines? Why does the “sepiatone” flashback image have hints of yellow and green? Well? WELL???


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  1. Epicus Doomus

    This really does seem like it’s some sort of autobiographically-based dig at someone. This premise has no relevance to anything and there’s no reason for it to even exist, thus I have to assume it’s some sort of idiotic “inside” joke at someone’s expense. I honestly don’t care who.

    • billytheskink

      I’m still suspecting Rick Burchett, who quietly stopped drawing FW almost as soon as he began. First he was drawing most every story arc, starting in late May 2017, then Ayers started filling in from time to time (starting in October 2017), and eventually Burchett pulled back to just the Batom comics arcs in mid-2018. The last of those that he is credited on was printed in October 2018.

      • Epicus Doomus

        Maybe if (sigh) it had been preceded by an arc about Boy Lisa missing a deadline for some hilarious reason it’d kind of make a little sense. “You think being a day late is bad? Well, lemme tell ya all about an old pal of mine, Turtle Thompson, the comic book artist!”…it’d be a natural segue, or at least a just plain segue. But it’s just this weirdly specific premise, just completely out of nowhere, seemingly for no reason at all. It has to be based on something in his “real” life and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if it really was about Burchett, as BatSpite is nothing if not mildly vengeful.

        • Gerard Plourde

          The timeline would fit as well. TomBa famously claims to work about a year in advance. Burchett’s work’s last appearance was in October 2018, making it a topic that would have been on TomBa’s radar about a year ago.

  2. William Thompson

    I’m almost ready to start feeling a slight bit of concern for Funky, Folly and her mother. Why couldn’t we have had a second weep of shopping, dementia and elder neglect?

  3. William Thompson

    “Well . . . well . . . well–shut up, Flush. Why should I bust a gut when your checks keep bouncing? If you don’t like working with me, replace me with that potato-nosed screwball and that peroxide-haired beatnik playmate of his. The readers will let you know how good they aren’t.”

  4. William Thompson

    “And it was his fault Batom Comics went out of business! All his fault! Don’t blame me, I was just the editor who couldn’t keep good writers and artists in our bullpen!”

  5. Once again, we have a backwards door, unless Batom Comics was just a room in an office building.

    Also, again, the name is portrayed as “Turtle Thompson” instead of “Turtle” Thompson.

  6. Epicus Doomus

    Coming tomorrow: enraged by “the gang’s” incessant slacking, Chester fires the entire AK staff and outsources everything to a Korean comic book studio, correctly assuming that no one will care anyway.

  7. Gerard Plourde

    While we’re on the subject of mailing it in, panel 1 appears to show that Flash’s office is immediately inside the front door of Batom Comics. (Admittedly there is a person sitting at a drafting table in the outer room, so we can’t discount TomBa’s compulsive need to label everything. The only thing missing is the sloppy tape job.)

    Also, I agree with Epicus Doomus that TomBa has to be roasting a real person here.

  8. Paul Jones

    We should alert the person he’s maligning to this. Perhaps Batiuk would shut up if HE were to be hit with a Cease And Desist order.

    • William Thompson

      If you can figure out who it is, he’d probably say “Tom who?” Once reminded he’d chuckle and settle back to watch Batiuk embarrass himself.

  9. Chyron HR

    Flash: “‘Turtle Thompson’ went to the ‘well’ once too often.”
    Darrel and/or Poot: “In… in what sense, Flash?”
    Flash: “Didn’t you see the flashback photograph I just imagined, dummy?”

  10. Banana Jr. 6000

    What kind of production schedule is “when can you get me the pages”? I would think that in the 1950s, publishing schedules were rigid, due to having to physically go to the printers and so forth.

    • hitorque

      Comics don’t work that way in the Funkyverse…Pete+Darrin have no deadlines or editorial oversight whatsoever, they draw/write what they want whenever they want (and most days they don’t work at all), and their idea of “deadline” is “When it’s done, it’s done.”

      And if that wasn’t enough, whatever they churn out is instantly praised by their billionaire comics geek benefactor as the greatest thing ever since the last greatest thing they published…

  11. Banana Jr. 6000

    If this is based on a real person, why is the conversation so goddam contrived? Starting a sentence with “well” isn’t interesting or meaningful, it’s just the way some people talk. Shouldn’t there be something interesting about how he misses deadlines to make the story worth retelling at all?

  12. Slacking.. It’s not just for millenials.

    Anyway, looks like today’s strip is a classic example of “Start with a punchline, then work backwards and fit in a joke”. I’m guessing that the fable of “Turtle Thompson” won’t actually have a moral or a point, but will rather be nothing more than a string of slacker jokes based on poor wordplay.

  13. William Thompson

    I wonder if “Turtle Thompson” was really “Turtle Thomas Batiuk.”

  14. hitorque


    1. **CLEARLY** Thompson’s work is superior to everyone else’s, since he hasn’t been fired (yet)…

    2. Since Batiuk loves going back to this circa 1957-’64 era, this storyline would have been an ideal opportunity for TB to remind his readers that the great comics writers and artists worked in anonymity and made less than peanuts for a paycheck (Maybe Turtle’s work was in demand by multiple people, and only with all their paychecks combine was he able to make his living wage?) But now that I see Freeman is representing management here, I know officially this story isn’t getting any deeper than “Turtle was always late because he was a big jerk”…

  15. hitorque

    I just want to post a quick link to something that’s at least informative and interesting about 60s comics and I’ll imagine to myself how much more potential this storyline could have had…

  16. Batgirl

    The last story with a decrepit comic book artist hobbling in led to Mindy having a Sisterhood is Powerful moment recognizing the struggles women had and have in the comics industry and the need to take a stand (AHAHA no, it led to the menfolks patronizingly telling her that she could be an artist, at least for a dumb girl comic).
    So theoretically, the struggles Flash had with the Turtle’s missing deadlines could tie in with modern-day Pete Arse and his missing deadlines, possibly leading to his recognizing the problems he created for the company. This won’t happen. TB has forgotten that Pete ever struggled with lateness and all faults will be projected onto poor Turtle.