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Hey now, forgetting things was Bull’s shtick. And it didn’t end well, in case you’ve already forgotten like most of FW’s readership has. Anyway, the mind reels at the possibilities here. Well, “reels” might be too strong a word, it’s really more like a disinterested creaking of sorts. Like with every FW story, he really could have condensed this a bit but that horse escaped the barn many decades ago, along with the jokes.

Coming tomorrow: Funky suddenly remembers what he forgot and the strip ends with a silent panel showing Tony’s skeletal remains in the basement storeroom, complete with fingernail claw marks on the locked door. Across the land, stunned FW readers ask in unison “who the hell is Tony?”.


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17 responses to “Fuggetaboudit

  1. CRM114

    He left Ma out in the cold and she froze to death?

  2. Doc

    Does every strip always have to end in a smirk?How about some frustration, boredom, sickness from Montoni’s food…anything then that freakin’smirk everyone has. So tired of old recycled jokes. Just what kind of award does Batsirk want for writing this junk for 50 years? Cancel his contract early and reward someone who works hard!!

    • Gerard Plourde

      The smirk looks strange. It looks like he forgot to draw half of Holly’s mouth.

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Batty earned his tenure so now he gets to coast along. But then he bites the hand that feeds him. Oh the syndicate and their contracts…I’m an artist…my work….blah blah blah.

  3. William Thompson

    “Wait . . . this disgusting smell on my fingers . . . those brown blobs . . . damn, I forgot we ran out of toilet paper!”

  4. Considering Funky was the fun-loving star of the original strip, what one might make of his dramatic and complete fall from grace. I’m glad I never knew Tom Batiuk in high school, as it seems he carries grudges for decades.

    Positive news: today is the 216th anniversary of Hector Berlioz’s birth. My favorite composer and someone who has done a lot more for music than Harry Dinkle.

  5. billytheskink

    The joke, the gag, the plot, the point, anything remotely entertaining or interesting, Funky’s left shoulder, how actual adults behave…

    So many things were forgotten in this strip.

  6. spacemanspiff85

    Speaking of Bull, Holly looks an awful lot like Bull in a wig in the last panel.

  7. Charles

    What is going on with Funky’s eyes in the last panel? It’s as if he’s developing brow tumors.

    Also, nice pajamas, dork.

  8. Paul Jones

    Also speaking of Bull, shouldn’t more people have attended his funeral? Shouldn’t one of them have been Funky? Is this what he forgot?

  9. William Thompson

    They’re on their way to the refrigerator, where they’ll discover Melignant’s rat-chewed corpse sprawled on the kitchen floor. “Now I remember!” Funky tells Holly. “We’re out of catsup!”

    Which is too funny to happen here.

  10. AmigoLupus

    Speaking of forgetting something… We’re supposed to be at week 9 or 10 of Bull’s suicide awareness prestige arc, right? Because apparently Batiuk sure did his best to forgot all that.